Tuesday, February 19, 2013

get set... go!

how was your CNY? 
mine was nothing short of tons of feasting, gatherings with close friends and family, and loads of gambling :x

got myself into the festive mood a few days before CNY itself by donning prints and brights!

and got my nails done in a super girly fashion; totally not me and im itching to remove it soon, haha.

day one's outfit,

day two's details,

and finally day four's.

spent the third day out and about with the boy - brunch at one of our favourite haunts, a visit to the cloud forest, then river angpow thereafter :)

finally, some western food after days of chinese cuisine!

didn't manage to take much pictures at the garden because it was sooo crowded and the water mist was everywhere and i was too busy avoiding puddles :(

fourth day was spent nannying my 5-year-old niece while the rest of the cousins were busy with mahjong (pffffft) and she FINALLY warmed up to me and let me play masak-masak with her! 

a kitchen set with stoves that can light up and a washing area; carrots and eggs stuck together by velcro so you can 'cut' them up with your knife on a plastic chopping board and a hello kitty toaster!! don't get me started on her sushi set and rice cooker. 
oh gosh i so want her toys for myself!!! my inner child went abit mad, i kid you not. 

her MLP collection. aaaaaahhhhhhh!!

aside, managed to squeeze some time for a farewell dinner with sue, who has since moved to shanghai! :(
went to mozza pizzeria at the girl's request and it was as fab as i remember it to be. 

you're gonna have a blast there best emo friend! can't wait to visit you in SH soooon :)))

randomly, made sandwiches for the boy in exchange for a new ipod touch for Vday, yay!

and with that, concludes my week-long holiday. its gonna be back to the daily grind tomorrow but i'm not complaining - so looking forward to sketching out the year's plans for missypixie, setting new goals and targets, and bringing her to new heights this year. 

let's go!



Anonymous said...

may i know where is the black and white pants from?

Anonymous said...

hi may i know where u got the printed bottom from the day two details picture? tia! (:

Anonymous said...

Hello dear will you be releasing Any of the nautical prints dress in navy? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! May I know where did you get your polka dots bustier top from? Cute!

missypixie said...

anon1: pants are from zara!

anon2: the printed shorts are from zara too! :)

anon3: we have already released Polly Navy but it got snapped up rightaway :(

anon4: its from forevernew but i got it quite some time ago! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! May I know where did u get ur cny day 1 dress from? Thanks! (:

Anonymous said...

could you bring in sweatshirts?

Anonymous said...

hi! Was just wondering why MP needs so many models? As other blogshops the most just have 2 whereas now MP has 4.

missypixie said...

anon5: its an old design from missypixie!

anon6: what kind of sweatshirts? the hoodie kind?? we usually try to bring in lighter knits because SG's sooo hot! :(

anon7: hi dear! our models all have their own full-time jobs and studies so sometimes it is hard to co-ordinate their schedules with shoots so we have to have a few to rotate around with :) hope this explains!

Anonymous said...

Bringing chunky knit sweater few entries below back?:)

Anonymous said...

Will you play masek masek with me too, hammie? I will make you "eggs+toast and coffee", and clean up the "kitchen" too.

When we grow up, can we go to mozza pizzeria, please?

Missing you dearly, XOXO

Anonymous said...

Hi there! For your latest collection. The model who is wearing Zaria wine, may i know if the tweed shorts she's wearing is an upcoming piece? :)

Anonymous said...

yeap! knits/ pullover (:

missypixie said...

anon8/anon10: okay we will source for those! :)

anon9: hi dear the tweed shorts was sold on missypixie last year and its all sold out! :(

bambi: you silly girl, anytime! buzz me!