Tuesday, January 1, 2013

twenty 13.

HAPPY NEW YEAR peeps!!! :)
feeling super efficient this morning
so I woke up specially to blog.
Plus post my whole backlog of pics from xmas til now. Oops.
If you are on my instagram (@passionade)
you would probably have seen them already!

But maybe cos its the first morning of the new year,
its kinda too early for my annual reflections.
Plus everyone is going on and on about how 2012 was for them,
and how they want/think 2013 is going to be.
Such heavy matters, another day perhaps?

here is #outfitoftheday photo log!

finally, FI-NAH-LEE bought a pair of burgundy edit: oxblood pants
(cos google defined this colour as such)
I am really loving this colour and its versatility.
can't wait to wear it with white, grey, nude and navy tops :)

and here by starts my theme of the week: embellishments.
Its Christmas! Everything is supposed to be sparkly!
So wearing an old MP dress as a top
(yes, i do like to push my clothes to their limits, haha)
and another old MP cobalt bottom.

the next day for a Christmas BBQ.
I didn't want to wear the usual tank top and denim shorts
so I substituted with a nice sparkly sleeveless top - KERSIE NAVY
(in case it gets too hot, but ironically, it rained.)

and for brunch outdoors, here comes another nice sleeveless top
and embellished shorts!
Hereby, I conclude the showcase of all sparkly items in my wardrobe.

such pretty details :)

took ages to conjure up this outfit cos i was heading for a buffet
and I was telling my friend that buffets are tricky to dress for.
Nothing tight or belted cos you just can't eat.
Nothing too long and cumbersome cos it involves walking about.
So i settled for a slouchy old MP top and printed skirt cos...
prints distract belly size. Heh.

Surprisingly, didn't head out much this 2 weeks.
have been spending loads of time at home on the special days
(like xmas eve and NYE)
eating in, with our beloved telly and lumping around on our sofa.

This is what I see when I lump around on sofa:

and random #foodporn pics.

Omo, this is one of those collegen drenched soup.
Actually..its just collegen with stuff floating around in it.
Its soooooo good I want to have it every month.
(and it pays to have an elder sister cos she picks up the bill.)

went to Coastal Settlement for brunch and their smoked salmon bagel
is overflowing with smoked salmon.
Its like smoked salmon, with bagels as an afterthought.

also, happily baked for YC's colleagues for Christmas.
Santa hat brownies!

wanted to make strawberry cupcakes.

but my frosting failed, i ran out of butter AND sugar,
and i figure, its healthier without frosting. Heh.

and on a whim, did cornflake cookies.

and lastly, Christmas should be about...
Close friends & Chanel :)

15 years of friendship, wooots!

wishing everyone a happy new year
and that this year would be greater than the last!

much love,


Anonymous said...

Hi kelly,

Any chance of relaunching the embellished shorts? :)


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the pair of burgundy pants from? look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hi, is the burgundy (or oxblood) pants and peplum top an upcoming piece?

Anonymous said...

there is a difference between burgundy and oxblood. maybe you should read up before saying something like " although this season it would be updated to oxblood". now it feels like you're trying to be fashion forward but it definitely backfired. its not even a replacement word, because they represent 2 different shades of colors. FYI.

missypixie said...

Selina: sorry! that pair of shorts was a personal buy :)

anon1/ anon2: got it from Mango! we already launched the peplum top, it was called JOANN and should be sold out online :)

anon3: ahh, i think you were mistaken. The reason why I said it should be updated to oxblood is because that is the 'in' colour this season. However, I have been wanting a pair of burgundy pants since last year so I said I finally got a pair of burgundy ones, even though I should have gotten oxblood ones cos they would be trendier. Although, now thanks to google, i think my pants are actually oxblood instead of burgundy. Haha.

Anonymous said...

can you bring back the JOANN peplum top again? happy 2013! :)

Anonymous said...

Where's the embellished shorts from? :)

Anonymous said...

Where you got the burgundy color bag from? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, can i know where do u usually go for haircuts and stuff? Bad hair days doesnt seems to be in your dictionary. U have nice hair :)

Anonymous said...

H where you bought your ox blood bag from?

missypixie said...

anon4: sorry we wont be doing that again :(

anon5: it was from a random store in BKK!

anon7/anon9: I am not sure which bag you are referring to but if its the one with all the embellished items, its actually brown. Haha. I got it from BKK as well :)

Charmaine: you are so kind!!! really made my day, muahahahhaa. I do my hair at NEX supercuts. :)

fl said...

i'll be going to bkk in march. anywhere that is a must visit? where do you always visit for shopping in bkk? love all your bkk buys! (maybe you can do a blog post on it haha if time permits?)

missypixie said...

fl: you have to go platinum mall! and I like to visit the street stalls opposite Siam Paragon at night cos there might be nice stuff :) I don't usually shop at their malls like Central World or MBK, I mostly go there for food. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

hi babe where did u get ur hair cut at? it looks really good on u! and I saw a nice cobalt small bag at it instagram! where is it from? I really like it! Thanks!

missypixie said...

Thanks! I do my hair at NEX Supercuts :) the bag is a gift from a friend!

Anonymous said...

Please do a Bo for shanice!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know where the top which you were wearing the burgundy/oxblood pants is from?
Thanks! :)

missypixie said...

anon: will check about SHANICE 's BO :)

anon: the top was from missypixie but its all sold out! If it helps, it was called JOANN :)

Anonymous said...

Hopefully there's BO for Shanice! Such a classy piece. Muacks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wanted to ask your opinion on how would you pair the Enna shoes from your store.

missypixie said...

anon: hi! i would wear them with anything! skinnies, shorts or even floral dresses cos i think metallic shoes sets off florals really well. Instead of opting for the usual nude ballet flats, you can try these metallic loafers with a floral flirty dress or flare skirt so you won't look too predictable and girly :) hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

which mango outlet did u got your pants from? I went to the one at 313, it seems like they do not have this color anymore :(

missypixie said...

anon: i got mine from the tamp maill outlet but i think its all sold out cos I don't see it there anymore either :(