Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to wear: Printed rompers

I really really do have a soft spot for rompers.
They are perfect for our weather, easy to wear (hard to pee in though, haha)
and its even better when they come in prints!

credits to

We are launching some this weekend and I just wanted to share
a few of my favourite ways to wear them :)

Romper (1)
I like to pair printed rompers with a plain structured blazer
(or plain rompers/dresses with printed blazers)
It jazzes up the whole outfit and honestly, a blazer does wonders to anything.
And because rompers are generally shorter, I like to use a longer blazer
so the overall visual effect makes my legs look longer as well :)
I would top the outfit off with trusty ballet flats, a structured bag to keep with the polished look (red Hermes!!!)
and some delicate necklaces to avoid clashing with the prints.

Romper (2)

Alternatively, if I was feeling lazy that day,
I would go for a chunky textured knit sweater
(so the prints and texture would go nicely)
and to avoid having too many things going on at a time,
my only pop of colour would come from the bag.
(I am keeping it small as well so it doesn't overwhelm the outfit's proportions)

Or lastly, if the above 2 sets totally can't work in Singapore's weather
(at least I provided fall/winter options right? haha)
this would probably be the most fuss-free combination!

Romper (3)
Just throw it on like it is BUT to avoid looking like everyone else,
pick some cute loafers or sandals,
a bag with some details and pile on the bangles and dingle-dangs!
(i also happen to have a giant soft spot for this Cartier love bangle)
Sometimes, it's really all in the details :)

A sneak peek of what's coming up this Sunday:

We have it in small daisy prints on black and peach as well
so do look out for them!

much love,

Saturday, November 24, 2012

the twinkle, twinkle

I have been spending quite a bit of my time this past week,
worrying over stuff I never had to worry about.
Like what kind of broom one should buy to wash the toilet floor.
I also spent a very enjoyable day today buying cheap toiletries
from Chinatown then deriving great pleasure when I specially went to Guardian
to compare prices and realised I saved quite a bit.
#ahjummaatheart x 10
But my house is fast nearing completion and come Dec,
I should be able to finally move in and have a complete wardrobe.
And my own kitchen. And the oven.
And my toilet.
I think, I get happy over really small stuff. Sighs.

Meanwhile, while collating outfits shots of the past week,
I realised I coincidentally donned the same colour combi (or so)
a few days in a row. -.-

Couldn't find anything to wear one weekend
and was majorly inspired by this palazzo pants street shot somewhere.
Dug out my chiffon flare pants and a basic tank top.

And cos above-mentioned street shot also came with delicate bangles,
I found delicate bangles. Haha.

mid-week - ZANIA chiffon shirt//Magenta button shorts
(i wore it with a nude bra and it was totally fine)

Suffering from mid-week blues so Sharms & I had impromptu KTV sesh.

MEGA HAPPINESS!!! my full length mirror wall is finally up :)
I kinda like my house with no furniture in it now. Haha.
THEA eyelet top// Forever21 wine shorts

This was when I reviewed my Instagram photos and realised...
that I was pretty much wearing the same coloured stuff the past week.
Muahahhahhaa. I am consistent, you have to give me that.

Totally avoid wine/red/oxblood colour and ended up in
MISA watercolour dress in purple

Lastly cos I have not been on a date with YC for the longest time,
we specially took time out for brunch today.
(even thought MJ the night before ended at 5am. o.O)

Bagels are my new fav food.

