Thursday, May 16, 2013

ciao, Italy

this is kinda crazy
but I am blogging so late at night cos...
I am flying off to Italy in about 20 hours
despite landing in SG just 3 hours ago from a sourcing trip.
I foresee wonky sleeping hours and loads of sleep-deprived moments
in the next week to come. a dutiful blogger,
here I am with a quick update before my trip.

That said, this has gotta be one of my most spontaneous decisions this year.
I know spontaneity is cool but this is scaring me.
We booked our tickets just a week ago,
clobbered together an itinerary over the weekend
and suddenly, my luggage is half-packed.
I am still wondering what to do about the milk in the fridge.
Too fast, really.

Have been re-motivated to start dressing up again
after moving into the new office.
Not like I would see anyone but, oh wells, just because.
Some ootds i threw together the past week
when I was feeling particularly inspired.

I was actually just heading to a heartland mall for a late fri night movie
but I thought what-the-hell, I had enough of dressing down these days
so how about I wear something nicer?
YC didn't care/notice, no one in the cinema did either
but...I was happy, haha.

popped over to Halia at Raffles hotel for a late brunch
(actually, who am I kidding? It was lunch)
the food was a-okay, a tad salty honestly
but the service was excellent and it was a good quiet place to catch up with friends.

An outfit made up of loads of old stuff I stopped wearing.
Its kinda fun digging in my own wardrobe sometimes.
I re-discover old favs and come up with new combis.

The highlight of this photo was..
my newly bought blusher brush that I think is adorable.
I am also reminding myself to accessorize more these days.

and just because I was feeling dress-y,
this is what I wore just to run errands. HAHA.
In JASME blue summer knit top from MP and loads of black.

Lastly, cos these 2 photos simply don't fit anywhere...

I have been trying to homecook my breakfast and lunch these days.

and I got a new manicure just for this summer trip.

Praying for good weather, fantastic food and a peaceful journey.
Til we meet again 2 weeks later!

much love,


Anonymous said...

Loving your OOTD!

May i know where is your black lace dress from?
& also the long necklance that you wore with your Zara striped skirt...looking for something similar!

Happy holiday-ing babe! :)

Anonymous said...

i really love how you blog and your fashion sense!! :) :)

Anonymous said...

love the lace dress. is it an upcoming item? wish i could go on a holiday too. wanderlust is kicking in booooo!

Anonymous said...

Where did you go for your manicure? Love the colour combi on your nails

missypixie said...

hello! the 'dress' is actually a lace top from h&m and a skirt from MP! necklace was from london :)

thank you!

did the manicure at a shop at City plaza, first floor!

Anonymous said...

hi there, would it be possible to share your Italy itinerary please? am heading there too! thanks much!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, mind sharing where you get the nude glittery pumps from? They look really comfortable yet elegant !

missypixie said...

the nude flats are from Forever 21 but got it about a year back :(