Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Trendspotting: Oxblood

before another post about my boring life i thought i'd continue with our newfound addition to the blog - 
trend reports! 

as most would know, The season's hottest hue now is Oxblood. 
when i first heard it i thought it meant the blood of an Ox, which is... well, probably just a shade of red i've never seen before but i now see on every trend item. holy cow i was wrong! (excuse the bad pun)
it actually refers to "Oxygenated blood", the colour when blood is exposed to air and turns into a deep dark red, slightly close to brown. bet you never knew?!
okay maybe im just the only uninformed one here :(

anyhow, i am (slightly) proud to say that we've always been a fan of this colour! look!
i mean, we call it Wine, Burgundy, but it actually is really close to Oxblood la ;)

some other super yummy Oxblood items i found online:

super tempted to get my nails done in this colour for year-end parties!

and here's a set that i would totally wear! super me. 

one of my favourite fashion bloggers, Chriselle, rocking this trend:

photo credits:

and here's how i'd pair one of our items, Lila Wine accordion pleat skirt: 

if you don't already know, i'm not a very feminine dresser so i'd definitely throw on a faux leather jacket to toughen up this skirt! plus booties, which i lovvveee. i've recently got myself one of 'em jackets and had hoped i would wear it everywhere but the stupid erratic singapore weather is saying no :(

anyhow, do look out for more items in Oxblood on our site - till then!



Anonymous said...

i think i know who did this post, when i read "not a very feminine dresser" ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi dear! Can you please do a backorder for the Julyn Maxi in wine! It's really a gorgeous piece!

Anonymous said...

hi kelly! what size do you wear for the reese shorts? did you keep it?

Anonymous said...

hi babe, now you charge $1.50 per normal postage? previously it was FOC.

missypixie said...

anon1: so smart you! i forgot to sign off, heehee!

anon2: hi dear i think its still available at some of the KissJane outlets! go check it out? ;)

anon3: there's only one size and kelly didn't keep it as she has a similar one!

anon4: hi dear, we didn't have FOC postage then - we included the postage in the prices :) now that Singpost has increased its rates, we find that it is better reflected on its own. $1.50 for normal postage is the standard rate for all online stores by the way! hope this helps! :))