Friday, July 27, 2012

sputnik sweetheart.

overdue pics, from here, there, and everywhere.
not really in the best of moods to write today so watch out for the slight deluge of photos!

stayover at MBS for the boy's birthday.

outfit shots and a visit to dean & deluca (finally!) and ber's shop at OC -
where i got my favourite belt of the season (see below) and fell in love with a galaxy print skirt.

at the chic kiss love event on Sunday - thank you all who came down to support! :*)

XM in one of the other colours for our ATHENA classy maxi, which flew off the racks that day :)

an after-event beer with the sis who came down to help! thank youuuu.

more happenings on @druggedreams:

succeeded on my first attempt at a rainbow layer cake so im stoked to try out more baking recipes.
please do share if you have any awesome ones! red velvet cupcakes next, perhaps? :)

have an awesome weekend ahead peeps! here's hoping yours will be better than mine. 

“I dream. Sometimes I think that's the only right thing to do.” 


Monday, July 23, 2012

in black&white

As if I have nothing better to do this week,
i decided to jazz up my life by setting myself a fashion theme
and create outfits according to it for the whole week.
Completely useless but very fun indeed :)

So this week was black&white
cos somehow I lost my inspiration to mix and match colours
and couldn't get away from the simplicity of throwing black&white pieces together
because they just fit, all the time!
Close friends would know that given colours and black,
I would normally pick colours and its really rare to see me
decked out all in black or monotones.
But well, it was a good week so here are the pics!

I started off last last Friday with black skinnies and my peplum top.
been ages since I wore jeans really.

then it was a white top (okay, i have dozens of them)
with black&white splattered shorts so i dont look too plain.

then I attempted to be super not me but pairing a button up
with crochet shorts, cos I didn't want the whole outfit to be too man-ly.

this was nearing the end of my week when i realised
i am running outta black and white pieces! haha.
threw on my trusty white tee and a pretty skirt for shopping and lunch :)

then lastly, came to my new fav dress in black&white!
(i must admit, i already planned this outfit way in advance
and went along with this black&white theme cos I knew
I can finally end with this dress. wahhahahah)

so tadddaaa, end of my outfit run.
Would find another theme soon, makes dressing up more fun :)
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And seeing that last weekend was my 27th,
here are the celebration pics.

first pressie of the year from Sharms!

we finally checked out Dean & Deluca.

the burger was gooooooood.

and then we popped around to Ber's store at Orchard Central!

i joked that she is a shorts specialist.
She has shorts for EVERYONE.

her items are not my usual kind but i love these pieces!
i think my style is evolving. Haha.

metallic toe-caps, still obsessed.
(pssst, its below $30 so grab them while you can!)

my fav bag - couldnt stop prancing around with it.

and metallic plate belts.
I can't wait to work these items into my outfits :)

okay, this is probably the most 'me' item in the store. Haha.

found out one of my white dress shrank beyond repair,
so am on a lookout for another one.

they have accessories too so pop by if you are in the area!
You won't regret it :)

#05-10 Orchard Central

Then on my actual birthday, went for lunch at Sky@57 with YC :)

i took apart the entire salad just to eat the octopus bits. haha.

foie gras Xiao Long Baos. Oh dear, i really have plebeian taste buds.
I don't like foie gras, truffle and expensive red wine :(

YC's truffle veal sausage. Wanted to kill him cos
he kept blowing a combi of truffle&foie gras scented breath towards me
the entire meal. Grrrrr.

our fruit platter that got him very upset
cos he kept muttering,
"they are supposed to write Happy Birthday' on this!
I told them! I really did! Where is the Happy Birthday?!"

they must have heard him all the way in the kitchen
cos this came 2 mins later. Haha.

we swung by the Harry Potter exhibition
(which honestly, was a bit sad cos the London one was waaaaaay better)
just for these jellybeans and oh gosh,
i thought they were kidding but no,
vomit really tasted like... ergh blah poo.
I think i should frame it up or something.

Lastly, at CHIC KISS LOVE yesterday:

in SHEYLA mint and our new bag :)
by the way, there was an anonymous person who commented last week
and said she guessed that I would pick either
grey/yellow or cream/black.
OMG, you are incredible cos those were the EXACT 2 combinations
i was considering!! hahahaha.
Picked the latter cos I always wanted a bag in this colour combi :)

thank you all who stopped by at the event yesterday!
especially to those whom I can finally put a face to
(hello Freesia! hello Natalie!)
I also saw a few other familiar faces but I was too shy to ask for your names
(it would be really awkward if you said you never bought from us before -.-)
and also hello to the 'Jia' girls
who waited so patiently for us :)
Now I am off to nurse the cold i caught from the bloody blasting aircon
and do stop by cos we just launched! :)