Saturday, March 2, 2013

get knotty?

the last week of CNY was nothing short of awesome ;)

prepped a steamboat sesh all by myself for my sec sch girls and their partners!

kudos to my 小肥羊 soup base that made everything so lipsmackingly gooood - i was never a fan of steamboat until i had 小肥羊 in hongkong with my girlfriends. soooo glad i can re-create it at home now! 
here's to more steamboat seshs with family and friends! hehehe.
no other pictures 'cos we were busy eating and catching up and talking about grown-up stuff like housing loans and the likes... plus i was looking very cui after pottering in the kitchen the whole day :(

had a last-minute baking project with my sister late in the night - 

the raisin cinnamon rolls turned out warm and toasty and the bread was so fluffy! but somehow the brown sugar on top did not melt properly like it supposed to so we popped it in the oven again... 
and then the bread burnt -.-
someone, help me out here?! i am inclined to blame it on my lousy oven. 

anyhow, spent the last day of CNY at a dimsum brunch with friends and traditional dumplings!

glamming things up on the last day of the festivities.

finally tabao-ed this blackball dessert home for my family and everyone is hooked!
oh gosh craving it badly in the midst of this crazy summer heat right now... am so gonna try and get the boy to bring me there after dinner later. muahaha.

and finally got rid of my girly glitter and did my nails in a coral + gold combi instead, inspired by cupcakes&cashmere.

also took some time off work for a lunch meeting (sorta, hahaha) with kel and tried out the sushi that everyone has been raving about.

we ordered both the shiok maki and the crappy maki to share, coupled with agedashi tofu and grilled pork asparagus wrap - and we both agreed the wrap was the nicest of them all, haha!

full of burnt garlic goodness - super duper shiokkkkk :)

more randomness over at @druggedreams:

in Zaria Grey and Yana aztec skirt - 
we should be opening backorders for the more popular colours for Zaria (and possibly making it in new summery colours) so do keep your eyes peeled! 

Mondays are always "romper days" because.... i'm lazy on Mondays like that.

and this March, i'm welcoming... new shoes, new shorts, and new delicate bracelets!

oh and also, tons of basics from missypixie!
here's Jake muscle tank in white (launching tomorrow!) which i knotted for a twist -

and a double knot fitted skirt that'll launch the following week!
am wearing the one in grey - there's gonna be other yummy colours like periwinkle, lavender, and melon mint! :)

yay finally done with blogger duty and am off to enjoy my weekend now!
here's hoping you girls have a wonderful one too :)



Anonymous said...

Hi! May I ask where did you get the infinite bracelet from and how much did it cost? Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Whr did you get your infinity bracelet? =)

Anonymous said...

hi sharon & kelly =) may i know if the midi to be launched tmr is at kissjane vivo ? I'm eyeing the emerald green and yellow!


missypixie said...

anon1/2: i got it at diva! it came in a set of 3 and it was $17 if i recall correctly :)

missypixie said...

gen: yes its at vivo but am not sure if its sold today so do head down quick to check it out!

Katheryn said...

Hi sharon!

May I know where di you get the xiao fei yang soup base?

Katheryn said...

Hi Sharon

May I know where did you get the xiao fei yang soup base?

Anonymous said...

I think it is very ridiculous that you girls earn from postage as well. Normal postage costs $1.50 and Additional $0.50 subsequently, so i paid $2, and when my parcel came, you girls only stuck $1.50 worth of stamps. Then why make us pay the extra $0.50? Perhaps you girls might wish to try providing complimentary normal postage? That'll bring more customers.

Anonymous said...

Where's the beaded black top and sling bag in the first ootd from?

missypixie said...

katheryn: hi dear i got the soup base from sheng siong at bedok!

anon3: i apologise if it looks like, in any way, that we do earn from postage. $1.50 is the norm charge across the board for all local online retail stores, that is why we charge this amount as well. if you would like me to break it down for you - $1 is accounted for the actual stamps pasted on the parcel, 30cents for the cost of envelope, 10 cents for the cost of tape, and a mere 10cents for the manual labour of packing plus the transportation of parcels to the post office. this is, already, a guesstimate of what the "unseen costs" are - and we can assure you its more than that :)

we do absorb these extra costs whenever we can but do keep in mind that we are, afterall, a business, and we have to earn to survive. you'd pay 100 bucks for a pair of Nikes but i can tell you the cost price for a pair is about 4 bucks. so for the other 96 bucks, what you are paying for is the labour cost, the cost of shipping, merchandising, packaging, and of course, branding. these are overheads that customers do not see.

so in a nutshell, nope, we do not "earn" from postage at all. for parcels with 2 items that are deemed heavier, we do stick $2 or even $2.50 stamps and these costs are duly absorbed by us. guess when you do something right, no one seems to talk about it? :)

anyhow, hope this will clear any misunderstanding and do hope you understand things from our point of view! thank you for allowing us to clear the air as well! :)

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the skirt which you wore w the muscle tank? I want it haha

missypixie said...

anon4: black beaded tank is from newlook but i got it last year! weaved bag is a gift from london!

anon5: skirt with muscle is from bershka and i just got it so it should still be retailing! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Is the skirt paired with the black zaria tank an upcoming item on missypixie? Would love to get one!

Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

May I know if it is possible to include the thigh opening and hip measurements for the pair of high-waist shorts that were just launched? :)

Should I get a size S or M if I'm a regular UK 8 (waist 25" and hips 35") for bottoms?

Thanks so much and have a great week ahead! :)

missypixie said...

anon6: sorry dear thats a modelling piece and we are not selling it! :(

anon7: can you kindly email to me at and i will try and get you the measurements you need tomorrow? :) thanks!!

Lila said...

Hello! Where is the blackball dessert from?

missypixie said...

lila: i bought it from bedok interchange, just at the corner of NTUC foodfare!

Anonymous said...

HI:) Is it possible to make MIRA again in smaller sizes? The previous one is too loose for a uk6 :(

Anonymous said...

hello may i know what did you guys keep for the upcoming colelction for yourself? i see many pretty things!! is there a rubber band on the waist of TASS floral fitted pants?

missypixie said...

anon8: hi dear, we are not sure about remaking MIRA yet.. will try to resize it if there is a next batch!

anon9: nope there is no elastic for TASS! as for what we kept - i kept Corina in Grey and Kelly kept Corina in Periwinkle! Am contemplating ZOEY split sleeve tee on the side as well :p

Anonymous said...

hello :) could I check if joelle is stocked at kissjane? :) thanks!