Wednesday, May 22, 2013

oh tear ducts and rust //

hola girlies - just a quick update before i scoot off to yoga!

i've been thinking... blogging sometimes is really hard work - i feel the need to blog only if i have something worthy to say (if not, what for?) and i write so much better when im depressed (if only you read my old blog in which i sound suicidal most of the time).
plus, blogging seems to be 10 times harder when you don't have pictures to show, and i've not been taking photos of late (just don't feel like it somehow) - so please pardon my absences on this space. 
not like anyone really cares... right? 
 sometimes i read my blog posts and i cringe because its like "this is what i eat... bam bam bam (photos)", "this is what i wear... bam bam bam (more photos)", "this is where i went... bam bam bam (even more photos)".
cringe max. since when did catharsis come to this?! 
i speak for myself when i say my standards of blogging have really gone down the drain.
and i think many of my close friends would agree -.-

anyhow, i just wanted to share my new favourite sandals! 
(yes, i have found another fave; im fickle like that.)

in dire need of a pedicure but that's another story altogether.
am currently considering buying another pair of this just in case this one falls apart :x

and because the weather's been so crazy, i've been living ALOT in my chiffon camis lately.

got both basic colours of the same top (its soooo comfy) and am waiting for topshop to release more colours  - preferably 5 more? so i can wear one colour every day? wahaha.
would you girls be interested in basic chiffon camis like these? think im kinda tired of rayon pieces already. suggestions perhaps?

aside, the samples for our summer eyelet top arrived! comes in S, M, L so everyone can have a piece, yay!
the details ain't clear here but i'll post another one when the stocks arrive.
here's how i'd make it summer-worthy anyway ;)

psssst.. we're launching the cute rattan crossbody bag this weekend! 
the insides are lined with country florals - super prettyyyy!

been having so many late nights rushing out pictures for the next collection in view of my staycation tomorrow and im glad im finally done with it! will be uploading the preview tomorrow morning so do look out for it on our Facebook page alright?

loooooong weekend ahead so hang in there girls! 
in case you're not feeling too well, here's a cute video that will make you melt:

check out 1:18 where the otter looks out for his partner before joining hands! awwwwww.

can't wait to spend some quality time with my otter for the next three days :')

have an awesome Vesak weekend y'all!



jesslyn fong said...

OMG!! i can't wait for the summer eyelet top!!
please tell me there are more colours to choose from and which size do you wear?

I'll camp for that!!

Grace said...

ooh don't worry about the blogging, i love outfit posts as well as more serious wordy ones!! please post more outfits and outfit inspirations :3

Anonymous said...

Yesss! Please do come up with basic chiffon camis like topshop's! In sizes/colours too! It will be a super awesome weather-appropriate top since the weather nowadays are crazily warm and humid

Anonymous said...

what kind of bra do you wear with the topshop cami tops? Isn't it kinda sheer!!!! :/

missypixie said...

jesslyn: there's only white and canary yellow to choose from! i think i might be wearing an L for this item 'cos its body-hugging! (:

grace: hahaha good to know that! will do! ;)

anon1: okay!!

anon2: just very good nude bras? haha. can't see anything since the cami is loose fit! (:

Anonymous said...

hi.. where did u get the sandals from?? thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Can I know where did u get those awesome sandles from?

missypixie said...

anon3, anon4: sandals are from m)phosis!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! may I know how much did you pay for the sandals? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Chiffon is much better! :D Please launch in basic white and black and pop colors like cobalt blue. & do bring back chiffon racerfront tops of a long length!

Anonymous said...

Omg!!!!!! Mad love the eyelet top, LOVE IT!!!! I can't wait to get it~ what size should a UK8 wear and how much will it be around $$$?? I am a new fan btw :-) and how much is the straw bag launching soon? Gotta get $!! Thank you ^_^

missypixie said...

anon3: i think it was around 39!

anon4: ditto that!

anon5: hi dear so sorry just saw this! the straw bag's already launched and the eyelet top will probably only be launched next month or something? it will definitely be below $30 - pricing tbc! and if you are a uk8 i think S or M should fit fine.. do wait for the measurements to be up before you decide! :)