Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The 'D' word

Its January and everyone is busy making resolutions.
Or detox-ing.
Which is not a bad idea because of all the feasting from
Christmas to New Year's Eve and onwards to my HK trip,
I came back to SG disoriented and sluggish.
I also occasionally can't get to sleep well
and everyone would know how a bad night of sleep
makes you look the next day :(
Plus ever since the wedding a year ago,
I have been kinda neglecting my skin care
(cos my previous dresser table was actually a hole in a cupboard,
and I left all my SK2 masks over at my mum's place)
Excuses, really.
I was just lazy.

So onwards to the new year, and group chats of how tired we feel
when staying up for MJ late at night,
fine lines appearing under our eyes (HORRORS)
sluggish body systems and everything bad,
I decided to detox.
The best I can.
I am pretty interested in a juice detox
(not to lose weight cos I know thats just temporary)
but because juicing should be easier than cooking boiled salmon
and I don't really want to try pre-packed detox kits
cos I am slightly dubious of what's in them. Haha.
So in the meantime, while I am checking with my bestie aka Google
about doing a juice fast,
I have been trying to go to the gym more often.
Neglected most of my workouts in Dec cos of the move-in
and Sundays are SUCH good days to lump around in front of the TV,
but the past week, I actually woke up at 745am for a hot yoga class
(which i haven done in a long long while)
and I felt great after.
This is the thing about exercise.
It feels like crap to get there and do it,
but it always feels amazing when you are done.
Since I read that sweating it out in a sauna is also one step of detox-ing,
and I don't fancy sitting still like a steamed fish,
I will just go to more hot yoga classes then. :)

Have also been consciously trying to eat better
(sharms, that Macs meal was....a lapse. HAHA)

I knew I wanted hard-boiled eggs for breakfast
but eating just that alone was sad so I searched the fridge
and unearthed the only other healthy food - edamame.
I know its weird but there is protein, fibre and no carbs
so it works!

have been snacking a WHOLE load more on chips
since the move to the new house cos previously
I would try to look demure and not snack after dinner
at my MIL's place. Haha.
Really wanted chips after dinner yesterday but substituted it
with cherries (which was on sale! #ahjummatheart )
Little acts do add up :)

its a luxury to have breakfasts at home
so whenever I have the time, I try to put in more effort.
(then YC complains how come all he gets is a banana)

And making small changes to my life like..
cleaning my make-up brushes more regularly.
If you are the kind of girl who cleans her brushes after every use
or once a week or once every 10 days,
I say, way to go babe!!
I used to not clean my brushes til...6 months later.
If I remembered.
Mainly cos I was previously using baby shampoo and water
and it always took so long cos the gunk from the brushes never washes out cleanly,
it doesn't soap up well, blah blah etc.
Then I had a revelation.
I Google-d.
And here is my answer.

She has a really fancy way of drying her brushes but cos
I do not have brush guards so here is my method:

Just remember to shape your brushes slightly before you leave them to dry!

Here's to better skin peeps!

much love,


Anonymous said...

Hi any upcoming oxblood rompers, or cap-sleeved cream lace dresses? like the one Christina Perri wore in her MV. or maybe can consider manufacturing ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi! RHONDA MAXI is gorgeous however would you all be considering to bring it in black?

Will there by anymore maxi coming up from now till March?

Am keeping a look out on maxi! :)

missypixie said...

anon1: hello! no upcoming rompers til after CNY nor any cap-sleeved lace dresses :( we have this gorgeous lace panel skater though, would that help? haha

anon2: oh no, it doesn't even come in black! yup, another 2 more maxis before CNY and more after!

Anonymous said...

Hello ! :)For Davina lace fitted dress.. S size seems to be a little tight on one of the model.. im also uk8 so am wondering if i were to take M.. will it be too loose instead? thanks !

missypixie said...

hello! I am a UK8 and I would take S though it is more fitting because I tried M and it looked loose on me :) but if you are UK8-10 or have bigger assets (which i sadly dont, haha) you can consider taking M!