Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to wear: a basic offsie top

After seeing this particular photo,
I have been obsessed with looking for the perfect off-shoulder long sleeved top.
I almost bought one from ASOS but I thought,
may as well make it!
And...ta daaaaah!!
We have something new for you this weekend :)

credits to garypeppervintage
The one photo that started it all.

And I have already thought of a few ways to wear it,
how about you? :)

how to wear: offsie top

much love,

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

the gelato diaries

In an unprecedented move,
I have decided to blog about my Italy trip now
instead of procrastinating and waiting for 3 months
til the pics get old and I get lazy.
Blogger's duty indeed.
Psssst, this is going to be a looooooooonnnnnggggg post.

Firstly, I am not too sure how detailed I am supposed to be
but mostly, I just plan what to do that day
and then figure out how to get to the place and such on that day itself.
I am also not much of a photos person so I covered most of the attractions
pretty quickly but if you like to linger and take more photos,
please give yourself more time!

So for Day 1, we landed in Milan,
checked into the hotel and went straight to the Duomo.
I am not too sure what Milan has to offer
cos everyone says to go to the Duomo so...
we went. Haha.

the skies were clear, the weather was breezy, all was good.

cos in Italy, have to eat pasta, hence we dutifully had our first Italian meal,
in a super touristy restaurant (yep, not cheap) smacked right in front of the Duomo.

Just a note here, for all my trips on the Metro in Italy,
I chose the urban ticket at 1.50 euros per trip.
Its for one pax, one way and can get quite costly if you need to take the metro a few times a day.
If thats the case, you need to look for another option
but we usually walk about so this was fine for us.
The ticketing machines do have an option for you to purchase tickets in English
and beware of people hovering around the machines.
They would offer to help you purchase your tickets
but after that, they either take your change or ask you for compensation.
YC is naturally paranoid about strangers so he gave everyone the evil eye
but I have seen some other tourists being harassed.

On Day 2, we headed over to Florence via train
(i pre-booked all my tickets online via
Unlike the Eurostar, you don't have to check in early or such.
Simply turn up about 20 mins before your train is scheduled to depart,
check the board for your train's platform and just get on board.

Upon reaching Florence, the first thing we did was..
to look for Grom.
I need to explain a little about Grom.
Before we left for Italy, all I heard from YC's brother, YJ, was Grom.
He told us we MUST eat Grom like about 6-9 times daily.
And that did not include whatsapp reminders.
So I gather that Grom is a famous gelateria that sells gelato fairly cheaply
(at about 2.50 euros per cone, 2 scoops)
and the chocolate is ah-mehhhh-zingg and I need to try it before I die.

so, I grom-ed.
It got so bad that YJ was texting YC grom grom grom reminders everytime they whatsapp-ed
and I had to take a photo of YC holding a Grom cone outside the Grom shop,
pointing at the Grom sign to send to YJ just so he would calm down.
The chocolate was indeed fantastic and so were other flavours we tried
(crema di grom, hazelnut, more chocolate)
There is an outlet near the Duomo (yes! Another one!) in Florence
and fret not if the queue is long,
it will get to your turn pretty quick.

and like a dutiful instagrammer, i took my #ootd in the middle of some alley.
I am almost sure I could hear the Italians as they walked past me,
"those mad Asians and their photos..."

The next day we went outlet mall shopping!
To be exact we went to the Prada and Miu Miu outlet at SPACE only
cos I wasn't really interested in the other brands at the other outlet (The Mall)
As usual, I had the vaguest of all ideas on how to get there
so YC almost died at the train station but all is fine now!
The Space outlet in located at Montevarchi
and is either a 30 mins or 55 mins train journey from Florence depending on which train you catch.
You need to check the train schedules board in the terminal to make sure
you get on the 30mins trip train.
For some weird reason, I was directed by a super grumpy ticketing lady
to the tobacco/tabacchi shop to purchase my tickets
and it cost 11.40 euros for a return trip per pax.

