Thursday, August 2, 2012

go on, try something new.

I have been wanting to blog about this for the longest time.
It started with a conversation between sharmie & me
about our lives and...
is this all it is to it?
I won't deny that our jobs give us more flexibility than others
and that we actually have spare pockets of free time at weird hours
(which can explain why I am at gym at 3pm on a weekday)
And given the fact that I am so lucky to have all these time,
why am I not doing much more with it?
2009 was a great year of change for me and so was 2010.
But 2011 came and passed in a blur and at the end of the year,
I wasn't too sure what I accomplished.
So I told myself that for 2012, I would like to end the year
with the feeling that I did something.
That change happened, and I am a different person after 12 months.

Hence, I created this 'try something new' motto.
Everytime I am faced with a new situation, instead of running away from it,
or making pathetic excuses to avoid it,
I tell myself,
"Go on, try something new."
Like when I went past the spinning studio at gym
and gritted my teeth and went inside for a class.
Or when Sharmie asked me along to Body Pump
(totally not me but still...)
or when I went ahead to hot yoga without prior experience
(fantastic and am totally hooked)
All these would never have happened had I continued my usual workout
and run all those treadmills week after week.
And I am glad I tried them all.
The year is half gone, but I am hoping I would have the chance
to try more new stuff and perhaps, get my driving license?
After all, if I don't try, I would never know, right?

Part of my 'try something new' -
having breakfast.

apple/peanut butter sandwich. weird but oh-so-good.

and the usual slew of outfit shots.
I actually had to make an embarrassing request to my interior designer
to make my mirrors in my wardrobe well-lit,
just so I could take good outfit shots. Wahahahahhaha.

This week, i planned my outfits according to stuff
that I have not worn in a while.

I badly wanted to use my Praline so i created this entire outfit..
just cos I wanted them to match the bag. :)

hmmmm, this was just suitable for brunch,
so deviated from the theme for a while. haha.

got this garden floral bustier months ago
and finally dug it out!

You can't really see it here but the main point was..
the shoes. -.-
didn't have the chance to wear my red repettos so picked a coral top
to match with it and kept the rest in one colour.

was feeling the mood for some lemon yellow so I layered a crochet tank
over my plain skater dress for some details!

and to end it off,
am craving for this awesome popcorn Angie got.

its specially imported from Philippines
and its just crunchy bites of salty butter with tiny crispy sugar granules.
I am not a usual popcorn fan but this is amazing.

much love,


Anonymous said...

Hi, where did u get the yellow skater dress? under missypixie? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Where did ya purchase the dress that you are wearing for brunch?

missypixie said...

I got the dress a few years back, forgot where it was from!

The lace dress is from MISSYPIXIE, called YVETTE :)

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the crochet tank top from? Thanks (:

Anonymous said...

That's a very good motto...thanks for sharing! It's inspired me to give it a go too! Btw, do you know what's the brand of the popcorn?

Anonymous said...

Does the pleated top come in sizes? I hope this week's collection will be launched earlier so we can go down to KJ during the long National Day weekend to start our weekend well! :)

missypixie said...

Crochet tank top was from MISSYPIXIE sometime back.

Popcorn is from Chef Tony I think!

Yup, it comes in sizes and no worries, all KJ outlets would be fully stocked by the long weekend! ;)

Anonymous said...

where is the lace peplum top from? you are v pretty :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, will Dion Wine (Maxi Skirt) be available at Kissjane outlet (bugis) or any other physical store?

Anonymous said...

May I know where u got your the lace top in the first pic from? :)) thanks!

missypixie said...

The lace peplum top is from BYSI :)

We will stock DION maxi skirts in Citylink's outlet this week!

Rika Nuestro said...

Hi Im an avid reader from the Philippines :) I'd gladly send you some Chef Tony's if you want!

missypixie said...

Rika you are so kind!!! but no worries, i have tracked it down in Singapore, haha :)