Saturday, April 27, 2013

sometime, someday, somewhere.

been out of action lately as i was nursing a sprained ankle and #ootd photos look reeeealllyyy funny with a bandaged left foot - but i was secretly happy dressing up in tanks + shorts the entire time. (which brings me to... how can people stand the freakin' heat in this country?! in a blazer?!!?! )

that said, im out for at least a month - no more weekly runs around the estate with the boy. boohoo.
i can't even walk for long distances without my ankle hurting now. that day i made kel sit with me outside centralworld and it turns out that her calves were aching like mad too, haha.
i guess... this is what ageing does to people, ugh. 

anyhow, backdated photos!

dinner at da paolo's - dad's appreciation dinner in view of our awesome surprise birthday celebration for him - its just an excuse to feast actually, haha.

random manicure and bonchon date with @passionade - 

and our "eat like a king" meals (and desserts) in the land of smiles -

cookout sundays and quiet saturdays spent at home -

and a deluge of past outfit shots, if you haven't already seen them on @druggedreams -

loving the current monochrome trend 'cos its basically most of what i have in my wardrobe, haha!

heading to the night safari later in this upcoming missypixie monochrome striped shirt!
i kinda hear thunder now though :( 
pleaseeee don't rainnnnnnnnnnn :(((

went for haireez's wedding party a couple of weeks ago and it was finally a near-full attendance of the Vases! after 11 damn years we still fool around like how we used to in college - you people are keepers.

with my favourite biatch - and if you find him super familiar its because you've probably been reading his articles on ST URBAN ;)

and my favourite deejay ah dong, who insists he can couture anything. 
here he is with a napkin as a scarf, HAHAHAHA. some things never change.

can't wait for our next date at Othello's and partyin' after! woots!


been hit hard by wanderlust these days - i blame the internet for this. the constant feed on coachella pics, then the influx of sakura blossoms everywhere. my sister just flew to taiwan this morning and the folks are heading to hongkong in a few days' time, then they're leaving me again for scandinavia in June and not celebrating my birthday with me (pouts) and this friend is here and that friend is there and EVERYONE IS GOING EVERYWHERE BUT ME.

and flipping through my past travel pictures is not helping. one bit.

then again, i will have four full days of unbridled freedom when they're all not around so...... 
i'll enjoy that first. hahaha.

have a good weekend y'all! 


Monday, April 22, 2013

walk with me

Apologies for the lack of updates on the blog
but we have been busy these days with more work
and moving to the new office :(
Am off for a sourcing trip tomorrow
so its gonna be another busy week ahead,
wish me luck!

A bit low on ootds these days
cos my skin reacted to something
and an allergy reaction flared up,
leaving me with angry red blotches.
Kills one's self-esteem, really :(
Went to the doc who made me swear off makeup for a week
and dressing up seems totally weird bare-faced,
hence, blah week that passed.

wore jeans (which is forever an event for me, cos its that rare)
cos we were shooting our lookbook that day
and I figured I needed to crawl about fixing the clothes, hair and whatnots.
Had tons of fun with the shoot
and loving the results as well :)

here is one of the shots we took
(the full lookbook can be found on our FB page HERE)
and i just like everything about this shot.
The hint of the eye makeup, the hair, her collarbone,
the lighting from the side.

We went for a slightly different approach to Spring lookbooks this time round,
opting to shoot a black and white one cos
everyone will probably do florals and greenery.
Not really MP's style but it was fun, haha.

picked our DEBBIE skater dress to wear for a weekend
and I already knew I was going to wear it with neon accents.
I like plain white dresses cos I see them as a blank canvas.
They go so well with bright accessories
or a blazer, perhaps floral, coloured or even plain black.

since I was in the white phase,
i pulled out my topshop romper for ann's bday brunch!
I thought of going all white but damn, didnt have a white bag.

more birthdays to go! plus its always a surprise everytime I see Chang
(which is in the middle by the way)
cos she keeps losing weight like mad, she probably dropped 2-3 dress sizes already.
I will blog about her weight loss journey another time
because I am so inspired by her so stay tuned!

My face finally started to look a bit better end week
hence the return of outfits.
Opted for something really simple cos I wasn't feeling good yet
but wanted to wear my boots.
Again. Haha.

in SETH sleeveless denim shirt.
I gotta say this whole change-my-style thing is really tough.

Cheated this weekend and put on really light makeup
for a movie date with YC before we both leave the country for work.
I had one of those 'wardrobe-is-full-but-no-clothes-to-wear" moment,
made more ironic by the fact I sell clothes and
see new ones WEEKLY but, oh wells.
Took out some old pieces and am happy it worked out fine.

