Thursday, November 15, 2012


its late at night and instead of sleeping
(and resting my poor muscle-ache FOUR days after hot yoga)
I am up and about and having fun at :)
Its strangely addictive and weirdly enough,
most of the sets that i create isn't really my style.

Case in point:

so not me

these are the stuff I would really like to try wearing
(if i can even fit into that pair of oxblood skinnies...)

Another one:

high tea with the girls
I really seem to have a thing for white, black and red.

The following 2 sets would be more my thing i guess:

pastel colours and everything sweet.

white summer

or a all-white winter :)

okay, am off to bed now that I have decided on my new shopping list.
Hope the weekend comes soon!

much love,


lynn said...

me likes the first one!

lynn said...

me likes the first one!

F said...

hey kelly, where do you go for yoga? i'm thinking of trying out yoga but idk where is good ):

missypixie said...

F: hello! i go to True Fitness because I gym there but if you want to only do yoga, a yoga studio would be more ideal :)

Anonymous said...

The pastel maxi skirt in third pict looks so missypixie-ish!! Like it srsly belongs to the Willow label *hinthint*

Also the white long-sleeve dress in the last pict looks very pretty too. maybe add a slit-sleeve design to it and it'd be perfect. *super heavy hint*


missypixie said...

anon: heh heh. okay. got the hint.