Last outfit for the post and I am mad happy
to score this pair of Forever New polka shorts at a steal.
It was just $25, in the last piece, on the sale rack.
#ahjummaatheart - really.

much love,

Friday, November 16, 2012

as if my heart put on a face and walked into the world.

sometimes the days pass by in such a blur that the only things i can recall doing are those i have photographic evidence of - and i thank my phone (and instagram) for that ;)

celebrated little gan's twenty-something with a quiet dinner at chikuwa tei, some vino at wine connection, and  a super impromptu dancing sesh at china one, hahaha. aside from the weird men and sleazy douchebags that night, we did have quite a lot of fun, didnt we? 

the only two types of sashimi i eat - salmon and swordfish.

 the people who i'll always keep close to my heart :')

been also trying to hit the gym more often, eat more healthily, and cut down on my carb intake.. which has been very slightly successful. i think. not sure how long i can tahan because i seriously love my carbs to death. 
oh potato, bread, meepok, i miss you so damn much.

wholesome foods ftw.

well, i granted myself one off day because i was missing the kinda breakfasts i had in paris :(

wearing Mia Black in Medium!

close-up of the pretty hem.
we have a trapeze top version coming up soon so do wait for it!

in Elise White crochet overlay long top, launching this weekend.

and finally wore the floral blazer i bought from BKK some 3 months ago to combat today's crazy rain.

rid my shoe cupboard of old footwear so i got three pairs of new ones in two days, muahaha.
here's one of 'em!

shots from here, there, everywhere, on @druggedreams

instant boobs, anyone? Bomba Sexy one okay! 2 dollars only, from daiso. hahaha.

finally got myself in the mood for some piano playing. gosh its been eons.
my skills have definitely deteriorated, boohoo.

one of 'em hiao shots. every girl has shots like these in their phone right?! 

with the invention of the front-facing camera, i swear the age of narcissism has dawned upon us. hoho.

on a totally unrelated note, i have a pair of authentic unisex cufflinks from Ferragamo - matt gold with some texture - which i purchased from Italy and have totally no use for it.
its in mint condition and still in its original box.

 my pictures don't do it justice :(
its really a nice shade of matt gold but the camera can't seem to capture that well.
anyhow, am letting it go at 120SGD! not sure how much it is retailing at or whether it is still retailing in the boutiques but it definitely is cheaper 'cos i got it straight from the source.

do email me at if you are interested!

have a happy weekend and don't forget to check out our new arrivals this Sunday. ciao ciao!


Thursday, November 15, 2012


its late at night and instead of sleeping
(and resting my poor muscle-ache FOUR days after hot yoga)
I am up and about and having fun at :)
Its strangely addictive and weirdly enough,
most of the sets that i create isn't really my style.

Case in point:

so not me

these are the stuff I would really like to try wearing
(if i can even fit into that pair of oxblood skinnies...)

Another one:

high tea with the girls
I really seem to have a thing for white, black and red.

The following 2 sets would be more my thing i guess:

pastel colours and everything sweet.

white summer

or a all-white winter :)

okay, am off to bed now that I have decided on my new shopping list.
Hope the weekend comes soon!

much love,

Monday, November 12, 2012

Let the sky fall, when it crumbles

Popping by for a quick update cos tomorrow is a holiday
and that probably means I won't be updating til don't-know-when.
Life has been the usual same-old, same-old,
just that the house is finally nearing completion and
i have spent countless weekends looking and shortlisting household stuff.
I hate to shortlist.
I am the 'I see, I like, I buy. NOW.' person
but YC needs to think about it, weigh it (literally),
hold it, hug it, sing a song to it etc.
before he determines that its Yes! The perfect one for the house!
And I am not even talking about big-purchase items like the sofa.
I was talking about water canisters to hold ice water. -.-

here is the first sneak peek of our place at night!
they have finally cleared away the cardboards on the floor,
so now it looks more like a home than a construction site.

Meanwhile, I haven't been going anywhere fancy these days,
so here are the little outfits i have clobbed together
from my poor exhausted wardrobe and some new buys.

wearing JOANN side peplum top with my gold tweedy shorts.
I feel like I am celebrating Christmas early, haha.
I really love how this peplum is not the usual full-round type,
but that it only flares out at the side.

I did this design cos i fell in love with the Zara version
which is super not pocket-friendly :((((

re-wore my MIRA top, this time tucked into high-waisted shorts.

