Thursday, February 28, 2013

sweet as sugar and everything nice

Been a while since I posted cos I was recovering from post CNY binge
and suffered a mild scare last week
when I had a sudden breakout and tiny bumps appeared out of nowhere
all over my face.
It was red, patchy and itchy and I google-d til I went mad
but couldn't find out what triggered it off.
So i stayed off nuts, CNY goodies, sugar,
washed my makeup brushes and drank loads of veg juices.
It finally went away this week and I still don't know what was the cause.
So this is what happens when you get older.

Meanwhile, I am sitting here with a face mask on,
multi-tasking while blogging.
(but still sleeping late. UGH)

some outfits of the past week:

I would usually opt for a flare maxi skirt
but when I saw this side slit maxi sample, I knew I wanted it.
Its hard to explain but when you have been working with clothes for a long time,
and you fall instantly for one,
you know you have to get it. Haha.

in between fretting about my skin and starting work,
I squeezed in a day out with my parents.
This is my version of lazy dressing.
Comfy top & shorts with fab shoes, bags and accessories.
Really glam-ed things up.

and then it was back to work Tuesday.
It doesn't show here but my paperbag shorts were navy
cos I was going for a blue tuesday look.
(okay, not working)

and my fav outfit of the week!!
ZARIA racer tank with my first pair of printed pants.
I realised I am a safe dresser cos I usually buy prints in black&white first
before branching out into scarier bolder ones.
Deliberately accessorized with coral heels + clutch
and mad happy when someone spotted it on Instagram.
You totally got my drift babe.

finally wore my SABBIE dress in cream for bday dinner with YC.
It was a quiet affair at The White Rabbit
with no photos cos lighting was really dim
and everything just looked...dark.
The food was decent, albeit a bit too salty
but the pork collar was heavenly.
Would go back there just for it, really.

and today's outfit in our upcoming boat neck midi!
its really gorgeous in real life, super easy to wear,
just throw it on and choose a belt to jazz it up.
Plus it has this low U-back detail that I am crazy about these days.
I can't really capture the colour here but its a cheery emerald green
so imagine how it would pop with a cobalt or yellow belt :)

and because I finally got to try some yummy stuff this week,
here are some foodie pics!

made pancakes for YC. I really wanted to do Hello Kitty ones
but I was afraid he might kill me.
Sidenote, I really need a smaller pan.
I was frying these in my 28cm frying pan. It was crazy.

My supplier gave us Tokyo Banana!
At the risk of sounding sad, it was my first time trying them.
I thought the "leopard spots" were too cute :)

finally tried the shiok maki from Koh Grill and Sushi
after seeing it countless times on my insta feed.
Maybe it was just me but I find that with so many good stuff in one bite,
i can't really differentiate the flavors and taste them.
But as agreed by all friends, its instagram-ability is very high. Haha.

and parma ham pizza which looked wonderful but..
pity I am not a fan of parma ham.
Or truffle. Or foie gras.
I have lousy taste buds. :(

Lastly, something funny to share:

Here are 27 signs that you are addicted to Instagram.

1. You choose your outfits in the morning based on how they will look after filtering.

2. If you didn’t upload it, you didn’t eat it.

3. If you didn’t snap a #mirrorshot #selfie, you didn’t wear it.

4. You’ve started to view the world exclusively in squares.

5. Accordingly, rectangular photos on social media now look positively amateur.

6. In bed, after you turn out the light, you give Instagram one last refresh, just to make sure you’re caught up.

7. You find yourself frequently reviewing your own Instagram stream critically to assess what other people might think of you, based on your most recent photos.

8. You’re extremely judgmental of the filter choices of others. (“Kelvin? With the frame?!”)

9. You say things like “Hold on – I need to Insta this really quick,” more than once a day.

10. You consider anything less than double-digit likes a failed photo, and delete it.

11. You obsess over your statistics on a daily basis, especially lost followers and your “most liked” photos.

12. You’re an app purist – and frown upon using photos uploaded from the web instead of taken with your iPhone.

13. The hashtag(s) for your image is of utmost importance #nofilter #OOTD #throwbackthursday #latergram

14. You have the use of “tilt focus” down to a science.

15. You’ve read all of IFB’s Instagram posts.

16. 90 percent of the reason you even have a smart phone is so you can use Instagram.

17. You pre-edit your Instagram photos with other apps to maximize their impact.

18. You’re envious of dog and cat owners, purely because of the photo ops.

19. You can’t understand why in the world anyone would have a Blackberry.

20. Choosing the right filter is the most agonizing six minutes of your day.

21. You can’t remember the last evening you didn’t take a photo of the sunset.

22. More than a few times, you’ve chosen your shoes, your manicure, your coffee shop or your route to work based on it’s “Instagramability.”

23. You consider your ratio of followers to follows to be one of your greatest accomplishments in social media.

24. A loss of 3G (or 4G if you’re fancy) connectivity without a wifi network nearby is reason enough to leave a party, boutique, restaurant, wedding, concert, or baby shower.

25. You have serious opinions about people’s wedding hashtags, and might already know what yours will be.

26. Instagram stalking is your new Facebook creeping, and you’re obsessive with your “clear search history” maintenance.

27. You’ve turned down a potential romantic partner because of their sub-standard Instagram photos.

It's worrying how many I can identify with.

much love,


Anonymous said...

do u still have the cream sabrie dress for sale?

Anonymous said...

hi babe, will you be doing a backorder for the zaria tank? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi where did u get ur black highwaist shorts? (the one with 2 zips in front) tks

Anonymous said...

Hi there! May I know where did you get your sandals (wore with side slit maxi skirt) from? Love it! :) Will the maxi skirt be launched soon in missypixie? :)

Deborah said...

fang katie? hehehe i get super happy when she likes mine too! :P

Anonymous said...

may i know where did you get your top, necklace and shorts in the second outfit? oh the coral shoes too?

her said...

Hi dear! May i know where you got your printed pants from? Its lovely! and cant wait for you guys to launch the emerald green midi! love it!

missypixie said...

anon1: sorry its all sold out in cream! we only have it in pink, purple and coral left :)

anon2: yup, we will be doing a backorder for it. Waiting for supplier to confirm when will the factories re-open!

anon3: got it from F21, but the bangkok branch, haha.

missypixie said...

anon4: sandals are from charles & keith. We will launch the skirt once the stocks arrive! look out for it ok?

Deborah: hmmm? you are referring to what ah? haha.

anon4: top is from mango, necklace from my supplier and shorts from F21.

her: printed pants are from cotton on! launching it this sunday, comes in really happy colours!

Anonymous said...

what colors are there for the upcoming midi? :)

Anonymous said...

what colors are there for the upcoming midi? :)

Anonymous said...

where are the coral heels from?

Anonymous said...

I like the necklace from your supplier! Ever considered bringing it in?:)

Anonymous said...

bring in that necklace plzzz

missypixie said...

Anon5: colours for the midi dress is up on our Facebook preview! Check it out at www.facebook,com/shopmissypixie :)

Anon6: heels are from charles&keith.

Anon7/8: will check if she still has it!

Anonymous said...

Will you still wear crochet shorts or do you consider it out of trend alr? Not sure if it's too late to buy now!:(

Anonymous said...

May I know where you get your black flats that has a thin ankle strap pls?:) So cute!

Anonymous said...

hello! do bring in the necklace paired with the zaria white tank :) it's pretty!

missypixie said...

anon9: yup i would! its back to spring/summer (and anyway, its forever spring/summer in SG) so the crochet details would still look good :)

anon10: got it from BKK!

anon11: the necklace is from topshop actually,haha