Wednesday, July 18, 2012

see you, sunday.

woke up today feeling like i needed to stay in bed and not move for another day, or perhaps two.
but there was much more to be done for the event this Sunday - so i dragged my germ-infested self, along with a terribly itchy throat and aching bones to work.

what made it worth all the while was seeing these new babies:

we'll be bringing these down to the event! kel and i will be slinging one each as well, haha. came just in time for us! just that we haven't decided on the colour we want yet, aaaahhh. 

and here's a sneak preview of just some unlaunched willow items that will be making their first appearances at our booth this sunday! 

lace overlay dresses in 3 sizes; our popular Vera skater now in pastels;

crochet bib bell blousons;

and a contrast band maxi skirt in two sizes, in one of the most luxe materials we have ever used.

tempted yet???

if not, we'll also be previewing the classy chiffon maxi dress as shown in our lookbook video here:

do like and share our lookbook here to be one of the lucky winners to walk away with one of the items seen in the video alright :)

i hope you are tempted by now. haha!
details of the event once again, if you are now considering to drop by and say hello!
pssst... first 500 customers will get a goodie bag with discounts from all participating brands - which you can use either on the day itself or online thereafter. there'll also be makeup booths by Maybelline, yoghurt by Sogurt, free Seventeen mags and more!

i really hope you are tempted by now!!

 if you are, and wish to win a pair of Golden Tickets to the event, which entitles you and a friend VIP access an hour before the event starts proper, a complimentary free drink specially concocted by Zouk, and a chance to shop all brands without the madness of a crowd, simply comment on this blog post and let me know why you and your friend deserve to win!

i have 10 pairs of tickets to give so go ahead, comment away!
do remember to leave your email address (do let me know if you wish for me to screen it) so i can contact you if you are one of the 10 lucky ones.

may the odds be ever in your favour.
and hope to see you all on sunday!

till then, i'll be counting down to a full recovery, and batman with the boy on thursday.



Anonymous said...

I would like to win a pair of tickets for the event because I have been an ardent fan of missypixie's apparels and aside from the shopping, my friend and I would really want to meet and interact with you girls. Also, I'm eyeing a lot of apparels that was being posted in this entry. Definitely getting at least 1 piece per design. Yums! :)


Trixie Liao said...

Have a speedy recover Sharon! The event will be a blast!

vintage.willow.jade said...

omg I wanna win a pair of tickets darling! The collection to be revealed at the event is having me drooling already!

siyun said...

Because I would like to seize this opportunity to see all lovely blogshops' owner and model in person! Pls allow me and my friend to win:) thank you:D

siyun said...

Because I would like to seize this opportunity to see all lovely blogshop owners and models in person! Pls let me and my friend win the tickets:D

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear, would really like to win a pair of tickets. because i love the clothes from MissyPixie! and I've never won anything in the 23 years of my life. I hope i can win this and bring my BFF along. :)

Hope to get good news!


Anonymous said...

will the bags be sold online?

Anonymous said...

I'd love to get a pair of Golden Tickets to this Sunday's event! :)

Jacqueline said...

Hmm.. let's see..

I think I should get a golden ticket because I have been a loyal fan of MissyPixie and 4/5days im in Pixie clothes for work... Like today, Im in Saffy Black...:)

Jacqueline (the one address you can remember, although i now have 2 addresses.. haha..)

Venetia said...

My twin and I love and will only shop when we're together but we've been really busy with work and school. Guess this is going give us a perfect excuse to push/cancel all appointments for a sisterly time!

Anonymous said...

I hope to be able to be selected as one of the 10 winners as I have been looking forward to attending this event and seeing all the pretty clothes! Of course, I would like to meet the creators of the amazing designs they churn out every week as well. Missy pixie has a unique style and I like the way you guys carry it off! Hope to be able to get a chance to chat with u guys!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, I am a big fan of missypixie! Really hope to get the golden tixs so my friend and I can have first hand access to all the pretty Willow items! Too excited! Thanks for the giveaway, <3! ;)

Anonymous said...

Because we love all the brands that are participating ! Cant wait to purchase the loots first hand!

Anonymous said...

i hope to win a pair of golden tickets coz it'll be a golden opportunity to shop prior the official opening hours... which means we get to grab golden buys from missypixie first :) *yay*

Lyn said...

Hi Sharon!
Please pls plssss send me and my best friend to zouk with the VIP passes as we will really love to see the unreleased items in real life and obviously, to bask in blog-shopping happiness!

So many items have been snapped up almost immediately on your website recently that I did not manage to get :( I sure hope there are some extras on that day!

I also really want to bring my bestie whom I have recommended missypixie to previously and she loves Willow items too!
xx and see you!

Anonymous said...

Been trying very hard for the tickets for about 2 weeks now in competitions and giveaway but to no avail :( really hope I could at least win a pair this time round. Would really end my week on a good note if I am able to go :) Email :

Anonymous said...

Because Missypixie is always my #NO.1 PREFERRED BLOGSHOP since 2008! (:

Say Ngoh said...

I want to win the tickets because i really really want to see those unreleased items plus you people in person and distress from my studies by shopping!

Marilyn Charlotte Tan said...
M friend and I deserve to win this Golden Tickets to Fashion Uprising because we love shopping. We love almost all the collections from missypixie. We want to look good with nice clothing. We really want to go for this event at Zouk. We will be very happy if we are selected to win this tickets. Thank you! (:

Anonymous said...

