Saturday, June 1, 2013

this June.

i feel inspired to blog about fitness and health today, seeing that i've just made my first step this morning having nothing but a meal replacement shake and some roasted nuts. 

why, you ask me?

thing is, i have been exercising on a regular basis (cardio/weights/yoga, at least two times a week) ever since i got myself a personal trainer some 4 years ago. i was of course, at my lightest during my intensive training. have since put back the weight i have lost after the 48 sessions were over but im pretty sure at least half of the weight's in the form of muscles now because i compare my pictures and my face is NOTHING as round as that of '09. 

i feel stronger, more toned, have better stamina, and don't fall sick like i used to anymore but... i haven't dropped a dress size. i still can fit into items i used to wear in my university days which is well, good - because i have maintained my size well (hahaha) but also bad - because it means im not really going anywhere with my workouts. which means my workouts have to be intensified in order for my body to be re-conditioned again but... its really hard to do it without a personal trainer. i mean, the boy's a trainer but he's usually too tired after a full day of training to train me :( at most we do some functional training at the park and end off with a run and that's about it... the rest of the week's up to me. 
you know what happens when there's no one to push you - and fitness inspiration quotes can only do this much.

which leads me to my eventual decision that i can no longer just stick to my regular exercise regime - will be upping the frequency and/or intensity of my own exercises (i swore i pushed my legs to jelly after 3 reps of leg curls and extensions that day...) and the fact that.... I SERIOUSLY NEED TO RE-LOOK MY DIET.

i don't eat alot, really. but i do have a low metabolic rate. which means i need to stop skipping meals (especially breakfast), eat small frequent meals, and work towards a leaner body mass. i blame part of this on genetics (no one's skinny in my family) but since i can't change my genes, i'll change my lifestyle, no?


i've since started on meal shakes and will be stocking up on healthy nuts and fruits as snacks.
will also start cooking for my lunches (kel: please note, haha) and will hit the gym whenever i can!
this is a commitment to myself to treat my body better as i inch towards the big 3-0. 
as they say... if you love your body, your body will love you back.

im not aiming for weight loss here (really, numbers on the scale are just numbers) but rather, pushing myself to hit new fitness goals (toned body ftw!). more importantly, i'm aiming for a lifestyle change that will see me through the last two years of my late twenties and as i embrace a stronger, better, toner, me :)

here's to eating clean, training mean, living lean.
this, is my birthday resolution of the year.

wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

you have my fullest support.
date me out for training/yoga.


Anonymous said...

AND, martinis soon.


missypixie said...

bambi: join me at true? yes, i will have my off days - thats when martinis happen ;) XOXO.

Anonymous said...

where do you get your meal shakes? :) do they taste good?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon may I check how much did you pay for your membership at true?

missypixie said...

anon1: i got mine from herbalife! i mean its not really very nice, haha, but i heard its one of the better ones around! i got the vanilla flavour by the way :)

anon2: hi! i bought my membership when the tampines outlet just opened and i had a friend working there so i had a good price.. think im paying about $86/mth right now for 2 years but my membership lasts for 2 and a half years! so it works out to be $50++/mth! not sure if the rate is the same now though :)

Alethea said...

I know exactly what you mean Sharon! I do gym and exercise and I've been watching my diet but the scale seems to hate me still. I reckon I have the same problem you do: low metabolic rate! So all the best Sharon!!! I look forward to updates about your fitness regime! ^^

Anonymous said...

What did you keep from the collection tmr? Btw is the Shelby top sheer? The cutting looks the same as zola muscle tank!

missypixie said...

alethea: i know right!! its so irritating -.- haha. thanks for your well wishes and i do hope there will be good news! ;)

anon3: hey dear i kept ADELA :) and nope, SHELBY is not the same as ZOLA - its more of a shell top than a muscle top.. definitely more flattering! and nope its not sheer 'cos its fully lined!