So we got on the train only to realise,
we actually need to validate our train tickets at the small green machines
on the train platforms.
We didn't do that and no conductors came so..
actually, I could have taken that ride for free.
So while YC was questioning me on exactly how do I get to the outlet,
my confident reply was..just follow any Asian.
No kidding.
The moment I got off the train, I stalked this pair of Chinese guys like my life depended on it.
We just kinda chased after them and went where they went.
Which proved successful cos they got out of the station,
went to the taxi stand, conversed with a dodgy looking taxi driver
and turned around and starting shouting
"Plaza! Plaza!"
Yes, it took me a while to figure they meant PRADA.
Like any smart person, I grabbed YC, repeated "Prada" about a few more times just to make sure
and hopped into the cab after them.
It turned out to be some International Friendship cab or something
cos a young China girl came after us, followed by a bunch of Koreans,
those 2 guys were from Hong KOng and
ta daaaa, 9 happy Asians on their way to Prada shopping.
Okay, maybe 8. YC was still suspicious.

The outlet opens from 1030 am to 8pm
and every review I read asked me to go early.
Unfortunately, we reach around 12 plus and I knew why I had to go early.
There was fortunately no queue but the offerings were super limited.
They had wallets, key holders, card holders that were still retailing in stores
(as a gauge, a wallet is going for 240 euros, a key holder for 75 euros etc.)
but the bags were largely seasonal designs
so if you are going for the classic saffiano or nappa,
they do not have them :(
But they do have quite a large range of canvas bags and small pouches!

I...surprise! surprise! didn't get any bag there
and only got a key pouch in dark grey.
You will have to take a queue number before you enter the stores
and everytime you want something, you need to grab the item,
grab a salesgirl and tell her your queue number.
Make sure she writes the correct number down and attach it to your item.
She will then place the item at the cashier and you can collect it when you leave
with your queue number so please don't lose that piece of paper!
That said, this system isn't exactly fail proof cos
I saw a few others who had their items misplaced when they got to the cashier
and only have the sales people tell them nonchalantly,
"Sorry, cannot find. Last piece, no more."

another awkward ootd in another back alley.
the thing about Europe is that...damn, even their back alleys are pretty.

and.. I have never had that many gelatos in my life.

Day 4 in Italy was the day I lived to tell my tale.
We booked a day trip via Walkabout Tours,
departing from Florence to Cinque Terre,
a coastal village near west of La Spezia.
I highly highly recommend this day trip.
The guides were experienced, professional
(lunch was provided and they even thought about dietary preferences)
and it cost us about USD$120 but was worth every penny.
However, do note the day trip I took was the hiking one
(which i really didn't know til I was in Italy)
so please please prepare good shoes.

I hiked in the wildness (and I mean mud trails, steps,
puddles of water from recent rain, rocks etc. wildness)
for approx 2 hours from one town to the other in...
nude ballet flats.
the entire group were in trekking/hiking boots, running shoes,
YC had snazzy high cut sneakers and there I was,
in pretty nude slip-on ballet flats.
In my defense, we booked the trip just before we left
and I didn't read the itinerary. :(

yup. These flats.
I became known as the girl with those shoes.
I was a minor celebrity.
Everyone who walked past me just had to go,
"Oh no! Those shoes!"
"Wrong shoes!"
"Ohhhhh, your shoes!"
with varying degrees of shock, sympathy and alarm.
Even the nice American man climbing behind me JUST had to ask,
"Seriously, how are you doing in those shoes?"

the thing is, I survived,
and was rewarded with this.

and this.

and these.
I LOVE these red poppies.

we finally ended the trek at one of the villages
(where I got a small standing ovation at completing the trek with those shoes,
no kidding)

how cute is this? :)

and I had pineapple and strawberry gelato just to match my nails.

its really amazing how they build the houses.

and we ended the day with vino, just above the sea.
(okay, YC had wine. I got Coke.)

