Thursday, January 17, 2013

i like it this way

am super bogged with work this particular week
after flying in & out of SG for leisure/business trips
but I am happy.
I like working. I am a secret workaholic.

Haven't had the chance to update in a long while,
cos I kept telling myself to blog,
but kept finding other stuff to do. Erps.
I am active on Instagram though so if you are on it,
just check me out on @passionade and Sharms (@druggedreams) while you are at it!
And therefore, here comes the looooong post of pictorial updates
cos I need to rush for work soon and no time for word-y posts!

had some time to play around with outfits in this 2 weeks
(plus i popped over to HK for a short trip, so yay! winter wear!)

desperately wanted to carry this cute lil' bag of mine
and came up with this black/white outfit just so everyone would
look at cute lil' bag of mine. :)

picture of said cute lil' bag.
YC hates it but i think its adorable.

more of the bag :)

my fail-proof outfit combi.

then its off to 14 degrees weather. Love.

wished i had more days there but I think I gained weight
from all the feasting these past few weeks.
-inserts wide-eyed emoticon-
hello, #foodporn

it started off with healthy breakfasts...

then I did a Jap cookout.

I. Made. Maki.
From. Scratch.
It's kinda chubby but I don't care. I MADE IT.

and cos it was Jap-themed, we had to have fishy ice cream :)

Also checked out Saveur with Mella.

their angel hair pasta looks funny but tastes great.

to be honest, try the duck confit and stick with it.

eat, fat, dies.

probably gained 2 kg from the suckling pig's fat.

best, ever.

and continued eating from HK to BKK. Haha.

I really need to detox a little.
My body is screwed from too little sleep, too much good food
and no exercise. :(

anyway, I stayed at Galaxy Macau when I was there
and it had the most amazing service and view to boot.

all these see-through toilets are fine when you are a couple
but what happens when you are with friends?!

they paid so much attention to small details,
their toiletries boxes were arranged to form the outline of the hotel.

lastly, i thought these were pretty cute but then,
YC had to go point it out and now...
they look like phallic symbols. -.-

and because the trip was wonderful
and we were celebrating one year of being Mr & Mrs
(i know, its incredibly fast!)

we got something to remember it by :)

much love,


Anonymous said...

I really like the cobalt blue small bag hitch u said ur friend gave it to u. Mind asking whr she got it from? Thank u so much!

lynn said...


missypixie said...

anon: hello! she got it from China! :(

lynn: revealed! on insta. haha.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm planning a trip to Paris with my mom in March, d'you mind sharing your itinerary and details of the climate and culture there? Because I think I remembered reading that you went Paris for your honeymoon somewhere in April! Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! For the third picture (all back outfit romper?) where did you get it from? It is very nice! :)

missypixie said...

anon: hello! its not a romper actually, haha. Its a black top and black shorts :)

Anonymous said...

tara top same cutting a mira? :)

missypixie said...

anon: not exactly! TARA is fitted through out while MIA has a flare bottom cutting :) both are different material as well!

Anonymous said...

where's the boots from? love it

Anonymous said...

Hi MP! Do consider bringing in Sophia Maxi in more colours? :)

missypixie said...

boots are from Taiwan when I went there previously :)

hmm, will see if there are nice colours! red is nice too, haha.

unknown said...

hi..u r getting prettier n prettier.
may i know where did you get the black shorts from?
will u launch it on ur website?maybe cn bring in oclors like navy blue..

missypixie said...

thank you! I cant remember if i got it from MP or BKK, haha. Yup, we are making paperbag shorts for post CNY launch!