Thursday, June 27, 2013

Counting down...D-2

2 days away from our summer launch event
and its just my rotten luck to fall sick :(
Am down with a really bad case of sore throat
and fever that comes and goes.
The office hasn't been so quiet in a long while...

But on the bright side,
here are some updates of the event!
Firstly..our wonderful goodie bag
that would not have been possible without the support
from our kind and generous sponsors.

a huge sincere thank you to all of you
who made this possible :)

We really put in a lot of effort to secure these sponsors so they cover a wide range of products and services such as Biore's Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets, Essential's famed hair masks, Liese Styling Milk and more! We even roped in Masego The Safari Spa for facial or massage services and The Nail Status for manicure & pedicure deals. There is also Browhaus to work their magic on your brows and Strip, Ministry of Waxing to keep your skin smooth with their signature Berry Chocolate wax & IPL! Fret not, we also remembered to keep your bellies happy with vouchers from Momma Kong's and The Yogurt Place plus on-site refreshments from Jara Petit Mini Cheesecups! Last but not can get to enjoy photography services by Gabriel Chua at a discount and of course, missypixie threw in some fab vouchers too :)

and this is a sneak peek of some of our bottoms going on sale,
all for less than $15!
I can't stress how crazy the discounts are this time round
cos we are really slashing prices like mad left and right
so if you are in the mood for some really good deals,
remember to stop by!


29th June 2013 Saturday (1pm to 6pm)


see ya!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

i haze the weather

Its kinda crazy cos just a while ago,
my group chat sounded and everyone was yelling..
"PSI 290!!!"
Then FB went mad and everyone keeps going,
"10 more, 10 more and its PH"
Social media - best news update.

In case you are wondering what this is all about,
the haze situation in SG is getting pretty bad
and we just hit a all-time high of 290.
The view out of my window looked as if
someone was burning something the entire day.
I have since been cooped up in aircon comfort
and worrying about my clothes hanging out to dry.

Haze worries aside,
I have been pigging out quite a bit this week
on chicken rice, fantastic crabs, more chicken rice
and the occasional Korean BBQ.

I don't really like desserts but this was an exception :)

trying to cancel out the effects of too much good food
by restricting post-dinner snacks to this.

and also hoping to eat better for clearer skin,
no doubt helped by this month's trove from Vanity Trove
love getting little surprises like this mailed to my doorstep monthly!

The past week also saw me waking up at some ungodly hour
for a lookbook shoot with drea and Amanda.

we were so early, we could catch the sunrise.
It was beautiful though.

More images of our lookbook up on our Facebook HERE
and this is one of our personal favs :)

Also, some outfits I threw together the past week.

wearing my new weekend buy, loving the details on this New Look top :)

mixing old pieces together cos we launched flare pants this week
and I remembered mine. Haha.

bought the cutest bright tiny bag and couldn't wait to bring it out
the very next day.

my obsession for stripes might have just crossed the line
(ohhhh, bad pun. MUAHAHAHHAHA)

Lastly...if you haven't heard..

Expect..items going as low as $10 to $18.
Fantastic goodie bags with product samples and vouchers.
Sweets for our sweets.
Firsthand picks at our new summer designs.
Loaaaadddsss of good deals, really!

Remember to follow me on Instagram @passionade
for the lastest updates!
We have a lot of amazing stuff prepared
so drop by if you are free that day :)

much love,

Saturday, June 15, 2013

one blessed summer.

i've come to realise that only girls do week-long or even month-long birthday celebrations: there's the pre-birthday, the day itself, then the belated gatherings. guys just... gather their friends altogether in a day, have some drinks, and get it over and done with, hahaha. why lidat!!

had a helluva birthday celebration last weekend and i didn't want it to end :(

it all started with a pleasant surprise by the boy and his family - he lied to me he needed to use the restroom urgently at one of the macdonald's outlets in the hood and when i went in with him, there they were, hiding in a corner with a helium balloon and lychee martini cake, hehe.
i had just came back from a sourcing trip the previous day and spent the entire day in the office slaving which explains the super bare face... but pics anyway!

friday night korean BBQ dinner at amara with the G2 girls and an overdose of makkoli at Wabar thereafter, where the clock struck 12 and they waved assorted vegetables in my face in celebratory style while screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY (for lack of pompoms). weird friends have i!

a must-order at every korean place for me. i love seafood pancakes! 
reminds me of the times in korea where i'd buy them from booths and eat them piping hot, out of brown paperbags, hands stained in oil. mmm-mmmmm.

more cake! obviously my diet went out of the window that weekend.

makkoli shots to end the night, before spending the first hour of my birthday getting a (very painful) footrub with the girls on a whim. heh.

rise and shine for birthday brunch at House with the fam!
too bad the parents weren't around... they're currently gallivanting in Russia -.-

with my 小坏蛋 baby K!

he had a field day devouring all the fries on the table.

and there was the birthday cake i requested for - yay!

specifically asked for red velvet too, hehe.

didn't really make any plans this birthday so we just hopped over to PasarBella after brunch to check the place out, got some coffee, then headed to town to catch a movie. i didnt smell a rat when the boy insisted i book seats for the show at Lido 'cos he likes the cinema but unfortunately for him there weren't any good seats left... so before the movie at Cineleisure he said he wanted to shop at Wheelock - and that was when the bells in my head started ringing cos... WHO SHOPS AT WHEELOCK?! so when he started walking from Wheelock towards Shaw i was like ARE YOU BRINGING ME TO AOKI!!!

and yes he was :D


the famed beef don! i can't even... it was almost comparable to the kobe beef i had in hokkaido.

oh goshh looking at it now just makes me want to have it again :(
but the meal was one of the most expensive ones i've ever had (gulps) so we'll probably only revisit on very special occasions! thanks to the boy for the treat :)))

the day after - brunch again with my secondary school girlfriends!
finally checked out artichoke and i really quite like the place!

here is my friend shuz who always complains she doesnt get any airtime on my blog so here she is!!!
hahaha don't kill me.

lastly, dinner at fordham&grand with another buncha girlfriends last night! 
wanted to head to beerfest but decided against it in the end so we ended up chilling at some champagne bar (drinking tea and having cake, haha). 

i know i might get flak for saying this but i do love a good plate of foie gras.

forgot a picture with the girls before we split up :(
but thanks for the treat again girls! xoxo all around.

and since im still on the topic of birthdays... here's one of my favourite presents this year.
you can count the candles if you wanna know how old i am now, bah.

awwwwww this just made me melt lah :')

jellies from the boy / an opening ceremony for the wallet i bought last year.


i have some outdated outfit shots and a slew of pictures of healthy meals (have been cooking of late since the mothership's not home) but i think i will leave this blog post as it is - didn't think it'd take so long to blog but this post took me almost 3 hours to complete -.-

am thankful for so much love this June.
next up, a weekend trip to BKK and another impromptu weekend escapade to HKG with the sis. CANNOT WAIT.

have a good weekend y'all!

all my xoxo,