Friday, December 28, 2012

in 3, 2, 1.

how was your xmas? 
mine was nothing short of good food, great company, and oodles of fun and heartfelt laughter :)

started the festive weekend with a T5 gathering at gra's!

my friends are all mini masterchefs! i stuffed myself silly.

the extended group, with the plus ones! 

played White Elephant this year because seriously, at this age, you don't really NEED anything. 
what you want, you can get yourself - and what you REALLY want, is out of anyone's budget. haha!
so might as well rid your life of things you don't need; afterall one man's trash is another's treasure?

at least we all had the decency to wrap them up nicely ;)

some pressies were actually quite awesome lor!
 i got an ikea lamp and am still wondering where to place it. hmmm.

and then we skyped chang, who's all the way in new york!
can't wait for a full attendance.. next xmas perhaps?

one last photo for the night.
can't believe its been eight years of xmases together my friends! 

had a mini party at home on xmas eve with the folks -
we were lazy to arrange for a cookout so we ordered Paulaner's this year. yums :)

and van bought me everything kitty-ish for xmas -
for the record, i don't even really like cats... lol. but i'll take it anyway!

adjourned to brewerkz after dinner for more drinks, with baby K in tow, whose favourite activity we discovered, is photobombing.

ended off the night with a ktv sesh. just the way we like it.

aside, am counting down to the 31st because the boy and i are going to spend our countdown in taipei!!
superrrrrr excited 'cos i've always wanted to usher the new year in another country and he made it possible :')

so stoked, i painted my nails just for it. in oxblood, as promised.

and since temperatures are going to dip there, i've been thinking of how to mix and match my outfits a 'lil more. if you don't already know, i lovvvvvvve dressing up for winter.
bring out the jackets, snoods, scarves, boots and beanies already!

some (super backdated) outfit shots from my paris/italy trip in oct :)

did up some outfit sets with similar items that i already own.. am definitely going to pack these in my bag!

am likely to wear any one of these ensembles for my countdown this year - can't wait for the arrival of 2013!
here's hoping the new year will be better in every sense, for me, and for you :)

til then!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What would I wear...for a countdown!

As of now, I am not planning anything huge for the 31st.
I usually stay home with my loved ones and spend it quietly
cos I think I am kinda old to go out and yell,
(although some small part of me do wanna try that some year)

But, if I am going somewhere really nice this year,
this is what I would love to wear.

A stunning dress, some simple accessories
and a kick-ass pair of shoes.


Same formula, different style.

But since I am going nowhere this year,
this is what I would wear to a family gathering
- in my wildest fantasy of course.

A slouchy top and shorts,
complete with Chanel's pearl necklace (yes, Chanel)
a Celine tote (yes, Celine as well)
and some fan-ta-bulous Balenciaga sandals (go for it, i say).
It's a fantasy.
I am allowed to be deluded.
And outta my mind.

much love,

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

you light up my world like nobody else

I started this week with a seriously huge problem.
It became so huge that this question kept running through my mind,
"Did they teach ironing in home econs last time??
Did I not attend that class??
I am not kidding, I almost died ironing YC's shirts.
And when I messaged him that I am going mad ironing,
he replied: "Go Youtube?"
I had to admit...
I already went Youtube to see how to do it properly.
As if that wasn't enough, I also Youtube-d how to press pants.

This Christmas, I need an ironing elf.

Meanwhile, in a bid to fully utilize my kitchen,
I have been baking, cooking, baking etc
so that my oven's cost per use would go lower.
Attempted to make fruit tarts that day
(cos they are probably the only kind of desserts I like)

It looks convincingly nice, but trust me,
it needs more work. Haha.
On the bright side, I got really excited when my custard thickened
as I was whisking it.
It made me feel....baker-ish. Heh.

Chocolate cornflake clusters.
What a mouthful name.

and I finally have the luxury to have slow brekkies.

