Wednesday, October 24, 2012

under the weather

You know, if you ever want to detox after a bout of heavy eating,
you should try the rice gruel diet.
I have been on it for 3 days and I swear i lost weight.
Or maybe its just cos I am either puking or eh-hem, using other methods
to remove food from my body.
I am suffering from a particularly evil bout of gastric flu
(just when I thought, oh yay, i have been healthy this year!
goes to show what comes back to bite me at the ass)
and for once in a long long long time,
I actually have no interest in food.
Its such a race occurrence you need to buy 4D. Really.

And cos I am stil feeling kinda under the weather,
here are some miserable photos to complete the blog post
(sharms, if you are reading this, i really really
wanted to blog more often when you were gone,
BUT..blame it on the stomach. :( )

ahh, those days when I was healthy and ready to take on the weekend.

Happily shopping in IKEA for mirrors, meatballs and chicken wings.
In that order.

this amaze-balls mango cream puff from Paris Baguette.
Tad pricy but worth all the calories.

and a new pink lippie for an upcoming wedding dinner.
I have no idea what to wear yet cos I was holding out for
this gorgeous WILLOW item but looks like it won't arrive so soon.
The wedding is about 2 weeks away and I think,
I might be royally screwed. :(

not much love,

Sunday, October 14, 2012

it has been a while

I am sorry that I have not been updating,
but time passes by so fast these days,
its like I am in mid-oct already but didn't Oct just arrive?

As mentioned, I popped over to BKK last weekend for a family trip
and while my mum and sis AND dad went crazy shopping,
I think i restrained myself and did selective shopping.
Am super proud of the few pieces that I got :)

Like this pair of minty loafers:

and my outfit that day:

paired it with a white buttonup from Topshop and our HARA grey cotton skirt.
Speaking of which, i am so glad i got this skirt in 2 colours!

wore the black one with a printed floral bustier
and i am already thinking of other combis.
its one of those you-never-knew-you-needed-it-but-now-you-cant-live-without-it item.
unfortunately both black & grey are sold out on the site
but we have got the last few pieces for Cobalt
so if you have got any white/black/jade/rose tops,
feel free to experiment with this skirt in cobalt! :)

Also finally finally found my metallic reflective gold iphone case.

You would think this is easy to find right?
but nope, it took me so long and i finally found it in....
H&M bangkok of all places. -.-

and also, the cutest daisy romper ever!

I am sorry but I am not bringing in this piece for sale!

wore it with black cut-out sandals and a brown bag.
Haven had a brown brown bag for a long time and its surprisingly versatile.

what i wore to inspect my new house.
(yes, i cheated by wearing a dress as a top but you wouldn't know right?)

and this is a sad pic of how my house currently looks like :(
2 more weeks and it should be done! cant wait!!!

in AMELIA white eyelet bib dress up for sale later on the site!
it comes with pockets. I LOVE POCKETS. Especially in dresses :)))))

here is a close-up of the details and my face. muahahhaha.

Anyway I must be a bit mad cos I wore a white dress for
our home-made shabu shabu dinner with the girls.

lynnie says everything has to look pretty.
So we had special coloured paper plates.

and we discovered hot-plate anything tastes just wonderful.
So even though it was supposed to be shabu-shabu
and we spent 20mins deciding what soup base to buy
(even being desperate enough to contemplate getting soy sauce
and adding water....)
we ended up BBQ-ing most of the meat. And everything else actually.

also had the most awesommmmeeeeeee JO KARUBI beef slices.
it was the quietest dinner we ever had cos all of us were just
frantically cooking and stuffing piping hot beef slices into our mouths.

Speaking of food,
i am STILL in the korean phase
(really, i blame all those k-shows.
Why does everyone keep eating???!!!)
So i dragged Mella to Sarang at Orchard Central.
It was pretty good.
Or maybe I was just happy to be eating Korean.

i really really really like their cutlery.
Any idea where can I get them???
I am especially obsessed with the long spoon.
I don't know why but it makes eating rice and drinking soup look...better.
I know, I am weird like that :(

we had Army stew (which was spicy, finally! must be the chili flakes)

and bulgogi with a little too much cabbage. end off this completely random post
of clothes, clothes, food and an empty house..
here is my ONLY shot of BKK
(not counting the ones that my mum specifically told me
NEVER EVER to post up cos she is scared her colleagues would see)

Seriously, how can anyone not love BKK?????

