Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to wear: Printed rompers

I really really do have a soft spot for rompers.
They are perfect for our weather, easy to wear (hard to pee in though, haha)
and its even better when they come in prints!

credits to

We are launching some this weekend and I just wanted to share
a few of my favourite ways to wear them :)

Romper (1)
I like to pair printed rompers with a plain structured blazer
(or plain rompers/dresses with printed blazers)
It jazzes up the whole outfit and honestly, a blazer does wonders to anything.
And because rompers are generally shorter, I like to use a longer blazer
so the overall visual effect makes my legs look longer as well :)
I would top the outfit off with trusty ballet flats, a structured bag to keep with the polished look (red Hermes!!!)
and some delicate necklaces to avoid clashing with the prints.

Romper (2)

Alternatively, if I was feeling lazy that day,
I would go for a chunky textured knit sweater
(so the prints and texture would go nicely)
and to avoid having too many things going on at a time,
my only pop of colour would come from the bag.
(I am keeping it small as well so it doesn't overwhelm the outfit's proportions)

Or lastly, if the above 2 sets totally can't work in Singapore's weather
(at least I provided fall/winter options right? haha)
this would probably be the most fuss-free combination!

Romper (3)
Just throw it on like it is BUT to avoid looking like everyone else,
pick some cute loafers or sandals,
a bag with some details and pile on the bangles and dingle-dangs!
(i also happen to have a giant soft spot for this Cartier love bangle)
Sometimes, it's really all in the details :)

A sneak peek of what's coming up this Sunday:

We have it in small daisy prints on black and peach as well
so do look out for them!

much love,


Anonymous said...

Are the upcoming rompers manufactured by missypixie? :)

missypixie said...

Yup! They are under our WILLOW label :)

Jasmine said...

Please have more of the :How to wear" sections in the future. I love them! :D

Anonymous said...

Babe please manufacture clothes that can fit uk6! Always wanted to buy the cute dresses but their ptp are too big! How to fit :(

missypixie said...

Jasmine: thank you! We will do more in the future :)

Anon: hello babe, yup! we are trying to do a range of sizes from now on!