Wednesday, April 10, 2013

count your blessings

I would say the best part of my job
(besides it being my passion)
is that I can take an off day as and when I want,
to spend some quality time with the family.
The older I get, the more I treasure family time,
because I know these are the people that would never judge,
never give up on you
and love you for whoever you are.

so happy birthday mummy.
Even though sis and I have worriedly inherited some of your weird traits,
but that makes you who you are,
and I still love you.
Just.. stop smacking my arm everytime you are excited ok?!

and..same same but different. Hmmm.

wore AVRIL wine to meet them today and my dad couldn't stop wondering about the cut-outs.
He was like, why do people have holes in their clothes?!
I told him cos there was not enough cloth left to make the whole dress.
also super duper in love with my new funky sandals with gold cuffs.
Super not me, perfect to tick off boxes in my 'change in style' masterplan.

Also, I am hopping onto Spring's black/white trend
with more holes in my tank and HARPER black lace shorts.
Admittedly I didn't really like this shorts when I first saw it,
but it grew on me.

and I know just about 2 blog posts down,
I said something about no new shoes til June?
Okay, I failed.

I know its love when I went into Zara 4 times over the course of one week,
to try on this pair of shoes each time I go in.
I don't care if I don't wear it often.
Just having it makes me happy. :)

that said, it goes amazingly well with white shorts
that I initially wanted to wear with a mint knit pullover.
I almost died in the heat even with this thin printed shirt.
SG weather. Sighs.

dug out my fav white dress from eons ago and it fits just as well.
Well, maybe shorter cos it just keeps shrinking in the wash.
Its still gorgeous so am in the process of manufacturing it for MP.
Fingers crossed how it would turn out!

back to one of my fail-proof outfits.
One flouncy skirt, any top tucked in,
and there you go.
It would work as well with a corset, or a light knit pullover,
or a relaxed fit tank, anything really.

and outfits aside,
i changed my nails for Spring, and got my infinity ring. FINALLY.

I really wanted a cream-nude base with coral tips
but the nail place I went to had no nude base.
I don't know how a nail salon can NOT have nude polish. Grrrrr.

and the infinity ring I was talking about previously?
It fits!!! Happiness complete.
Just in case you want the full set,
I saw Tiffany & Co selling infinity bracelets today :)

These outfits are about 2 weeks old so most stuff you see
are already sold out on MP :(
so do follow me @passionade or Sharms @druggedreams
on Instagram for more updates daily!

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much love,


Anonymous said...

Hi may I know where did you get your top from? The one you've paired with HARPER lace shorts?

Anonymous said...

are your black sandals from charles and keith? will the upcoming white blazer be launched this weekend? :)

Anonymous said...

wooo manufacture that dress for MP in pastel colours please? like mint, peach, yellow..? cant wait

Anonymous said...

HI Kelly, can I check how much is the Zara heels?
Thanks in advance :)

Anonymous said...

hi, I really love all your outfit posts and I used to buy A LOT from missypixie. however, in the recent months, your items, especially the manufactured items have gotten shorter. could you please make the items longer, at least 33.5-34", so that it is work apt /suitable for girls around 1.65. I speak for a few of my friends and we havent been able to shop at all from your site. personally, I havent bought anything in 4.5 months although theres smthg that catches my eye each launch. even my friends who are around 1.60 say your items are a bit hard to wear to work. hope you can take this into consideration and expand to a wider crowd. thanks.

Anonymous said...

What colors did u keep for FRAN RUCH SLEEVE JERSEY DRESS? :)

Should I get Fran in Cobalt or Debbie in Cobalt?

missypixie said...

anon1: got it from my supplier :)

anon2: yup, from charles & keith! white blazer would be launched next weekend (21st Apr)

anon3: cant wait too! will do summer colours!

anon4: heels are $129!

missypixie said...

anon5: thank you for your feedback! We are making the dresses approx 33inches for casual ones and for work wear, it would be 34inches minimum. Some designs can't be made too long if not the proportions would look weird :( I am sorry that they are not suitable for work, will really look into this issue!

anon6: Hello! I was still holding onto one piece of MELON. Hahahha, haven confirmed it yet. It would depend on your height? Cos FRAN is kinda like a minidress so perhaps DEBBIE might be better :)

Anonymous said...

Hihi! Is debbie and sean stocked up at vivo kissjane?

missypixie said...

yup, they are already stocked there :)

Anonymous said...

how much will the white blazer be?

Anonymous said...

is ismay maxi a missypixie label???

Anonymous said...

Hello! Just wanna check - where did you get your nude sandals from? In the pic paired with the white dress. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

What did you all keep from the upcoming collection? :D

missypixie said...

White blazer is priced at $29! And ISMAY is a sourced item, not from our WILLOW label :)

Nude sandals were from Zara sometime back. I kept SETH and ANJA red but the latter is only on sale on our FB cos we are facing some problems with the site now :(

Anonymous said...

hey is the shorts paired with ANJA WHITE for sale? if not where is it from!

missypixie said...

its from F21 :)