Lastly, everyone need a bestie to screenshot cute moments of your bias
and send it to you to cheer you up.

love you, mella :))))

much love,

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

count your blessings

I would say the best part of my job
(besides it being my passion)
is that I can take an off day as and when I want,
to spend some quality time with the family.
The older I get, the more I treasure family time,
because I know these are the people that would never judge,
never give up on you
and love you for whoever you are.

so happy birthday mummy.
Even though sis and I have worriedly inherited some of your weird traits,
but that makes you who you are,
and I still love you.
Just.. stop smacking my arm everytime you are excited ok?!

and..same same but different. Hmmm.

wore AVRIL wine to meet them today and my dad couldn't stop wondering about the cut-outs.
He was like, why do people have holes in their clothes?!
I told him cos there was not enough cloth left to make the whole dress.
also super duper in love with my new funky sandals with gold cuffs.
Super not me, perfect to tick off boxes in my 'change in style' masterplan.

Also, I am hopping onto Spring's black/white trend
with more holes in my tank and HARPER black lace shorts.
Admittedly I didn't really like this shorts when I first saw it,
but it grew on me.

and I know just about 2 blog posts down,
I said something about no new shoes til June?
Okay, I failed.

I know its love when I went into Zara 4 times over the course of one week,
to try on this pair of shoes each time I go in.
I don't care if I don't wear it often.
Just having it makes me happy. :)

that said, it goes amazingly well with white shorts
that I initially wanted to wear with a mint knit pullover.
I almost died in the heat even with this thin printed shirt.
SG weather. Sighs.

dug out my fav white dress from eons ago and it fits just as well.
Well, maybe shorter cos it just keeps shrinking in the wash.
Its still gorgeous so am in the process of manufacturing it for MP.
Fingers crossed how it would turn out!

back to one of my fail-proof outfits.
One flouncy skirt, any top tucked in,
and there you go.
It would work as well with a corset, or a light knit pullover,
or a relaxed fit tank, anything really.

and outfits aside,
i changed my nails for Spring, and got my infinity ring. FINALLY.

I really wanted a cream-nude base with coral tips
but the nail place I went to had no nude base.
I don't know how a nail salon can NOT have nude polish. Grrrrr.

and the infinity ring I was talking about previously?
It fits!!! Happiness complete.
Just in case you want the full set,
I saw Tiffany & Co selling infinity bracelets today :)

These outfits are about 2 weeks old so most stuff you see
are already sold out on MP :(
so do follow me @passionade or Sharms @druggedreams
on Instagram for more updates daily!

Lastly..Vanity Trove has kindly offered a deal exclusive to MP!
Simply key in this promotion code: MPIXIEVT
when you subscribe to any 6-month or 12-month plan
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Do note that its only valid til 14th April and it cannot be used
in conjunction with other promotions.

much love,

Sunday, April 7, 2013

hear, hear.

save for an 8km run i did and a horrible dinner thereafter, i was holed at home the entire day today - favourite tunes on repeat, listening to the incessant rain pelting at my window while i worked...

and i loved it.

loved having the whole house to myself, the lack of another figure in the same breathing space as me, the fact that no one would or could complain nor comment on my sudden (very loud) breaking out into song... and everything else awesome that being alone can bring. mmm-mmmmm. 

i swear the size of my personal bubble is proportionate to the number of candles on my birthday cake.

its gonna be a boring post 'cos im not going to post any pictures today - no food, no outfits, no shots of eating establishments - but an article that i just read and couldn't wait to share.


I keep having the same conversation over and over. It starts like this: “I gave up Facebook for Lent, and I realized I’m a lot happier without it.” Or like this, “Pinterest makes me hate my house.” Or like this: “I stopped following a friend on Instagram, and now that I don’t see nonstop snapshots of her perfect life, I like her better.”

Yikes. This is a thing. This is coming up in conversation after conversation. The danger of the internet is that it’s very very easy to tell partial truths - to show the fabulous meal but not the mess to clean up afterward. To display the smiling couple-shot, but not the fight you had three days ago. To offer up the sparkly milestones but not the spiraling meltdowns.

I’m not anti-technology or anti-Internet, certainly, but I do think it’s important for us to remind ourselves from time to time that watching other peoples’ post-worthy moments on Facebook is always going to yield a prettier version of life than the one you’re living right now. That’s how it works.

