Monday, September 24, 2012

electric shocks on aching bones.

i apologise for my absence;

september wasn't too good to me.

hit a couple of real bad patches earlier in the month, and before i could even try to think of a proper gameplan to work things out, grandma passed away the very next day.

the rest of the days were spent in a blur - waking at three for prayers, sleeping, waking again at noon to help out at the wake, keeping her company till the wee hours of the morning, cat naps, then waking to pray again.

rinse, and repeat.

i guess no matter how much you prepare for Death it always comes too sudden, like a shock, even though at the back of your mind you knew it would be sooner or later - but we always prefer the latter, no? 
never thought my heart would hurt that much but when you know you have really lost someone for good, the memories somehow don't cease to keep flooding your mind. 
and seeing your mum and dad cry - well, that just sets the floodgates wide open.

and a cryfest it was, especially on the last day when we had to finish up the rituals. i choked up when we had to call her to come have her last meal - because there it was, set in stone, that i would never be able to call anyone ah ma again. 
but in times like these i am happy to see strength in family bonds, strength in relationships, strength in letting go. nothing so brings together a family than events like these - and im sure ah ma would have been happy to know and seen all of these, in wherever better place she's at now :')

sob stories aside, i wasn't in the best of moods for anything much so everything's been pretty quiet, even on the instagram front. just a few pics to share:

steamboat at vivien's place where i cooked and ate slices of hello kitty (haha);

desserts at seventh heaven;

the boy's bit to cheer me up;

what i made at a cake pop class;

and food at random.

“Perhaps some day I'll crawl back home, beaten, defeated. 
But not as long as I can make stories out of my heartbreak, beauty out of sorrow.” 

i'll be back.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

hello again.

I am mildly embarrassed to be hogging the blog
but Sharms is on a short hiatus now so blogger duty falls to...
yours truly. haha.

YC is on a business trip starting from today,
and I will be leaving for a sourcing trip on tuesday
so we will kinda not see each other for a week.
It feels weird to be back at my parents' place
and oddly alone.
No husband to bug me or watch Running Man together.
I think I might be missing him :(
Nothing much exciting happened recently,
except that my renovations are starting tomorrow (yippee!)
and I am looking forward to this upcoming trip.
We never know what to expect. Hmmmm.

Anyway if you have been following me or #missypixie on Instagram,
you would probably see me in MP outfits a few times a week.
I feel a need to explain that I am not blatantly only wearing MP
but just that I REALLY do buy a lot from my own brand
and everything is just my kind of clothes
(even though I have been saying that I would change my style for ages)
In any case, we have been launching plenty of basics recently,
and I snapped up a few in different colours so....
a lot more #missypixie insta pics coming up. Heh.

here are some peeks incase you are not on Instagram:

a dress in faded denim floral prints, perfect for brunch :)

NIRA floral bustier//powder blue midi skirt (all from missypixie)
i deliberately colour-coordinated my outfit
just to see how I would look.
A little matchy matchy but I like the effect :)

printed top (missypixie)//jeans (topshop)
you know, somedays you just want to wear a particular item?
Then you create your whole outfit just for that one item?
that happens very often to me -.-
wanted badly to wear jeans, so found a old printed top
and ta daaaa, friday dress down day!

MIRA red racerfront tank//crochet trim shorts (all from missypixie - AGAIN.)
-stabs self-
I have no life. My whole wardrobe is from MP. Dies.
but i sooooo like this top, i got it in a few colours.
I could have tucked it in but i wanted a more laid-back look
cos dimsum brunch was nearby and i like how the proportions played out.
Will love to tuck it in for some other outfit combi another time :)

I also got HARA cotton flare skirt and IMOGEN blazer in a few colours
from the recent launch
(which is something I don't usually do, cos i think if you get 2 colours,
you generally end up favouring one is an exception when they are basics.)
so warning: i am really gonna be MP-fied for the next few weeks :)

Randomly, my MIL got an airfryer recently
and i was just dying to make sweet potato chips.

chopped up the goguma (you can see that I am still in my Korean phase)

seasoned it with black pepper, salt & olive oil.

dumped it into airfryer.

and 15 mins later.. healthy chips!
They are not as crispy as I would like
but definitely healthy to the max.

Would love to try out more recipes in the future,
so hit me if you have some good ones!

much love,

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Its late at night.
My brains are fried from arcade games
(best hour of fun in ages)
and lots of food.
But I am happy and contented. :)

Been trying out recipes these days
and I am dying for my own kitchen.

had so much fun making no-bake oreo cheesecake.

