Friday, December 14, 2012

Obsession du jour: Stripes

I think its pretty obvious that I like stripes.
Heck, i LOVE stripes.
It was one of the first kind of patterns that I wore
and til now, I have gladly amassed striped dresses, tops, knits, shirts etc.
Its fun, flirty, nautical and French-y.
(I would like to think that way)
Very...Parisian. :)

You are not just limited to tops,
here are some fantastic ways to incorporate stripes into your outfits.

credits to Blue is in Fashion this Year
I am especially smitten with the simplicity of a striped top & denim cut-offs.
Or the one with a white blazer, so chic indeed.

credits to
here is one of my favourite ways to wear it,
with a flouncy flirty skirt.

and in the midst of searching for striped inspiration,
I came up with a few ways to wear navy stripes
(cos..i did say I was in a blue phase recently right? heh)

Lastly, my obsession must have been fueled by one of my girl crushes of all time:
Taylor Swift.

this girl really loves her stripes :)

If you have gotten our LIZZIE striped knit pullover recently,
I hope this post can help inspire more outfit combis with that one top.
But if you happen to miss out getting a piece,
you can still join the backorder over HERE

have fun wearing your stripes and mixing them up!

much love,


elena said...

Hi! Will missypixie manufacture more colours for the stripes knit pullover that were launched quite sometime ago? Will your be remaking the navy colours again?

missypixie said...

Hello Elena, we actually remade it in black with nude stripes and wil launch them this Sunday :)