*Its by coincidence all my food colours are either red or yellow.

I know the weather has been mad,
but I am ignoring it and wearing whatever I feel like.

a pretty frilly skirt just because.

navy knit & daisy shorts. (ohhhh, new love for blue.)

GEORGIA cobalt with my red fold-over clutch.

and cos you can't see it clearly in that pic..
I CUT MY HAIR!! Like maybe 5-6 inches of it.
am mad loving this hair length now :))))

what i wore today despite knowing it might rain
and maxis are not exactly the smartest idea but...
I don't care.

Lastly, some shoes coming up for this weekend!

I have a soft spot for jelly shoes
cos I never found a pair that would hurt
and all these gorgeous lace details makes it more special :)

much love,

Sunday, December 16, 2012

sometimes its a good hurt.

im either having a streak of really bad luck, or someone's doing voodoo on me...
aside from all the bad things that have happened to me this year,  i just hurt a nerve on my neck after a horrible, horrible massage sesh from an overzealous masseuse and it was giving me bad tension headaches - so much that a slight cough or a sneeze would send me into a state of pain.

had to undergo some electric therapy and gua sha which rendered me home on a friday night when i was supposed to go pub-hopping with the sis (sob) and am now currently on a cycle of disgusting traditional chinese meds which means i am to abstain from alcohol for a while (double sob). sighhhh. 
how did my december turn out like that?! 

this year has truly been one of the worst yet.
please, 2012, i just want to get you over and done with.

enough of depressing news :( 
been soooo backdated on my outfit shots so here's a slew of them:

in Alexis Floral (M) that's all sold out on site;

in Tammi White;

layered on this upcoming pullover in grey with gold shimmer in the office and am lovin' this look!

am currently slightly obsessed with wearing pants. floral pants, to be precise ;)

its kinda hard for me to find pants that fit well because i have big hips but relatively skinnier legs.. when the hip area fits, the material at the legs hangs loose and when it hugs my legs just well i can't button it up. BAH! #firstworldproblems

so when i found a pair that fit (quite) well, i bought two of 'em. muahahaha.

one of my other new kicks;

and pictures of what i devoured over the weeks.

including these seemingly harmless Ovalteenies-lookalike meds that taste like crap.
don't get me started on the syrup >:(

as i count down to the end of the year, i've been remembering and recapturing all that has happened - lessons to be learnt, experiences to be savoured, things to be forgotten, people to be forgiven, and still, blessings to be counted. 

"there's always two ways of looking at any situation.
 well, you can either focus on the bad or choose to see the good." 
- think that's gonna be my new mantra going forward. out with the negativity!

in the meantime, can't wait for the onslaught of year-end parties to come.
have a good week ahead y'all!


Friday, December 14, 2012

Obsession du jour: Stripes

I think its pretty obvious that I like stripes.
Heck, i LOVE stripes.
It was one of the first kind of patterns that I wore
and til now, I have gladly amassed striped dresses, tops, knits, shirts etc.
Its fun, flirty, nautical and French-y.
(I would like to think that way)
Very...Parisian. :)

You are not just limited to tops,
here are some fantastic ways to incorporate stripes into your outfits.

credits to Blue is in Fashion this Year
I am especially smitten with the simplicity of a striped top & denim cut-offs.
Or the one with a white blazer, so chic indeed.

credits to
here is one of my favourite ways to wear it,
with a flouncy flirty skirt.

and in the midst of searching for striped inspiration,
I came up with a few ways to wear navy stripes
(cos..i did say I was in a blue phase recently right? heh)

Lastly, my obsession must have been fueled by one of my girl crushes of all time:
Taylor Swift.

this girl really loves her stripes :)

If you have gotten our LIZZIE striped knit pullover recently,
I hope this post can help inspire more outfit combis with that one top.
But if you happen to miss out getting a piece,
you can still join the backorder over HERE

have fun wearing your stripes and mixing them up!

much love,