My life looks better on the Internet than it does in real life. Everyone's life looks better on the internet than it does in real life. The Internet is partial truths - we get to decide what people see and what they don't. That's why it's safer short term. And that's why it's much, much more dangerous long term.

Because community - the rich kind, the transforming kind, the valuable and difficult kind - doesn’t happen in partial truths and well-edited photo collections on Instagram. Community happens when we hear each other’s actual voices, when we enter one another’s actual homes, with actual messes, around actual tables telling stories that ramble on beyond 140 pithy characters.

But seeing the best possible, often-unrealistic, half-truth version of other peoples’ lives isn’t the only danger of the Internet. Our envy buttons also get pushed because we rarely check Facebook when we’re having our own peak experiences. We check it when we’re bored and when we’re lonely, and it intensifies that boredom and loneliness.

When you’re laughing at a meal with friends, are you scrolling through Pinterest? When you’re in labor with your much-prayed-for-deeply-loved child, are you checking to see what’s happening on Instagram? Of course not. We check in with our phones when it seems like nothing fun is happening in our own lives - when we’re getting our oil changed or waiting for the coffee to brew.

It makes sense, then, that anyone else’s fun or beauty or sparkle gets under our skin. It magnifies our own dissatisfaction with that moment. When you’re waiting for your coffee to brew, the majority of your friends probably aren’t doing anything any more special.

But it only takes one friend at the Eiffel Tower to make you feel like a loser.

I’m a writer. I use Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest and my blog as part of my professional life - as a way to connect with readers and be part of a conversation that we’re creating together, a conversation about creativity and faith and writing and parenting and community and life around the table. It’s a lovely conversation, and part of my work involves reading many blogs and commenting on lots of photos and scrolling through status after status.

Some days it feels rich and multi-faceted. I learn and I’m inspired. I find recipes I want to try and stories I want to live. I feel connected and thankful to be part of such an intelligent and creative internet community.
And then on some days, I feel like I have nothing to offer, like I must be the only one who isn’t a graphic designer and hasn’t yet managed to display her entire darling life online with lots of chevron and mint accents. I feel so certain that my life is a lot less darling than other peoples’ lives.

But that’s the Internet. The nature of it. I so easily fall prey to the seduction of other people’s partial truths and heavily filtered photos, making everything look amazing. And their amazing looking lives make me feel not amazing at all.

Let’s choose community. Let’s stop comparing. Let’s start connecting.

Some days when I sit down at my laptop, instead of choosing to be an observer via Facebook, I choose to be a friend via email. Instead of scrolling through someone else’s carefully curated images, I use those few seconds to send a text to a person I really know and really love and really want to be connected to.
It’s not about technology or not. I’m not suggesting you get all old-school-pen-and-paper about it (unless that’s your thing.) It’s about connecting instead of comparing. Instead of using the computer to watch someone else’s perfectly crafted life, enter into someone’s less-than-perfect life. You can use Facebook if you want, but you might find email, Skype and phone calls work better.

The distinction I'm making is public vs. private, not in person vs. long distance. I have very close, very honest friendships that depend on phone calls and Skype dates and long wandering emails, and I'm thankful that technology allows for those connections. But I don't think you can build transforming friendships that take place only in a public sphere like Facebook or Instagram.

For many of us, walking away from the Internet isn’t an option. But using it to connect instead of compare is an option, and a life-changing one. Using technology to build community instead of building carefully-curated images of ourselves is an option, and a worthwhile one.

And on the days when you peer into the screen of your laptop and all you see are other people’s peak experiences that highlight your lack in that moment, remember that life isn’t about the story you tell about yourself on the Internet. It’s about a million more beautiful and complex things than that, like love and faith and really listening. It’s about using what you’ve been given to craft a life of gratitude and passion and grace.

Remember that the very best things in life can’t be captured in status updates.


i can't agree more.

i've heard friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, feeling inferior after reading blogs of the rich and famous; or simply by looking at the pictures they post. i know what that feels like because im only human and i've been hit by similar feelings, but we should never be allowed to let these feelings consume us.
im not saying you should stop reading or looking at these social media sites altogether. what im saying is: let it better you. let it strive you to work harder for your future. let it remind yourself to count your blessings, no matter what they may be.
look at other people's perfect lives, admire it, then let it go. 

i dont know why but lately i've been really disturbed by how people judge self-worth, or the worth of other people, by the tangibles. thing here is, im sure we all know we're worth more than that but why doesnt it seem to get into our heads?

you may not have at least half of what they own, but what do you know? 
perhaps you already have something they don't.
food for thought.

i'll leave you with my earworm for now :)

g'night folks! 

pensive xoxo,