Monday, July 2, 2012

set fire to the rain

Fell sick with a bout of flu this week,
making days pass in a med-induced haze of sleeping,
eating, pills, more sleep
and a forever blocked nose.
There must be better days coming.

Finally checked out Open Door Policy
at some ulu-pandan street.
Its amazing how Singaporeans would travel anywhere
for brunch.

i must say its a totally funky experience to eat
RAW beef early in the morning.

braised melt-in-your-mouth beef cheeks.

and off to Forty Hands for coffee despite me not drinking any.

here is a sneak peek of...Mella's totally cool outfit.
(you must already guess its not me)

and its bye Mella! come back soon :(((((

now this is more me.

plain white peplum top with mint floral shorts.

and since we are in the mood for brunch,
I also checked out Carpenter & Cook at Lorong Kilat
last weekend.
Out of the way. Checked.
Packed? Checked.

its chokeful of vintage furniture and knick-knacks
that you can buy anytime.

Hmmm, i honestly found the food and drinks so-so
and doubt I would be popping back anytime soon :(

Anyway the Instagram breakdown on Sat
probably killed a few people. Haha.
I saw a re-tweet that went something like
"What is everyone doing? What are they eating? Instagram is down!
I'm freaking out!"
Yah I know, I am one of those.

@passionade on Instagram:

yummy mickeys from becks :)

my peek-a-boo lace romper.
I think its perfect for a beach gathering,
plenty of holes for the wind, heh.

pls do try the curry mustard fries at Skinny Pizza,
they are soooo goood.

finally found my gold glitter polish!

in superman colours.

happy daisy shorts.

our upcoming black bustier with gold zip
(i wear Small for reference) & ZANIA flare pants.

TAMARA backorders arrived!
finally got to keep one for myself.
I am screwed. I really do have tons & tons of clothes.
I have clothes that i bought 3 months ago..
and i have yet to even remove its tag.
-stabs self-

and lastly....

I can't eat salmon belly sushi anywhere else
after i found Itacho. oh noommmmmmm.

much love,


Anonymous said...

Omg! Where did you get the peplum top and gold polish? sooo pretty!

Anonymous said...

where did you get your lace romper from? its so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

Where did u get the daisy shorts for!! And how much??? Love tjem

missypixie said...

Peplum top is from h&m and I picked the polish colour at a manicure place :)

Lace romper is from h&m as well!

Daisy shorts are from New Look, they are approximately 50 i think?

Anonymous said...

Hi dear, where do u find e peplum top at h&m? Level 1? Hehe.. n where do u find e shorts that u match with e peplum top? Thanks lots!! :)

Anonymous said...

what does beef tartar taste like? is it anything like sashimi? I wanna try but I'm too wimpy! haha

Anonymous said...

do u know the name of ur polish? which shop did u go to? it's so har to find the perfect gold glitter! thank u :)

Anonymous said...

what size do u wear for the peplum top

missypixie said...

Yup, should be at level 1! The shorts are from Zara :)

It tastes like....chopped up seasoned sashimi. But not as nice. Haha, I was too wimpy to roll it about in my mouth to savour the taste! I kinda swallowed most of it -.-

missypixie said...

Hmmm, I didn't see it's name but i know it's from China Glaze! I did it at the nail place at Vivocity, opposite Starhub!

I wear EUR 34.

Anonymous said...

Hello, may i know where did you get your black sandals from? Thank you! (:

missypixie said...

they are from charles & keith :)

Anonymous said...

may i know is the pleated skirt from missypixie?how many colour?when do u launch?

missypixie said...

which pleated skirt babe?

Anonymous said...

Kelly, what size you wear for the lace romper? (:

Anonymous said...

hello! may i know if the new batch of offsie tees are the same measurements as the first batch (smaller neckline) or the second batch (wider neckline) ? :)

missypixie said...

I wear EUR 34, i am generally a size 8 :)

hmm, its actually the same as the third batch! haha, this is the 4th but the 3rd batch is in between the first and second :) we took new pics this time round so you can safely gauge!