Monday, January 28, 2013

all that buzz.

i... have been cooped up at home of late.
the lunar new year period spells B-U-S-Y for us in the retail industry; we've been launching more designs and at a more frequent rate in the weeks leading up to the festivities!
and if you don't already know, i'm in charge of the creatives at missypixie so it means tonnes and tonnes of artwork to be done - from lookbooks to previews to landing pages and thumbnails on site - can't even recall the last time i switched on my lappie without launching photoshop :(
plus, my gelish nails look like crap 'cos i haven't had the time to sit at a salon to get it fixed. ughhhh..

but i do hope our efforts are paying off! 

are you girls enjoying our lunar collections so far? (crossing my fingers you all are!) 
this year, we didn't specifically make any designs super oriental nor traditionally mandarin because we believe in the 'wearability' of apparels! ie. we want you girls to be able to still wear our items after the festivities are over! so we made do with the use of lace, florals, chiffon, reds, etc, on more feminine silhouettes instead.. how's this working out?
 if you girls really prefer to don cheongsam-inspired wear instead, feel free to let us know!
there's always the next lunar year for us to improve on ;)

anyhow, i really don't have much to show for these couple of weeks :( 
so here's some really backdated outfits plus pathetic snippets of what i've been up to!

me. huge fan of polka dots. 
have 'em on phone covers, note pads, pens, caps, and also on my body.

wanted to wear my cotton corset but am tired of pairing it with high waisted bottoms so i wore it underneath my dungarees instead! 

conquering a rainy day with bright florals and a colorful brolly.

tried my hand at banana-nutella muffins but didn't manage to get ripe-til-almost-rotten bananas from the supermarket.. so the said fruit taste wasn't strong enough. am gonna try this again til i perfect it!

accompanied the boy to his first studio shoot! he's giving workout tips on CLEO in his capacity as a personal trainer so be sure to spot him in April's issue :))

he's been training me really hard these days via crossfit seshs at the park.. and we've been doing twice to thrice a week runs round his estate. groans. im sure my muscles are building up... somewhere?!

one of 'em solo runs. 

took the night off to catch FIR in concert, thanks to free tix from a media buddy!
had fun waving lightsticks in the boy's face and sang til my voice was hoarse.

family BBQ over the weekend! its been a long time since i've went to any of these gatherings and im glad i did! 

bestest buncha fun-loving cuzzies :)

that said, eating healthy will start TOMORROW!
it always starts tomorrow, isn't it? hahaha. imma gonna make me some awesome wraps for breakfast!
or will i? follow me at @druggedreams to find out ;)

in other news.. we will be doing another mid-week launch this week so stay tuned to the preview on our Facebook page! now now, back to work.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The 'D' word

Its January and everyone is busy making resolutions.
Or detox-ing.
Which is not a bad idea because of all the feasting from
Christmas to New Year's Eve and onwards to my HK trip,
I came back to SG disoriented and sluggish.
I also occasionally can't get to sleep well
and everyone would know how a bad night of sleep
makes you look the next day :(
Plus ever since the wedding a year ago,
I have been kinda neglecting my skin care
(cos my previous dresser table was actually a hole in a cupboard,
and I left all my SK2 masks over at my mum's place)
Excuses, really.
I was just lazy.

So onwards to the new year, and group chats of how tired we feel
when staying up for MJ late at night,
fine lines appearing under our eyes (HORRORS)
sluggish body systems and everything bad,
I decided to detox.
The best I can.
I am pretty interested in a juice detox
(not to lose weight cos I know thats just temporary)
but because juicing should be easier than cooking boiled salmon
and I don't really want to try pre-packed detox kits
cos I am slightly dubious of what's in them. Haha.
So in the meantime, while I am checking with my bestie aka Google
about doing a juice fast,
I have been trying to go to the gym more often.
Neglected most of my workouts in Dec cos of the move-in
and Sundays are SUCH good days to lump around in front of the TV,
but the past week, I actually woke up at 745am for a hot yoga class
(which i haven done in a long long while)
and I felt great after.
This is the thing about exercise.
It feels like crap to get there and do it,
but it always feels amazing when you are done.
Since I read that sweating it out in a sauna is also one step of detox-ing,
and I don't fancy sitting still like a steamed fish,
I will just go to more hot yoga classes then. :)

Have also been consciously trying to eat better
(sharms, that Macs meal was....a lapse. HAHA)

I knew I wanted hard-boiled eggs for breakfast
but eating just that alone was sad so I searched the fridge
and unearthed the only other healthy food - edamame.
I know its weird but there is protein, fibre and no carbs
so it works!

have been snacking a WHOLE load more on chips
since the move to the new house cos previously
I would try to look demure and not snack after dinner
at my MIL's place. Haha.
Really wanted chips after dinner yesterday but substituted it
with cherries (which was on sale! #ahjummatheart )
Little acts do add up :)

its a luxury to have breakfasts at home
so whenever I have the time, I try to put in more effort.
(then YC complains how come all he gets is a banana)

And making small changes to my life like..
cleaning my make-up brushes more regularly.
If you are the kind of girl who cleans her brushes after every use
or once a week or once every 10 days,
I say, way to go babe!!
I used to not clean my brushes til...6 months later.
If I remembered.
Mainly cos I was previously using baby shampoo and water
and it always took so long cos the gunk from the brushes never washes out cleanly,
it doesn't soap up well, blah blah etc.
Then I had a revelation.
I Google-d.
And here is my answer.