On Day 5, we headed over to Rome and spent the first day
roaming about Spagna area, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps
(which..isn't anything much really. Just a flight of steps)
Random men will approach you with flowers and ask you to take one for free
cos you are too pretty etc.
Paranoid YC says, just don't.
Cos I was unfortunate to bump into rainy weather
(which pretty much lasted til my last day in Italy)
i took lesser and lesser photos :(
The highlight of the day was finding San Crispino
(another gelateria, so famous it got mentioned in Eat, Pray, Love)
and trying out its banana gelato.
Close friends would know I am not much of a sweets person
but this banana gelato was soooo good,
i went back the next day for it again :)

Day 6 was the day we conquered all touristy spots of Rome.

This is the only touristy shot I have got cos...
it rained AGAIN and Colosseum was even darker and gloomier than usual,
and everything was... wet.

I needed to comfort myself so I google-d for cheap chinese food
and amazingly, it was really quite affordable!

We booked another day trip to Capri Island for Day 7
after seeing some gorgeous photos of it online
and this was by far, my worst day in Italy.

why is my only photo of Capri Island so sad looking? :(
I missed out the Blue Grotto cos of the weather (uggggh)
but our guide was so bad, I couldn't understand her 80% of the time.
FYI, we used Green Line Tours this time round
so please avoid them at all costs.
They basically just transported us from one vehicle to another,
coach to hydrafoil, to mini bus, walk 50 metres,
spend 20 mins in touristy shop, walk 20 metres, take one touristy photo,
lunch, 40 mins free time, another mini bus,
another hydrafoil, coach, hotel.
I wasted 15 hours on this trip. TEARS HAIR.
The only interesting thing was..the hydrafoil trip was so rough,
I have never heard so many people retching THAT loudly in one place before.

After that disappointing trip, we went back to Milan
for our last 2 days.
By then, I was totally sick of pasta/pizza/pasta/pizza.
I had so many carb loaded meals,
I dread to think of the weight I gained.

did silly things like buying Nutella snack packs
cos it came with its own drink! within the pack itself!
like how cool is that!

I wanted the smaller saffiano lux tote for the longest time
but it kept getting shelved for other bags.
I got it in Pomice which is the lighter grey,
and coincidentally, my key pouch is in Argilla, the darker grey.

one last ootd before i leave Italy, wearing YC's striped top
cos I totally packed for the wrong weather (YESSSS, AGAIN.)
and ran out of clothes to wear. Haha.
Unbelievable shoes! they are still alive!

so to end this super long and lengthy post,
I was looking through the things I bought
(with the exception of TGB - the gorgeous bag)
and this is what I found.

I went to Italy and came back with:
2 shoes and a packet of lemon sweets.

Totally me.

much love,

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

oh tear ducts and rust //

hola girlies - just a quick update before i scoot off to yoga!

i've been thinking... blogging sometimes is really hard work - i feel the need to blog only if i have something worthy to say (if not, what for?) and i write so much better when im depressed (if only you read my old blog in which i sound suicidal most of the time).
plus, blogging seems to be 10 times harder when you don't have pictures to show, and i've not been taking photos of late (just don't feel like it somehow) - so please pardon my absences on this space. 
not like anyone really cares... right? 
 sometimes i read my blog posts and i cringe because its like "this is what i eat... bam bam bam (photos)", "this is what i wear... bam bam bam (more photos)", "this is where i went... bam bam bam (even more photos)".
cringe max. since when did catharsis come to this?! 
i speak for myself when i say my standards of blogging have really gone down the drain.
and i think many of my close friends would agree -.-

anyhow, i just wanted to share my new favourite sandals! 
(yes, i have found another fave; im fickle like that.)

in dire need of a pedicure but that's another story altogether.
am currently considering buying another pair of this just in case this one falls apart :x

and because the weather's been so crazy, i've been living ALOT in my chiffon camis lately.

