Tuesday, March 26, 2013

keep calm and keep shopping

It has become a routine.
I always shop more post-CNY, in the first half of the year.
I blame Zara's Spring/Summer goodies
and everything floral and printed out there.
Have been kept busy at work looking for
new designs (especially rompers cos of sneaky personal preferences, haha)
a new office space,
lookbook venues and everything else.
Hence, when the going gets tough,
the tough goes shopping.

Some of my recent buys the past few weeks
(plus I have at least another 6 more new outfits unworn,
tags in place, lying somewhere in their paper bags still.

First up, what I wore to The Line buffet dinner.
Dressing for a buffet is always tricky.
Nothing tight, no belts, no long maxis.
I find slightly loose shorts very practical.
Plus, I always have a thing for stripes and red going together :)
(I am sorry the Instagram filter makes my knees look grubby,
I swear they are cleaner in real life. Heh)

And then I was channeling my inner school girl one day,
which also happened to be the day I emptied this whole bottle of water
inside my bag and soaked my ipad, phone and wallet.
All of them.

It must have started a whole chain of bad luck
cos I somehow got bitten by sandflies and
my ankles looked really scary.
I would have posted pics of them
if not for YC begging me to stop going around showing everyone the photos
and grossing them out.
(sorry Mella. HAHAHHAHAHA)

which also brought me back to why I wore a maxi.
I really dress according to the occasion.
Or situation, depending on how you look at it.
am embracing cut-outs this season (yes! I have changed my style!)
so expect more daring stuff over at MP.

And cos I felt guilty for not wearing my new stuff,
here is my new Zara striped skirt.
I know, I know.
I need to stop buying anymore striped stuff.

lastly, I really wanted to wear these heels again
plus I haven worn jeans in ages,
so here is my dress-down day.
White & denim ranks pretty high on my fail proof outfit list :)

Introduced ruby-pier.com to Sharms and Mella
and we all happily bought new trinkets!

the cross bracelet is probably more me BUT
am changing my style, so i got the prism necklace too.
Its crazily affordable, just $10 SGD each?!

I just spotted this infinity ring on their site that I really want.
But its a mid ring, which forever makes me feel like I might lose it,
so if its your kinda thing, please go ahead. :(

Lastly, received my first Trove from Vanity Trove
and nothing beats getting a parcel sent straight to your doorstep!

some beauty god up there must have heard my whines
(cos i turned 3 shades darker post Montigo)
and sent me some Elizabeth Arden Whitening products for the month!
If you haven't already heard,
what Vanity Trove does is to ship you a box of sample-sized beauty products monthly,
for just $25,
so you can try these samples out before deciding if you want to commit
and get the whole bottle from a particular brand!
Subscription can be just for 1 month, 3 months or a year with no minimum requirements.
There are new products every month with a mixture of skincare, makeup and haircare etc
so for all your beauty junkies out there, why not? :)

much love,

Sunday, March 24, 2013

marchin' on.

the last time i blogged, i was talking about the end of CNY and now i'm inching towards April?! 
this speeding across months is indeed scary and i'm trying my best to make the most outta my twenties while i can! 

planned a surprise birthday party for dad for his 60th with the sisters and it was a huge success!
dad almost teared when he saw what we did for him and i just can't put into words how it felt, seeing his face light up like that :')

am super lazy to upload the hell load of pics we took during dinner so here's just a few from my phone!

happy birthday to the man i love the most!
i know we dont have too many years left with each other so i'll constantly remind myself to treat you with the utmost respect, to be around more often, and to give you all i have to give :*)

my fave polaroid from the night - finally a pic where the boy's smiling right!

took a short break from work for a staycation, and i hereby name equarius hotel as one of my favourites.
we loved that place so much, we're planning another stay mid-year! hehehe.

visited USS (again), and took a field trip to the aquarium.

my favourite display - i could watch them all day.

also managed to catch a special display of a weird person doing handstands all around town, haha!

this year, i'm making it a point to visit new joints instead of sticking to the old ones so... these are what i've tried this March:

Cajun Kings, where the only happening thing was bashing up the crabs/lobsters in clear plastic bags;

Table Manners, which i liked and am definitely returning for more given its laid-back atmosphere, truffle fries and of course, one-for-one beers;

TBB, which i believe needs no introduction - it isn't exactly a new place for me but i've only had takeouts previously... this time i tried their new strawberry Kouign Amann and I AM SOLD.
omg what are these pastries gonna do to me :(

Keisuke Tonkotsu King, which was so stuffy and hot we got in, ate our share, and got out, all in less than half an hour. the noodle texture was awesome, soup was oily but very flavourful, but the chashu was so-so.. not sure if i'll be back given the lack of ambience but i'd recommend the black spicy soup base over the original one anytime!