She has a really fancy way of drying her brushes but cos
I do not have brush guards so here is my method:

Just remember to shape your brushes slightly before you leave them to dry!

Here's to better skin peeps!

much love,

Thursday, January 17, 2013

i like it this way

am super bogged with work this particular week
after flying in & out of SG for leisure/business trips
but I am happy.
I like working. I am a secret workaholic.

Haven't had the chance to update in a long while,
cos I kept telling myself to blog,
but kept finding other stuff to do. Erps.
I am active on Instagram though so if you are on it,
just check me out on @passionade and Sharms (@druggedreams) while you are at it!
And therefore, here comes the looooong post of pictorial updates
cos I need to rush for work soon and no time for word-y posts!

had some time to play around with outfits in this 2 weeks
(plus i popped over to HK for a short trip, so yay! winter wear!)

desperately wanted to carry this cute lil' bag of mine
and came up with this black/white outfit just so everyone would
look at cute lil' bag of mine. :)

picture of said cute lil' bag.
YC hates it but i think its adorable.

more of the bag :)

my fail-proof outfit combi.

then its off to 14 degrees weather. Love.

wished i had more days there but I think I gained weight
from all the feasting these past few weeks.
-inserts wide-eyed emoticon-
hello, #foodporn

it started off with healthy breakfasts...

then I did a Jap cookout.

I. Made. Maki.
From. Scratch.
It's kinda chubby but I don't care. I MADE IT.

and cos it was Jap-themed, we had to have fishy ice cream :)

Also checked out Saveur with Mella.

their angel hair pasta looks funny but tastes great.

to be honest, try the duck confit and stick with it.

eat, fat, dies.

probably gained 2 kg from the suckling pig's fat.

best, ever.

and continued eating from HK to BKK. Haha.

I really need to detox a little.
My body is screwed from too little sleep, too much good food
and no exercise. :(

anyway, I stayed at Galaxy Macau when I was there
and it had the most amazing service and view to boot.

all these see-through toilets are fine when you are a couple
but what happens when you are with friends?!

they paid so much attention to small details,
their toiletries boxes were arranged to form the outline of the hotel.

lastly, i thought these were pretty cute but then,
YC had to go point it out and now...
they look like phallic symbols. -.-

and because the trip was wonderful
and we were celebrating one year of being Mr & Mrs
(i know, its incredibly fast!)

we got something to remember it by :)

much love,

Sunday, January 13, 2013

and my wasted heart will love you.

im baccccck!
spent my first overseas countdown ever in one of my favourite countries :)
glad i got to experience it by myself after hearing so much from other people and admiring the 101 fireworks from the telly screen every year. and amidst all the crowd jostling, crazily low temperatures, and the neverending walk after the countdown to get a cab back to our hotel - i wouldn't trade this experience for anything else!

checked in after touching down in the afternoon. hotel prices are mad high on new year's eve so if you are planning a countdown trip next time, please book wayyyy in advance!
i didn't so now i'm kinda broke :( hahaha.

anyhow, the only outfit shot throughout the entire trip -  first time wearing 3 thick layers in this country!

grabbed a quick bite at this awesome jap place in ximending called Mei Guan Yuan.
sashimi's one of the best we've ever had! 

and headed to the concert at taipei 101!
we reached there at about 8pm and it was already sooooo crowded. rumours are that people started queueing to get into the event grounds the previous day. madness! 
well, at least we managed to squeeze to somewhere where we could watch the concert from the big screen?! 

more of the noteworthy performers like Shin and A-Lin,

and Aaron Kwok doing his thang!
i think he was singing the classic "Dui Ni Ai Ai Ai Bu Wan..."
and the crowd went bonkers at that point in time, hahaha.

and there'd be random small fireworks and confetti bombs after every few performances :)

one more hour till the countdown!
by then my legs were actually super sore already but i had to hang in there no matter what ;(

the only shot we managed because there was simply NO SPACE for phototaking.
and yes, i tend to do sillier things in other countries like buying a plastic ribbon headgear with running lights and wearing it just because. heh.

and then the moment came! 

we went so trigger happy, we didn't even wish each other happy new year until the whole thingamajig was over. haha.

the rest of the trip was spent in a blur - we'd sleep in, wake up, get our bubbletea fix, shop, check out cafes, shop some more, hit the night markets, sing ktv till wee hours of the morn, queue for supper, wait for the shutters of the tauhuey place to open for breakfast, and the cycle continues. sloth-like vacay; i like.

and in all randomness, we also dyed our hair there! service was fab and it only cost me sgd60! woots!

finally made a trip down to keelung! 

food, food, and more food.

nothing quite like the best lu rou fan ever to kickstart the day.

went back to hello kitty restaurant after two years! but this time the food really sucked.
i like you kitty, but i don't think i'll ever visit your restaurant again.

also checked out one of jay chou's cafe which was every bit disappointing. 
just pictures of his album covers on the walls,

and a piano from an MTV i have never seen.

had to ask the waitress which MTV it was, haha. and when she told me it was 琴伤 i was like HUH?!
turns out its from his latest album which i have yet to get myself acquainted with.. chey.
should have checked out the other outlet instead :(

anyway, hope you girls had a fantastic start to the year like i did!
and do stay tuned to us as we launch our CNY designs real soon - catch updates on our Facebook fan page or on our respective instagram accounts at @druggedreams or @passionade! 

time for hot yoga now... out!