Friday, December 28, 2012

in 3, 2, 1.

how was your xmas? 
mine was nothing short of good food, great company, and oodles of fun and heartfelt laughter :)

started the festive weekend with a T5 gathering at gra's!

my friends are all mini masterchefs! i stuffed myself silly.

the extended group, with the plus ones! 

played White Elephant this year because seriously, at this age, you don't really NEED anything. 
what you want, you can get yourself - and what you REALLY want, is out of anyone's budget. haha!
so might as well rid your life of things you don't need; afterall one man's trash is another's treasure?

at least we all had the decency to wrap them up nicely ;)

some pressies were actually quite awesome lor!
 i got an ikea lamp and am still wondering where to place it. hmmm.

and then we skyped chang, who's all the way in new york!
can't wait for a full attendance.. next xmas perhaps?

one last photo for the night.
can't believe its been eight years of xmases together my friends! 

had a mini party at home on xmas eve with the folks -
we were lazy to arrange for a cookout so we ordered Paulaner's this year. yums :)

and van bought me everything kitty-ish for xmas -
for the record, i don't even really like cats... lol. but i'll take it anyway!

adjourned to brewerkz after dinner for more drinks, with baby K in tow, whose favourite activity we discovered, is photobombing.

ended off the night with a ktv sesh. just the way we like it.

aside, am counting down to the 31st because the boy and i are going to spend our countdown in taipei!!
superrrrrr excited 'cos i've always wanted to usher the new year in another country and he made it possible :')

so stoked, i painted my nails just for it. in oxblood, as promised.

and since temperatures are going to dip there, i've been thinking of how to mix and match my outfits a 'lil more. if you don't already know, i lovvvvvvve dressing up for winter.
bring out the jackets, snoods, scarves, boots and beanies already!

some (super backdated) outfit shots from my paris/italy trip in oct :)

did up some outfit sets with similar items that i already own.. am definitely going to pack these in my bag!

am likely to wear any one of these ensembles for my countdown this year - can't wait for the arrival of 2013!
here's hoping the new year will be better in every sense, for me, and for you :)

til then!



Anonymous said...

hey dear, i love that nail polish! May i know what's the brand and name of it? Thank you in advance! :)

missypixie said...

anon1: hi dear i'm really not too sure! its gelish - i simply pointed to the colour i wanted from the charts to the manicurist :)