Saturday, November 24, 2012

the twinkle, twinkle

I have been spending quite a bit of my time this past week,
worrying over stuff I never had to worry about.
Like what kind of broom one should buy to wash the toilet floor.
I also spent a very enjoyable day today buying cheap toiletries
from Chinatown then deriving great pleasure when I specially went to Guardian
to compare prices and realised I saved quite a bit.
#ahjummaatheart x 10
But my house is fast nearing completion and come Dec,
I should be able to finally move in and have a complete wardrobe.
And my own kitchen. And the oven.
And my toilet.
I think, I get happy over really small stuff. Sighs.

Meanwhile, while collating outfits shots of the past week,
I realised I coincidentally donned the same colour combi (or so)
a few days in a row. -.-

Couldn't find anything to wear one weekend
and was majorly inspired by this palazzo pants street shot somewhere.
Dug out my chiffon flare pants and a basic tank top.

And cos above-mentioned street shot also came with delicate bangles,
I found delicate bangles. Haha.

mid-week - ZANIA chiffon shirt//Magenta button shorts
(i wore it with a nude bra and it was totally fine)

Suffering from mid-week blues so Sharms & I had impromptu KTV sesh.

MEGA HAPPINESS!!! my full length mirror wall is finally up :)
I kinda like my house with no furniture in it now. Haha.
THEA eyelet top// Forever21 wine shorts

This was when I reviewed my Instagram photos and realised...
that I was pretty much wearing the same coloured stuff the past week.
Muahahhahhaa. I am consistent, you have to give me that.

Totally avoid wine/red/oxblood colour and ended up in
MISA watercolour dress in purple

Lastly cos I have not been on a date with YC for the longest time,
we specially took time out for brunch today.
(even thought MJ the night before ended at 5am. o.O)

Bagels are my new fav food.

Last outfit for the post and I am mad happy
to score this pair of Forever New polka shorts at a steal.
It was just $25, in the last piece, on the sale rack.
#ahjummaatheart - really.

much love,


ling said...

haha babe, you broke your same color combi outfit in white/winered but starting to get into a monochrome/blackwhite one. :)) but still looking awesome in all!

Anonymous said...

Hi dear! Where did you get the brown and black loafer with the gold plate?

Thanks! Loving all your outfits especially the flare pants one!

missypixie said...

Ling: told you I was consistent! Hahahahhaha.

Anon: got them from topshop last year :)

G said...

i like your f21 red wine shorts! i hope you dont mind me asking..where do you usually get your basics? esp spagg top? thanks (:

Anonymous said...

i like the watercolor dress...but would prefer it without the triangle hole...very distracting.

missypixie said...

G: i get them from Cotton On :)

Anon2: oh, I thought it makes it nicer. Hahah

Anonymous said...

Hello babe! May I know where you got your delicate bangles from? It's really pretty, and delicate haha

Anonymous said...

Hi! When will MP be having their sale? :)

missypixie said...

got the cross one from ASOS and the other one from a street stall in BKK!

ohh, i am not too sure yet, we are in the midst of our stock take. hahahahahaa.

Anonymous said...

pls bring in flare pants or sell yours!!

Anonymous said...

hi do you still have the link for the f21 wine shorts?

missypixie said...

Nope! I bought it in the stores :)

Anonymous said...


May i know where did you get your thea eyelet top?

Anonymous said...

hi may i know where you got your bag from for the 1st outfit? :)

missypixie said...

anon: THEA eyelet top is from :)

anon: bag is from BKK!