got both basic colours of the same top (its soooo comfy) and am waiting for topshop to release more colours  - preferably 5 more? so i can wear one colour every day? wahaha.
would you girls be interested in basic chiffon camis like these? think im kinda tired of rayon pieces already. suggestions perhaps?

aside, the samples for our summer eyelet top arrived! comes in S, M, L so everyone can have a piece, yay!
the details ain't clear here but i'll post another one when the stocks arrive.
here's how i'd make it summer-worthy anyway ;)

psssst.. we're launching the cute rattan crossbody bag this weekend! 
the insides are lined with country florals - super prettyyyy!

been having so many late nights rushing out pictures for the next collection in view of my staycation tomorrow and im glad im finally done with it! will be uploading the preview tomorrow morning so do look out for it on our Facebook page alright?

loooooong weekend ahead so hang in there girls! 
in case you're not feeling too well, here's a cute video that will make you melt:

check out 1:18 where the otter looks out for his partner before joining hands! awwwwww.

can't wait to spend some quality time with my otter for the next three days :')

have an awesome Vesak weekend y'all!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

ciao, Italy

this is kinda crazy
but I am blogging so late at night cos...
I am flying off to Italy in about 20 hours
despite landing in SG just 3 hours ago from a sourcing trip.
I foresee wonky sleeping hours and loads of sleep-deprived moments
in the next week to come. a dutiful blogger,
here I am with a quick update before my trip.

That said, this has gotta be one of my most spontaneous decisions this year.
I know spontaneity is cool but this is scaring me.
We booked our tickets just a week ago,
clobbered together an itinerary over the weekend
and suddenly, my luggage is half-packed.
I am still wondering what to do about the milk in the fridge.
Too fast, really.

Have been re-motivated to start dressing up again
after moving into the new office.
Not like I would see anyone but, oh wells, just because.
Some ootds i threw together the past week
when I was feeling particularly inspired.

I was actually just heading to a heartland mall for a late fri night movie
but I thought what-the-hell, I had enough of dressing down these days
so how about I wear something nicer?
YC didn't care/notice, no one in the cinema did either
but...I was happy, haha.

popped over to Halia at Raffles hotel for a late brunch
(actually, who am I kidding? It was lunch)
the food was a-okay, a tad salty honestly
but the service was excellent and it was a good quiet place to catch up with friends.

An outfit made up of loads of old stuff I stopped wearing.
Its kinda fun digging in my own wardrobe sometimes.
I re-discover old favs and come up with new combis.

The highlight of this photo was..
my newly bought blusher brush that I think is adorable.
I am also reminding myself to accessorize more these days.

and just because I was feeling dress-y,
this is what I wore just to run errands. HAHA.
In JASME blue summer knit top from MP and loads of black.

Lastly, cos these 2 photos simply don't fit anywhere...

I have been trying to homecook my breakfast and lunch these days.

and I got a new manicure just for this summer trip.

Praying for good weather, fantastic food and a peaceful journey.
Til we meet again 2 weeks later!

much love,

Saturday, May 11, 2013

when in doubt, drink.

two rounds of martinis and a bottle of vino with the girls last night - and im finally awake. 
thank god for friends who'd come out for drinks at a whim (i seriously needed one or more this week) and silly convos till wee hours of the morn :')

seven new photos since my last blog update: that's how i track my social activities these days. but a closer look at these seven tell me... most of them were taken when i was alone or with the boy/the sis. haha. 
says much about my lack of a social life? 
not that im complaining though. spent a glorious four days alone at home while the sis and folks went travelling - whipping up simple meals for self, rolling in my bed til noon, pottering around the house in my ratty tee and undies (hahaha), having tv dinners and snacks. awesome lone times, i swear.

unbridled freedom, day one. made myself a spam and egg sandwich for lunch. yums.