Okamase Burger - loved loved loved the beef patty and everything else about the meal! downside was that the serving's really quite small! and the fact that its tucked at the turf club -.-

Artisan Sweets - popped by this cute place after burgers and decided to head in because we obviously weren't fed enough (haha) and the desserts are surprisingly good! not to mention we had a hugeass bailey's-infused vanilla bean affogato that got us into a food coma once we reached home, hehe.

there's gonna be dinner at da paolo's tomorrow - dad's so-called "appreciation dinner" for the party we held for him, hahaha. its just an excuse to eat i guess?!
waaayyyy too much food this month. gonna yoga and run my ass off tomorrow!

more #ootds and such on @druggedreams!

new arm candy from ruby-pier.com!

and a denim shirt i'm keeping from this weekend's launch :)
and in case you are wondering i was wearing something inside lah!

lastly, a shout out for dear Becks, who's been relentlessly working on this event:

if you're a raver then this is an event you won't wanna miss -
check out more details at their facebook page here!

gonna go crash now folks. have a mighty awesome weekend y'all!


Friday, March 15, 2013


Been having 2 whole weeks of good food,
I bet I gained weight somewhere somehow.
I just don't want to know the exact details. :(
Went sourcing last week, and then Montigo over the weekend
and this week seems to moving past just as fast.
I really wonder how come I am already in mid-march
and fast approaching the middle of the year...
so... when is SUJU coming to SG?!
(sorry, fangirl mode cos YC is blasting kpop songs all night long)

Haven't had the chance to dress up much these 2 weeks,
but I did new stuff!
(@passionade on Instagram)

like painting my nails mint for the first time.
This is one of the few times I did nail art
and I am quite liking it :)

went to BKK and had the "BKK most-instagramed wanton mee".
The portion is so small that I need 1.5bowls to be full.
I really wanted 2 but i was afraid people would stare. Haha.

we bought some navy pants there and I was inspired to dig out my own pair
and wear it with a white shirt.

and because I have the bad habit of not wearing my topshop purchases til months later,
I specially pulled this printed dress out.
Plus I wanted to wear my new jelly brogues as well!

details of the new shoes.
I swear I won't get anymore new shoes til June. REALLY.

and its off to Montigo!
I think its a good idea to go now when its still having its soft launch
cos there are not so many people yet
and the facilities are relatively new.
I say relatively because...we entered the villa and saw a dead cockroach immediately.
My ground floor bathroom housed several spiders,
all of different shapes and sizes.
The sofa and cushion covers have unidentifiable stains and spots
and...the floor is starting to turn yellow.
So....better go now than later!!

I rather like this colour scheme.
Might do it for our new office!

like a true #ahjummaatheart, i brought back all the Malin + Goetz toiletries.

this is their public pool, which is gorgeous and spanking new!

I came back several shades darker (oh, horrors)
And YC turned into a boiled lobster,
complete with 2 adorable pink spots on his cheeks!
I wanna put fluff at his ears and turn him into a sheep.
(i know, this are not things a grown woman should say,
but its okay, I am weird like that)

wore a tutu skirt the next day cos I missed it.
It was at my mum's place all the time.
Coincidentally, sharms was in stripes and when we met Ber for dinner,
that woman also turned up in stripes.
DESPITE already seeing our outfits on Instagram.
Seriously. -.-

Also finally wore my Ferra babies after 10 months
of it sitting in a box at my mum's place.
Weirdly, they fit better than my black ones.

and i started my weekend early with Korean BBQ tonight at
Wang Daebak BBQ at Amoy Street.
We unanimously agreed that it was just so-so despite
the rah-rah about it.

Anyone with good Korean BBQ place to recommend?

much love,