Coincidentally, on the same day, I had to try on
another red high-neck sample top, this time with pretty scallop edges.
Can't wait for it to arrive in time for CNY :)

and fav outfit of the week!

wanted to get this MNG eyelet skirt previously
but it was sold out in my size everywhere so i HAD to make this.
HAHAHAA. all the selfish reasons behind our WILLOW label.

I have also been consciously trying to do more stuff to my hair
instead of just leaving it the way it is everyday.
I remembered when I had short hair and was deeply envious of
anyone with long hair, I told myself that I would change my hairstyle
everyday when I had long hair.
MUAHAHAHA. Look what happened.
Somedays, I am lucky if I remembered to comb my hair -.-

much love,

Sunday, November 4, 2012

friends forever

This past week, I was blessed to be able to meet up
with almost all of my friends, whether planned or impromptu,
just to have a quick meal, a manicure session or over a wedding dinner.
I always never realise how much I miss my old friends
til I see them again :(

Finally got together for brunch with the girls last weekend.
The food was simple but good
(we went to The Plains for hearty sandwiches and good coffee)
and the company was still the best :)

its really funny how we never run of things to talk about
and that 4 of us can run 3 different conversations at the same time
with different people. haha.

a shot that I thought really made me look naked. o.O

and what I wore that day. A bit crazy cos even though the knit was holey,
I was freaking hot the entire morning.

Then we were supposed to have a late shoot on tuesday
but Andrea turned up early so we got everything done
and amazingly, Ber was available and ta daaaaa,
impromptu dinner date at Mookata.
I honestly thought the food was kinda overpriced
(come on, $9.50 for FOUR bloody prawns??!!)
and even though BBQ anything tastes good,
I much rather home-BBQ my Karubi beef.

my outfit for the day - polkas & pleats.
I don't think I will get tired of bustiers + midi/maxis combis :)

and cos BBQ pork belly are just not photogenic enough,
here are the desserts pics instead.
Go on, drool your heart out.

I can't believe I am saying this,
but this is really too much chocolate.
Chocolate molten lava cake, with a chocolate milkshake shot
and melted chocolate mixer to drizzle it all over.
My teeth ache just looking at this.

Arranged a last min manicure session with Mella mid-week
and it was fun just to bum around in town,
eat chicky rice, do nails and....
well, just generally pretend we are 17 again,
with no worries or cares in this world.

really really really wanted to wear my floral blazer
(which actually came as a suit with this floral shorts
but I don't dare wear them out as one set. Yet. HAHA.)

mad happy that the weather was dark and gloomy
and it was raining and cold.

was still deluded and wore MINSY knit the next day.
good thing the air con was blasting.

and then, before we knew it,
it is Kissjane's grand opening at Vivocity!!
(Gloria, PeiJin, Natalie: thank you for stopping by to say hi!!)

we are right beside the entrance at the far right when you enter the store
so please stop by and have a look :)

wore LILA lime for the VIP private sale event.
Sharmie could spot me from very very very far away. -.-

with Andrea who came by to support!

and becks as well!

we look like some crazed Kissjane ambassadors.

thank you Jason & CK for the opportunity, HUAT AHHHHHHHH!!!!

Lastly, it was chan chan's wedding today
and everytime I see this girl, I realised I miss her so much :(
Am really happy to meet up with old uni mates
and how come it has been 4 years, but everyone is still the same?!

super fuzzy only group shot of the evening.
old friend, i really missed you quite a bit :(

a close-up of my made-up face.
I spent quite a bit of time on my eyes but...
its evident it didn't help much :(

finally had a chance to wear my fav dress again,
this time paired with my beloved IMOGEN white blazer.

and because I am aiming for the most awkward ending of all blog posts,
here are 2 random shots from i-don't-know-when:

(yes, i update more often on Instagram @passionade,
so follow me there if you can!)

much love,