We would really like a pair of tickets because my best friend and I need a new wardrobe to kickstart university life!!!^^ :)

Anonymous said...

We would really like a pair of tickets because my best friend and I need a new wardrobe to kickstart university life!!!^^ :)

Anonymous said...

Because your clothes are so lovely and I am a shopaholic! :) heh. It will be a haven for us shopaholics!


Elaine said...

Hi Sharon! I really wish to win a pair of Golden Tickets to this event cos this would be my very first visit to a club. :) I was never interested in visiting clubs, but after seeing Missypixie and other blogshops publicizing this event with such enthusiasm, I'm really attracted to it as it sounds awesome to be part of the event- though I would enjoy the fashion shows and shopping over clubbing haha. :) Both my friend and I are avid supporters of your blogshop, and we would love to gain access to this exclusive preview to the latest arrivals from Missypixie and shop till we drop. :D Hope you can grant my maiden experience to a club! Thank you! ♥

Anonymous said...

love the pastel hues, so pretty ^^

Anonymous said...

Dear Sharon,
so i have this awesome girlfriend of mine, who also happens to like going to your blogshop and ask me opinions on what to get all the time! i want these tickets so that i could give her a nice surprise for everything that she has done for us so far (: thank you!

-Pang Wee (yes i'm a dude, just trying to do a little something for my girlfriend)

Louisa Trixie said...
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Esther said...
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Ren Yi said...

Hello babes!!! Please choose me :) I fell in love with those gorgeous bags shown above! Feel like grabbing all of them!
May the bags be in my favour. Haha, all the best for the event this Sunday! Go missypixies!

Juvena Chia said...

Hello ! Would love to win a pair of tickets so i can bring my BFF along to the event for a retail therapy session. Having the chance to see all the owners & models from all the 12 participating brands that we usually only see online will be a hell of an experience ! Definitely an unforgettable experience / event not to be missed ! Really love the previews you put up, especially the bag (can't decide between red or the white with black for myself) ! Hope to win & be among the 10 lucky ones ! :D

Juvena (

Thank You ! ♥

Anonymous said...

hello sharon,
please choose me!!! it's my BFF's bday this sunday and i rly rly rly want us to spend the day doing what we love best - SHOP!! We have been fans of missypixie for almost 5 years now! Our first BFF dress is a simple blue short tube dress from missypixie! (hope you guys can rmb which!) :)))


Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm not here to try and win tix coz I've got to work that day anw. =(

I just wanted to try and guess which of the lovely bags you ladies are gonna keep!

Think Kel would go for the elephant-y grey or the Chanel-isque white-black combi. You however are a tough one... anything but the aforementioned two. But I'm guessing the black-red combi.

There should be a competition for this instead... to win a bag perhaps? =p anw... keep us updated on your choices!


◆悅' said...

Hi! I really hope I can win the tickets because I have been looking forward to this event ever since I saw the promotion on Facebook! Really wanna bring my best friend along to the event and help her revamp her wardrobe too! Hopefully I can see all the awesome blogshops and models in person!! <3

Can't wait for this event, will definitely be there this Sunday!! ^^

Prudence Eve Poh Zu'en said...

My girlfriend and I woul really love to receive good news from you guys, GOLDEN TICKET(: I would really love to have the clutch and call it mine~~ Is too pretty to resist it btw.. OMG *SCREAMS*

Name: Prudence Eve

Prudence Eve Poh Zu'en said...

My girlfriend and I would really love to hear good news from you guys. GOLDEN TICKET(: Wanna grab the clutch and call it mine asap~ It's way too pretty to resist it btw *SCREAMS*

weiqi said...


I would love to win a pair of tickets for this event because my friends and i have been searching and entering many competitions for this events but we didnt manage to win any. :( in the past, i used to like and share for many freebies. btw, we are budget bffs. LOL. until my friends start teasing me about it and comment that " you opened so many blogshops ah?!?" Thereafter, i stopped doing it because it is so embarrassing. BUT for this competition, i have totally risked that happening again after the competition abstinence of a year. Thats how badly we want it! and i dont care about how badly my friends are gonna comment on me. And i know my trusty friend will not tease me on it. I hope i can win this. And spend an awesome wholesome time with this budget BFF. :)

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

hi hi. just to check with you, there will still be stocks available for online launch for the items that you will be launching at zouk tomorrow? hoping so because i cant make it to the event as im overseas! and i really like the items too!

jesslynfly said...

hey Sharon!

Can i ask if the Willow pleat bodice romper fits you well? Cos i'm about the same size as you and i'm afraid that it might be too snug on me!

Also, does it come with anti-slip?

by the way, I loveeeeeee the Sass Black zip front bustier so much! Size M fits me like a glove!! the Anti-slip is such an added feature. *thumbs up*

missypixie said...

trixie: thanks! :)))

anon1: yes the bags will be sold online thereafter!

anon2: yes the pastels are indeed very pretttyyyy

anon3: hi dear you are sooo close! haha! not bad a guess at all! kelly kept the one in cream and black, and i got the one in grey and yellow ;)

jess: hi dear i havent tried that item yet.. will let you know thereafter? no anti-slip for this material though! glad to know you are loving your SASS bustier! :D