Sunday, December 16, 2012

sometimes its a good hurt.

im either having a streak of really bad luck, or someone's doing voodoo on me...
aside from all the bad things that have happened to me this year,  i just hurt a nerve on my neck after a horrible, horrible massage sesh from an overzealous masseuse and it was giving me bad tension headaches - so much that a slight cough or a sneeze would send me into a state of pain.

had to undergo some electric therapy and gua sha which rendered me home on a friday night when i was supposed to go pub-hopping with the sis (sob) and am now currently on a cycle of disgusting traditional chinese meds which means i am to abstain from alcohol for a while (double sob). sighhhh. 
how did my december turn out like that?! 

this year has truly been one of the worst yet.
please, 2012, i just want to get you over and done with.

enough of depressing news :( 
been soooo backdated on my outfit shots so here's a slew of them:

in Alexis Floral (M) that's all sold out on site;

in Tammi White;

layered on this upcoming pullover in grey with gold shimmer in the office and am lovin' this look!

am currently slightly obsessed with wearing pants. floral pants, to be precise ;)

its kinda hard for me to find pants that fit well because i have big hips but relatively skinnier legs.. when the hip area fits, the material at the legs hangs loose and when it hugs my legs just well i can't button it up. BAH! #firstworldproblems

so when i found a pair that fit (quite) well, i bought two of 'em. muahahaha.

one of my other new kicks;

and pictures of what i devoured over the weeks.

including these seemingly harmless Ovalteenies-lookalike meds that taste like crap.
don't get me started on the syrup >:(

as i count down to the end of the year, i've been remembering and recapturing all that has happened - lessons to be learnt, experiences to be savoured, things to be forgotten, people to be forgiven, and still, blessings to be counted. 

"there's always two ways of looking at any situation.
 well, you can either focus on the bad or choose to see the good." 
- think that's gonna be my new mantra going forward. out with the negativity!

in the meantime, can't wait for the onslaught of year-end parties to come.
have a good week ahead y'all!



Anonymous said...

The floral pants and the booties are nice!! Would you be kind enough to share where you purchase them from?? :)))

missypixie said...

anon1: sure thing! booties are from charles&keith and both floral pants are from h&m!

Anonymous said...

Hi is tammi white launched?

missypixie said...

anon2: yup its already launched! comes in pink and navy too :)