I amended the recipe myself cos it was originally for jelly cheesecake
and I wonder if thats where i went wrong
cos my cheesecake came out wobbly. Haha.

baked brownies in less than an hour
(okay, i cheated with Betty Crocker -.- )

but the final product was just as lovely :)

And I am behaving like an ajumma these days
by starting on the korean craze a bit late
and obsessing over K-pop stars, K-dramas
and loads of bulgogi.

hence, persuaded everyone to go for Korean BBQ.

tons of pork belly later,
we found love in watermelon :)

I also kept to my words and tried new outfit combis!

National day came about a month late for me. Haha.

what i wore to our outdoor shoot, almost died from mozzie bites.
Which digressing, have you seen our lookbook?
Shot and edited only by us - i love it to bits :)

bared my tum-tum for the weekend.
it was....cooling.

our upcoming textured tulip dress.
You will LOVE the cutting and material.
Its exactly the kind of dress i would get for work,
cos its those slip-on-and-now-go-look-fantastic dress. :)

went for a meeting and cos i work in fashion,
hence must dress in bright colours so as not to appear dull and boring.

and also cos I am such a good salesperson,
here is another plug for our LOOKBOOK
(you have to look at it. We were shooting in the rain,
killing mozzies left&right and dying in the heat, then the rain again,
and sharms killed herself editing it)
Plus, we are giving away freebies so why not grab one nowwwwww!!!

here is a sneak:

my absolute fav buttonback dress.

and to end this off,
what i woke up to one random morning.

my furry elliephanie burying herself in the pillows.
it kept me smiling the whole day :)

much love,

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

wassup, yo.

my life's been a bore really, which explains the lack of updates, haha.

been spending more time than ever in the kitchen;

reading my kinda books;

satisfying random cravings;

and donning missypixie whenever i get the chance to. hehe.

in a upcoming aztec knit skirt which i love to bits :)))

did our own lookbook shoot all by ourselves and im really quite pleased with the pictures, hahaha.
self-praise is no praise i know, but but but i was so afraid i'd screw it up :x

sneak peek here! 
will be launching the lookbook this week so do look out for it and give us your support k ;)

in the meantime, do catch my updates on twitter or instagram at @druggedreams instead?
micro-blogging is just so much more fun, heh. 

and don't forget to shop at KissJane at Bugis Junction or Citylink Mall to stand a chance to win one of our Rene Tasselled Sling bags - Details all in the previous mailer so if you haven't signed up to be part of our mailing list, do head over to our Facebook fan page here to do so :)

have a good week ahead girlies!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Skincare 101

For the longest time,
I used to wash my face for approximately 15 seconds,
using this cleanser meant as a body wash
that my mum got from the clinic.
I know, the arrogance of youth.
I don't even think I had a make-up remover.
I probably just washed my whole face together,
mashing whatever concealer/mascara I used, all in 15 seconds.
I am thankful there are no serious repercussions -.-

Then I got to know a friend who was studying to be a makeup artist
and she told me that if I do not remove my makeup properly,
there will eventually leave patches on my face.
I am still not sure if that's true but it scared me sufficiently to
make me start removing my make-up daily.
Everytime. I NEVER ever sleep in my make-up.
I started using those gel/liquid combination ones but quickly got lazy
and switched to Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets.

They are not exactly the cheapest around but I figure that skincare
is something I would never scrimp on.
One sheet is enough for my usual make-up and it works out to 30cents daily?

So I got that part settled but unfortunately,
I was still pretty lazy in the cleansing department.
I know some people do not double cleanse,
meaning they just use a make-up remover and wash it off with water
and its done.
But I personally prefer using a remover, then a facial wash
before finishing it off with toner cos I really want to remove
every single bit of dirt/makeup/god-knows-what.
Must sleep in clean skin. Very anal about it.
So after using my body wash for years, I finally switched to FANCL washing powder.

It was really quite fun for a while to create your own foam
and I love the velvety texture of it on my skin.
But the novelty quickly died off when I realised that after a long day,
the last thing I want to do is to repeatedly poke a sponge ball for foam.

I am currently using Hada Labo's Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating face wash
and I find it really gentle.

It doesn't really produce a foam but a small dollop is enough for the whole face
and after numerous facial sessions,
it finally occurred to me that I should probably wash my face for more than 15 seconds.
I mean, the therapist uses at least a minute on cleansing.
She is a facial therapist. She must be doing something right.
So I try to do it for about 45s- 1 minute,
concentrating on my undereye area (cos thats where all the concealer is at),
my nose and my chin in small circles with my fingers,
and using my palms for my cheeks.
Do try it, this short face massage is really refreshing :)

Anyway, I know this long rambling post about skincare is completely random
but I was just feeling bored and wanted to talk about it.
Til the next post then!

much love,