Sunday, August 26, 2012


Have not blogged for close to 2 weeks
and I am not too sure what happened in between
cos my days have been filled with visiting electronics/lights/furniture shops.
I am turning into the world's most boring person :(

On the bright side, i cant wait for renovations to start proper
and I am hoping to move in around year end!
I can finally enjoy my full wardrobe instead of having those ugh moments
when I realise that my perfect bottom to go with this top
is still at my mum's place or that I left whatever make it or break it accessory
there as well and my whole outfit somehow looks..not quite right.
I am also looking forward to having a proper dressing table
(i am using a drawer as a dressing table, no kidding)
and going back to my pre-wedding beauty regime of masks 2x a week
instead of squirreling all my SKII masks at my mum's place
and making do with whatever I have on hand.

I am deeply apologetic and ashamed of my lack of outfits
cos I have been on a shopping ban/drought
and seemed to have lost all my fashion inspirations in electrical shops or somewhere.
I seriously told YC that day that I am so sad
cos I have nothing new to wear and its precisely cos I have nothing new
hence no new outfit combis have been happening.
Which is also why I am particularly stoked about
WILLOW's latest batch of new arrivals
cos yaaaaaay! new clothes!!! new outfits!!!

Everything is on my instagram these days
cos i kept forgetting to bring my camera out.
You can follow @passionade for more updates!

no new clothes = digging out super old MP items
and pairing them up randomly.

finally bought my striped top. Stripes are so incredibly cute
(it would have been perfect if it was a tank, but i am not complaining)

and in a bout of romper madness,
these are my recent favs.

polka romper by WILLOW, coming up in sept!

the sample for this came in and after photoshoot,
none was left cos becks, drea & me took one each. HAHA.

lastly, I have a theory why salads make people skinny.

by the time you are done chewing all the vegs,
you probably do not have enough energy to chew anything else.
Or if you are unfortunate like me, you get locked jaws
therefore dinner is over.

Will really really try to dress up more next week.
Meanwhile, we are having a giveaway on our Facebook fanpage
so do pop by to check it out!
If you do not win anything, fret not cos we will be having more giveaways
in the upcoming weeks!

much love,

Sunday, August 19, 2012

the bangkok diaries.

been trying to live life to the fullest of late - doing research on new sourcing locations, compiling recipes, reading, checking out part-time courses, and the occasional gym sesh. when you have less or no time to yourself you yearn and crave for quality me-time but when you get the luxury of time alone, like me these days, you feel like you've way too much time on your hands to waste away.
what can i say? welcome to the world of human contradictions.

anyhow, overdue BKK post ahead!
played tour guide to my family for all of three days and am glad they enjoyed themselves on the trip :)

when travelling i usually wear what i wouldn't otherwise wear in singapore because no one knows me there and will hence not judge, and even if they do i probably don't know and won't care anyway, haha.
so a midriff-baring cotton corset it shall be.

checked into Tenface and this was what greeted us.

our two-bedroom suite!

if this was my bed at home i would never, ever, want to get out of it.

spent most of day one just shopping so the only time we took pictures was when we were eating, hehe.
food pics galore!

dinner at chinatown - where we seriously OD-ed on prawns.
tom yum goong, prawn omelette, grilled prawns... but lets just say all that cholesterol was worth it ;)

wanted to head to ratchada night market and the JJ night market thereafter so we hopped into a cab - the driver took us everywhere but. spent like almost an hour in the freaking cab and even though the meter read less than 10 dollars when we got off, it was sucha waste of our time! couldn't even make it to the night markets via public transport 'cos it was already close to midnight and they were gonna close. RARRRHHH.
one thing i still detest about bangkok is their horrible cheating cab drivers. pah!

day two; JJ market!

got this studded double cuff for only 2 dollars can you believe it!!

off to our daily routine - body massage! 
if i were thai i think i'd go knead my weary soul every single day man. 

highlight of the trip: dinner at Sirocco at Lebua State Tower! 
we specially brought semi-formal wear for this 'cos they have a strict dress code. 
before that, a mandatory shot with the hotel signboard - something dad loves to do in every country -.-

there you have it, the city at night in full view!
wish i had a 360 degree function on my phone to capture it in its entirety.

it was so dark, our photos were all so grainy :(
why must fine dining always be done in dim conditions?! befuddles me.

will always remember this moscato grappa that almost burnt my throat :(
fyi, grappas can contain up to 60% alcohol but how was i to know!

more drinks back in the hotel for me and the sis, while the folks were mad happy with their monthong durians, as you can see from their expressions, hahaha.

day three; more last minute shopping, and a visit to my favourite cafe at Siam Paragon.

my absolute favourite pasta in the world - angel hair corned beef. i am drooling as i type this.

and that concludes our short trip! didn't shop much myself though, having been there more than five times this year alone but nevertheless, a good break from work and a great bonding sesh with the folks.

"It is better to be alone than with someone who makes you feel alone." 
this quote's been ringing in my head alot recently and i wonder why.

food for thought?


Monday, August 13, 2012

Bag lady

Some people develop obsessions with shoes.
Ballet flats, red soles, chunky perspex heels
(hmmm, very nice indeed) bags.
That might be the greatest understatement of the year
but its okay, I like being deluded as well.
Its impossible how I can go Europe, come back chastened,
and now, less than 4 months later,
am looking at yummy bag candy.

I first saw this shockingly bright Bayswater in London
and momentarily, it was on my to-buy-list.

Close friends would know that I have a soft spot for the Givenchy Antigona
cos I simply love how nicely structured it is.
Pity it weighs a ton and I am scared of heavy bags.

This Stella Mccartney Falabella (gotta love the name) is super not me
but some inner voice tells me I need a bag with duo chain straps.
Hmmm, need to search for cheaper alternatives.

And saved my favourite for the last, Celine Horizontal Gusset Cabas.
I blame my BKK supplier for showing me this pic.
It unleashed in me this familiar 'OMG.I WANT.' feeling.
(you know, the kind that will totally kill you?)

I know, I know,
the bags above are so not my usual style
(well, maybe except for the Antigona)
but I cant explain why either! style has evolved. :))))

Anyway, I spent the past 2 weekends sourcing!
Cos my house has finally arrived. WHOOPEEEEEES!!!
I am mad excited and mad poor but happy indeed.
And since I have been sourcing for furniture and appliances
in all sorts of weird places,
there goes my chance to dress up.

A few pathetic outfits this past week :(

my personal fav - pairing stripes with red.

ALISON teal that i decided to pop with a dash of cobalt.

GISELE grey on the day i got my keys! :)

and then lastly, DION rust for the long weekend.
this has gotta be one of my swish-est maxi skirts!
i love the way it moves and doesn't cling onto unflattering parts
of the body.

on the way to open my house
and roll pineapples.
YC and me took 30 mins to choose one single PERFECT pineapple.
Its crazy really.

and I swear i have a dozen of such pics of him and me.
Me looking at the camera and him, at anywhere else.

lastly, on the bright side..
i tracked down Chef Tony's popcorn in Singapore!!
(that is the popcorn i was crazy about in the previous post)
Its located at Marina Square but the saddest thing is..
my ultimate fav Belgium Butter is not available.
Its seasonal apparently.
I don't know why popcorn flavours are seasonal.
It breaks my heart. :(
But thank you Rika, for kindly offering to send me
some popcorn goodness all the way from Philippines.
You are soooooooooo nice :))))))

much love,