late night inking on skin, inspired by some online article: 

i've always been more of a right-brainer (i think, even though i'm sometimes quite the left-brainer too?!). 
i remember secondary school friends lining up to get doodled by me. we'd bring zebra markers to school and head to the girls' toilet during break and i'd be drawing temporary tattoos for them. and Mel C's (of Spice Girls) tattoos were sooo popular at that time, i'd be inking "Girl Power" (in mandarin characters) on most of my friends 'cos they wanted it bad, hahaha. 
yeah and if i was listening to Spice Girls in secondary school you can actually kinda guess how old i am. DAMN.

anyhowww, if you're thinking of what to eat this weekend:

BKT at little road - i love the white and peppery kind of BKT (not the black herbal ones) so imagine my elation when we drove past this place on a Monday to find it open! everything about this meal was good, especially the preserved veggies! this place's definitely gonna be our next favourite BKT hangout, woohoo.

desserts at wimbly lu - tried the root beer cake and found it to be a little... weird. maybe its just my tastebuds ? there were so many other things on the menu we wanted to try but it was almost closing when we went there so... all we had was that funny cake and a waffle. 
the boy's chocolate shake with baileys was very good tho!
this place's soooo near where he stays so i'll probably drag him there again, wahaha.

went to table manners again on friday. this time the food wasn't that swell but the dessert saved the day.

well, any warm fruity tart with vanilla ice icream never fails, right? :)


in other news, received my May trove from VanityTrove!

if you travel with me often or know me well you'd know i'm a sucker for travel-sized products - that's why Vanity Trove's a lifesaver. plus, i never stick to any particular brands because i believe i haven't found The One yet so what i do is to keep getting samples from makeup counters - very paiseh to do that all the time though :(
so... what better way to try out new products on a monthly basis than to subscribe to VanityTrove?

i haven't started on any products shown here yet except for the Nuxe cleansing gel. to be honest, i haven't heard much about Nuxe until a friend pointed out to me that their products are good. and after i posted this picture on my instagram, i had two buddies commenting the same thing so... it MUST be good right!
have been cleansing my face with this gel for two days now and i'm loving it - it has this soft floral scent and  i love the gel-based texture much! will be bringing it along on my work trip next week as well, yayyyy.

the next edition will be themed Summer Crush to prep us girls for sunny brunches and beach parties - im thinking high SPF products (i soo need these for beach holidays) and other awesome items so subscribe here by 14 may to receive the June edition!


am hoping the sky clears up and that it stays cool for the evening/night! heading for Shakespeare in the Park's Othello in a bit with the JC gang - complete with straw mats, light bites, and bubbly. can't wait!

*p/s: am selling a pair of SEA aquarium tix at $45 (usual price $58) for 23 May and another pair of USS tickets at $90 (usual price $108) for 25 May! interested parties please contact me via email at 

here's to a swell weekend! 


Thursday, May 2, 2013


It's May.
I have gotten the same bug as Sharmie.
Everyone IS going everywhere BUT ME.
-hugs sharms and cries pitiful tears-
I miss travelling.
Haven't been to any major cities this year
and I am itching to go somewhere pretty
and be on holiday mood.

I am really sorry about the lack of previews on the blog
cos we are still in the midst of moving office
and my get-up these days look more like:


speaking of which, i am wearing something upcoming from missypixie!
Its one of those basic muscle tee thats so good to pair with printed bottoms.
so good that drea took 4 out of 5 colours home. HAHA.

also showcasing our newly launched clear clutch.
I was looking high and low for the Zara version, finally found it in BKK
but it was kinda small for anything useful.
So this is a much much better size.

and since I haven't been going out much,
outfits have been pretty low-key this week.

trying out my fav summer colour combi of white & mint.

and tempting fate by wearing a blazer in our SG weather.
Did i die of heat that day?

super short update this week but if you are looking for previews
of upcoming missypixie items,
following us on instagram might be faster!
(@passionade for me and @druggedreams for sharms)

pssst, and if you are wondering what I kept from this Sunday's launch,
its KERRY side split maxi, MELISA lace tee and of cos,
ZOLA basic tee :)

Preview is up on FACEBOOK and go ahead and check it out!

much love,