Sunday, September 16, 2012

hello again.

I am mildly embarrassed to be hogging the blog
but Sharms is on a short hiatus now so blogger duty falls to...
yours truly. haha.

YC is on a business trip starting from today,
and I will be leaving for a sourcing trip on tuesday
so we will kinda not see each other for a week.
It feels weird to be back at my parents' place
and oddly alone.
No husband to bug me or watch Running Man together.
I think I might be missing him :(
Nothing much exciting happened recently,
except that my renovations are starting tomorrow (yippee!)
and I am looking forward to this upcoming trip.
We never know what to expect. Hmmmm.

Anyway if you have been following me or #missypixie on Instagram,
you would probably see me in MP outfits a few times a week.
I feel a need to explain that I am not blatantly only wearing MP
but just that I REALLY do buy a lot from my own brand
and everything is just my kind of clothes
(even though I have been saying that I would change my style for ages)
In any case, we have been launching plenty of basics recently,
and I snapped up a few in different colours so....
a lot more #missypixie insta pics coming up. Heh.

here are some peeks incase you are not on Instagram:

a dress in faded denim floral prints, perfect for brunch :)

NIRA floral bustier//powder blue midi skirt (all from missypixie)
i deliberately colour-coordinated my outfit
just to see how I would look.
A little matchy matchy but I like the effect :)

printed top (missypixie)//jeans (topshop)
you know, somedays you just want to wear a particular item?
Then you create your whole outfit just for that one item?
that happens very often to me -.-
wanted badly to wear jeans, so found a old printed top
and ta daaaa, friday dress down day!

MIRA red racerfront tank//crochet trim shorts (all from missypixie - AGAIN.)
-stabs self-
I have no life. My whole wardrobe is from MP. Dies.
but i sooooo like this top, i got it in a few colours.
I could have tucked it in but i wanted a more laid-back look
cos dimsum brunch was nearby and i like how the proportions played out.
Will love to tuck it in for some other outfit combi another time :)

I also got HARA cotton flare skirt and IMOGEN blazer in a few colours
from the recent launch
(which is something I don't usually do, cos i think if you get 2 colours,
you generally end up favouring one is an exception when they are basics.)
so warning: i am really gonna be MP-fied for the next few weeks :)

Randomly, my MIL got an airfryer recently
and i was just dying to make sweet potato chips.

chopped up the goguma (you can see that I am still in my Korean phase)

seasoned it with black pepper, salt & olive oil.

dumped it into airfryer.

and 15 mins later.. healthy chips!
They are not as crispy as I would like
but definitely healthy to the max.

Would love to try out more recipes in the future,
so hit me if you have some good ones!

much love,


Anonymous said...

i think you and your husband are so cute! *envious*

anyway! may i know whats the shoulder width for IMOGEN blazer in size L?

thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

you have to slice it thinner for it to be crispier! :)

Anonymous said...

hi, is the printed black and white top still available?

kerri said...

hi kelly,

if you haven't already seen, you have to take a look! it's not called a "visual potluck" for nothing - the pictures are awesome, and all of the recipes i've tried from there turned out great. :)

Anonymous said...

hi Kelly! has the Nira top been launched? If it is, are there any extras in M or are you planning to sell yours? Thanks :)

missypixie said...

Anon1: I am sorry! Could you send me an email at I will reply when I am back in office next week!

Anon2: ohhhhhhh. NOW I know. Haha

Anon3: nope, it was a rather old item!

Kerri: thank you so much!! I am so excited about this! Haha

ivgan: yup! It has already been launched and I took the last piece, haha. Don't think I will be selling it cos I like the prints quite a bit! :)

Anonymous said...

Is the faded demin dress a upcoming piece?

Anonymous said...

Hi is mira tank in read still available? :)

I added cool smileys to this message... if you don't see them go to:

missypixie said...

yup! the faded denim dress will be coming up soon! as for MIRA red, its only available in size M now!

L said...

hi kelly, may i know what size do you wear for the HAYLEY BLACK romper? Does S or M fit you better. would like a rough gauge as i am abt your size. thankyou

missypixie said...

L: hello! i wear S for HAYLEY :)