Monday, April 22, 2013

walk with me

Apologies for the lack of updates on the blog
but we have been busy these days with more work
and moving to the new office :(
Am off for a sourcing trip tomorrow
so its gonna be another busy week ahead,
wish me luck!

A bit low on ootds these days
cos my skin reacted to something
and an allergy reaction flared up,
leaving me with angry red blotches.
Kills one's self-esteem, really :(
Went to the doc who made me swear off makeup for a week
and dressing up seems totally weird bare-faced,
hence, blah week that passed.

wore jeans (which is forever an event for me, cos its that rare)
cos we were shooting our lookbook that day
and I figured I needed to crawl about fixing the clothes, hair and whatnots.
Had tons of fun with the shoot
and loving the results as well :)

here is one of the shots we took
(the full lookbook can be found on our FB page HERE)
and i just like everything about this shot.
The hint of the eye makeup, the hair, her collarbone,
the lighting from the side.

We went for a slightly different approach to Spring lookbooks this time round,
opting to shoot a black and white one cos
everyone will probably do florals and greenery.
Not really MP's style but it was fun, haha.

picked our DEBBIE skater dress to wear for a weekend
and I already knew I was going to wear it with neon accents.
I like plain white dresses cos I see them as a blank canvas.
They go so well with bright accessories
or a blazer, perhaps floral, coloured or even plain black.

since I was in the white phase,
i pulled out my topshop romper for ann's bday brunch!
I thought of going all white but damn, didnt have a white bag.

more birthdays to go! plus its always a surprise everytime I see Chang
(which is in the middle by the way)
cos she keeps losing weight like mad, she probably dropped 2-3 dress sizes already.
I will blog about her weight loss journey another time
because I am so inspired by her so stay tuned!

My face finally started to look a bit better end week
hence the return of outfits.
Opted for something really simple cos I wasn't feeling good yet
but wanted to wear my boots.
Again. Haha.

in SETH sleeveless denim shirt.
I gotta say this whole change-my-style thing is really tough.

Cheated this weekend and put on really light makeup
for a movie date with YC before we both leave the country for work.
I had one of those 'wardrobe-is-full-but-no-clothes-to-wear" moment,
made more ironic by the fact I sell clothes and
see new ones WEEKLY but, oh wells.
Took out some old pieces and am happy it worked out fine.

Lastly, everyone need a bestie to screenshot cute moments of your bias
and send it to you to cheer you up.

love you, mella :))))

much love,


Anonymous said...

Hi, the first photo, white lace top u wearing where i can find it?

missypixie said...

oh, its a really really old MP piece! we are no longer selling it :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know if you bought the topshop romper recently? at which outlet? thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! A bit random here but can I get your renovation contracter details? I saw your post on your house's renovations many post back and I thought they did a fantastic job in your living room! :) thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hey where are your boots from! :)

Anonymous said...

BO for the white blazer plzzz? I didnt manage to snag a piece SADFACE

Anonymous said...

Hi! Is ANJA red or orange? As from the website, It looks more orangey than red. Hope the colour taking can be improve!

Anonymous said...

Would you girls bring back the denim high waisted shorts similar to mae but in denim colours again? That was a wonderful design:)

Anonymous said...

hi i have an enquiry. how could i contact you?

ras said...

Hi dear

pretty otd.

Not sure where to post this , can we have re manufacture of alxie textured tulip in nude n other colours, love the cutting!

missypixie said...

got the topshop romper from Vivo outlet! I got it during the voucher promotion so should be last month?

Hello! He was from my ID company, we used Unimax :)

Boots are from taiwan!

missypixie said...

Restocks for ANJA white blazer is up, hurry!

ANJA red is...orangey-red. Hahaha, i think its bright red but sharon thinks its more vermillion so kinda in between I guess?

Hmmm, no plans as of now but we are making it in white!

missypixie said...

anon: you can email me at

ras: thank you! dont think we will re-make it again but thinking of using that material for other stuff so look out for it ok? :)

Anonymous said...

hello! what items will there be for the upcoming collectio? do preview soon pls :)

missypixie said...

hello! Kinda hard cos we are in the midst of moving office and I haven had the chance to dress up, haha.