Saturday, April 27, 2013

sometime, someday, somewhere.

been out of action lately as i was nursing a sprained ankle and #ootd photos look reeeealllyyy funny with a bandaged left foot - but i was secretly happy dressing up in tanks + shorts the entire time. (which brings me to... how can people stand the freakin' heat in this country?! in a blazer?!!?! )

that said, im out for at least a month - no more weekly runs around the estate with the boy. boohoo.
i can't even walk for long distances without my ankle hurting now. that day i made kel sit with me outside centralworld and it turns out that her calves were aching like mad too, haha.
i guess... this is what ageing does to people, ugh. 

anyhow, backdated photos!

dinner at da paolo's - dad's appreciation dinner in view of our awesome surprise birthday celebration for him - its just an excuse to feast actually, haha.

random manicure and bonchon date with @passionade - 

and our "eat like a king" meals (and desserts) in the land of smiles -

cookout sundays and quiet saturdays spent at home -

and a deluge of past outfit shots, if you haven't already seen them on @druggedreams -

loving the current monochrome trend 'cos its basically most of what i have in my wardrobe, haha!

heading to the night safari later in this upcoming missypixie monochrome striped shirt!
i kinda hear thunder now though :( 
pleaseeee don't rainnnnnnnnnnn :(((

went for haireez's wedding party a couple of weeks ago and it was finally a near-full attendance of the Vases! after 11 damn years we still fool around like how we used to in college - you people are keepers.

with my favourite biatch - and if you find him super familiar its because you've probably been reading his articles on ST URBAN ;)

and my favourite deejay ah dong, who insists he can couture anything. 
here he is with a napkin as a scarf, HAHAHAHA. some things never change.

can't wait for our next date at Othello's and partyin' after! woots!


been hit hard by wanderlust these days - i blame the internet for this. the constant feed on coachella pics, then the influx of sakura blossoms everywhere. my sister just flew to taiwan this morning and the folks are heading to hongkong in a few days' time, then they're leaving me again for scandinavia in June and not celebrating my birthday with me (pouts) and this friend is here and that friend is there and EVERYONE IS GOING EVERYWHERE BUT ME.

and flipping through my past travel pictures is not helping. one bit.

then again, i will have four full days of unbridled freedom when they're all not around so...... 
i'll enjoy that first. hahaha.

have a good weekend y'all! 



Anonymous said...

hi babe, love the shorts you're pairing with the monochrome striped top! is it upcoming on mp? and i that multicoloured glitter mani you have on your instagram...what glitter is that? it's really pretty :))

Anonymous said...

Hi, is the white scallop shorts with the stripe top upcoming on missypixie too?

missypixie said...

anon1: the shorts are from topshop! and the glitter polish is from etude house - they have many many nice ones!!

eunice: they're from topshop! (:

Anonymous said...

Hi! WHen did you get your h&m floral pants? Were there still a lot of stock left?:)

Anonymous said...

Hello!! where did you get your shoes that you matched with the stripped top? its nice!!

Anonymous said...

the lace peplum dress will it be up from missypixie? if not where did u get it from! it's pretty! (:

Anonymous said...

Hi, where can I find the leopard wedge/heels you have? So pretty!!

Anonymous said...

Hi babe,

Can you recommend nail salons to go to in bKk? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

HI! is the floral pants upcoming?

Anonymous said...

where do you usually go for mani? hope your leg gets better soon (:

Anonymous said...

Hey what did you guys keep from the upcoming collection? ^.^

missypixie said...

anon2: hey dear i got it a couple of weeks ago! when i got it there was still stock.. not too sure if its still available though? i got it at the ION outlet by the way - hope this helps!

anon3: hi there! the shoes were bought in japan..!

anon4: heehee its not a dress! its a lace peplum top from forevernew that i matched with an old missypixie bandage skirt :)

anon5: i got these heels from charles & keith like one or two years back! :x

missypixie said...

anon6: hi there! for BKK, i usually go to SIAM PARAGON's TAKE CARE nail salon within the beauty department for my manicure! i recently found another nail salon at Centralworld - i can't quite remember the name though. its purple-themed and its named something like Wonderland Spa? you can ask around when you reach there! (:

anon7: nope the floral pants are from H&M!

anon8: thanks so much for your concern! :') i don't have a specific nail salon i go to though.. i just go to any (that i find decent looking) when i have time to kill! however i do them quite alot in Bangkok - do see my reply to anon6 for more details on that!

anon9: i kept the striped chiffon shirt and kelly kept the perspex clutch as of now! (:

Anonymous said...

love your multi-coloured skirt that you matched with the indigo blue top. is it being sold on your site?

missypixie said...

anon10: sorry dear! that is a personal piece and i got it from newlook about a year ago!

Anonymous said...

hi, where are the churros from? :)

missypixie said...

anon11: churros are from da paolo's!