much love,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

there she goes.

am here fulfulling blogger duty before i whisk off for a long holiday!

haven't been outta asia for quite some time now - recent vacays have been more of re-visits to countries, exploring differents parts of the same country, the likes - so i've been really itching to get out there! remember i once said italy was my next go-to? well, guess i'm gonna fulfil it real soon ;)

anyhow.. a short pictorial update!

met the g2 girlies for a supposed brunch date two weekends ago but we sorta got distracted and ended up having prawn noodles and five spice fritters instead, haha. love how impromptu we can be!

looking at this makes me miss my henderson hae mee so so much :((

then one fine day the sis brought us to new ubin seafood for dinner! 'twas a rustic place set in the middle of many autocare and repair shops... but thats not the point - the beef set was just lipsmackingly goooood!

look at those medium-rare slices calling out to me! NOMS.
will definitely be back for more.

random outfits of the week:

tried on this embellished dress at topshop and fell in love but sadly, i couldnt agree with the price tag.

then the shipment for our studded bodycon dress arrived just a few days later!
say hello to more affordable options online! ;)

launching this item this coming Sunday so do look out for it if you're interested!

another upcoming piece which i'm gonna bring for my trip 'cos its sorta chilly there :)

finally checked out Kith Cafe at Park Mall last weekend!

the queue was so long, we found ourselves wandering around in a furniture exhibition while waiting.

anyhow, no pictures of the food because -

1. i waited close to an hour for my breakfast set - hey, just eggs, toast, and bacon - very hard to cook meh?
2. turns out the kitchen forgot my order and they were still churning out other orders before mine
3. my friends were all almost done with their mains when my breakfast set was served so i kinda had no more mood; plus the coffee had already killed my appetite

4. there was nothing amazing about the food anyway :( 

the ventilation was rather bad and i smelt like a cafe thereafter so nope, not worth a second visit.

if you have any cheap/good eats to share, please do holler!!

off to finish up my packing - and i still can't decide which pairs of shoes to bring, uggghhh.
am flying to paris at midnight, spending some time in the city of lurrrve, then heading down south to venice, florence, and  rome! 
planning was a real bitch, with all the inter-city flights/rail routes/accom, but im glad im finally done.
can't wait to have all the risotto/gelato in the world in italy! 

24 more hours and i'll be checking in, and that's when my excitement will really seep in :)

see you all in two weeks!
in the meantime, kelly's holding the fort so do be patient with her y'all - ciao! 


Monday, October 1, 2012

always be my baby

I am sorry that things are so quiet these days
but I really have nothing interesting to blog about!
Last week was spent overseas hence no chance to dress up
and no outfit shots makes a blog post boringgggg.

Instead, I had weird iphone conversations with myself
(cos YC was too busy to reply. BAH)

its a big deal when I finally learnt how to do a whale!!!
I was so desperate I had to randomly ask a FB friend how to do it.
I first saw it months back on another friend's wall
and tried but my whale came out...deflated.
Like : .____________.
All. The. Time.
I asked YC and he tried too and all we had were...
loads of flat whales.
So ta daaaaaa! FAT WHALE!

Nothing much happened last week except
for a mid-week KTV sesh and a pre-weekend MJ all-nighter.
I am turning boring i know :(

To make up for my boring-ness,
here are some outfit shots!

I know a few of you are asking about this white top
but we are no longer selling/making it!
Fret not cos we have tons & tons of white shirts coming up
and I am not kidding. I am almost keeping all of them.
True to my Queen of White Shirts title. Bows.

Launching this very Bardot-ish offsie skater dress this Sunday,
loving the fit and flare and how different belts can change the look immediately :)

when people wake up to gloomy skies, they get depressed.
I get happy cos thats when the knits come out to play!
in my striped MNG top (which we are manufacturing in more colours!!)
and HARA black cotton skirt.

completely MNG-ed out in this outfit.
finally a non-MP day. I am so proud of myself :))))
Its actually kinda embarrassing to go #missypixie on Instagram
and find out that the bulk of the pics belong to...yours truly.

okay, i cheated. And one shot of new shoes :)

Am scooting off to BKK this weekend with the family
and i miss my second homeland so much!!!
cant wait for all the food, mani, pedi & massage.
How can anyone not like BKK, seriously? Grrrr.
Hopefully i have got more interesting pics the next blog post!

til then, have a good month ahead!

much love,