Wednesday, July 31, 2013

i'll stop the world and melt with you;


where did half of the year go?! :(

12th; celebrated the boy's birthday!
in my new favourite skirt no less.

been missing the Florentine steak we had twice in Italy - and his client recommended we make a date at Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse 'cos it apparently serves the best Florentine steak in town. 

it was so hard to take a photo without the T-bone looking gory and bloody but heck, it was really one of the best steaks i've ever had. beats morton's or lawry's hands down any day. 

flatbread/bruschetta for starters, and our die-die-must-order side of creamed spinach. YUMS.

headed for a movie thereafter with our stuffed bellies and went for a light dinner at poulet.
and when i say "light" i actually mean the boy has 1 main instead of 2 and we have 2 appetisers instead of 4. 
no joke.

food is really pretty decent at this joint! 

the super memorable escargots that we spat out the moment it went into our mouths because..
it was too freaking HOT. hahahaha. we both went home with burnt tongues that night.

the boy looking slightly retarded, a face he often gives when forced to smile for photos.
in any case, here's to a blessed year ahead love. x 

17th; met up with two of my closest mates from uni.
we ate, we talked, ate some more, talked some more, and found ourselves wound up at a bar past midnight, baring our souls, making sense of things, and trying to get our hearts un-wrung.

dates like these i'll never forget.

beef pho at nam nam and recalling our grad trip days in vietnam (: 

18th; celebrated kel's birthday!
successfully pulled off a surprise with the help of my scheming partners in crime.

you wouldnt believe the trauma i had to go through late in the night, spending hours looking at donghae's pictures -.-
since she didn't post this, and im itching to show off, here is the couple photo i did up for her.

anyone else wants to commission me to do a photo? i'll take $10 a pop. hahaha.

20th; brought the folks out to brunch!

artichoke's mezze platter is the bomb - glad my dad enjoyed it!
shall make it a point to bring them out more often to new establishments (: 

23rd; finally got a taste of After You's famous Honey Shibuya Toast.
we couldn't finish it but it was SO GOOD. 

(berrr where were you when we needed you!?)


and in between all that feasting i've been reading, 

(almost cried at the last few chapters. i swear i love depressing prose.)

trying my best to wear dresses on non-occasions, 

finally getting my hands on this clear clutch i've been lemming for,

cooking my own lunches and eating clean on the weekdays. 

contrary to popular belief the photo above shows oats soaked in yoghurt and not mashed potatoes -.-

 chicken + avocado + honey mustard on bread = WINNING COMBI.
i can haz this for every meal!

and because my mom went on a cha soba rampage in the organic department that day, here are my eats of late:

and yes im sure by now you know which is my favourite plate of the moment. HAHA.


ending this post with my act-cute-aza-aza-fighting-im-going-to-conquer-gym face 'cos im gonna be there in three hours again. this, after last night's hatha where i almost died holding my downward dog against the wall.


p/s: anyone has a West Coast USA road trip itinerary to share? preferably one along the Pacific Coast Highway? email me at won't you? thanks in advance! ;)


Thursday, July 25, 2013


I turned 28 last weekend with the most unique of all celebrations.
Starting from Thursday all the way til Monday,
things were certainly...different this year.

Like..have I mentioned that I suspect I am suffering from late puberty
and am now only starting to fangirl over Kpop boys and their songs?
I skipped this whole idol thing when I was in my teens
and look what happened.
Now that I am old and lumpy, I am starting to gush about some random guy
in a far away country who doesn't even speak my language.
In any case, I happen to like Donghae from Suju and..
i THINK i might have overdone my fangirling for him cos,
I am not kidding when I said I had a Donghae-themed birthday this year.

It started when the girls sprang a surprise at (appropriately) a Korean BBQ restaurant
when I thought everyone was going to be late,
and I was about to die from hunger.
So imagine my shock when I entered the place and they burst into song,
and I thought I could die.
If that wasn't bad enough, I got closer to the table and found..

THIS staring at me.
I couldn't stop laughing for 10 mins I tell you.
Donghae-themed cake toppers done by Sharms with pretty scallop edges even.
Especially since she had to search for all his images
and she doesn't even like him. HAHA.

Then it got funnier when we were preparing to take photos
and she kept yelling,
"grab donghae! grab donghae!"
I was like,

Oh. There.
She made a Donghae balloon for me.
It gets even more embarrassing cos she actually photoshopped a couple pic of
my head on top of some model in a photoshoot with him.
I am not even showing that to the world because..I just...can't.

with partner #1 in crime, Ber,
who claimed she almost died driving with Donghae's head floating next to her.

and #2 & #3 "not so shou friends" who did all sorts of mortifying things
they probably still regret til this day.
(that said, our karaoke song&dance is indeed a classic, haha)

last but not beloved partner!!
Am super duper touched that you did so much for me
and I guess you are right, people DO express their love in different ways :)
Basically, the best analogy for our friendship is this..
I am like an affection starved puppy begging for love
and Sharms is the cool cat that barely blinks.
But we do get along, and we get along fabulously well :)
You can kill me but..LOVE YA BABE!!!!

here was what I wore for my bday party number 1
and am loving how poufy the skirt is for this dress :)

plus a hastily taken pic of our dinner which was delicious
(do check out Togi at 111 Somerset for good Korean food!)

Then, met up with some of the girls the next day for a short dinner.
I wasn't expecting anything but..

hello Donghae Cake #2.
Lynn stressed that it is different because instead of many small ones,
she specifically found one big, HALF NAKED one.
with the emphasis on half naked.
Seriously, I don't know what my friends were thinking.

Thankfully, the birthday weekend came about
and YC isn't that inclined to indulge my fangirl-ism
so we had a peaceful dinner with the family at Buffet Town at Raffles City.
I consider the spread pretty good and extensive,
plus its rather affordable :)

I have a separate wardrobe for buffet outfits. Haha.

sadly, only managed one photo with my sis,
my family picture was ruined by my over enthusiastic brother in law
and his experiments with multiple shots.

a rare photo op with YC :)

On my actual day, we went for dimsum at Taste Paradise
and a surprise staycation, yaaaaay!

dessert came in a bowl with dry ice spluttering out from the sides
and I kept feeling like my bowl was going to take off. Haha.

arrived at W Hotel and it was totally gorgeous.

sneak peek of an upcoming floral tie back dress. :)

and I love how the breakfast juices come in individual bottles :)

and when I came back home on Monday night,
Mella called to say she had to send me a special delivery.

I am not kidding, she made a (almost) lifesize Donghae standee for me.
He is just randomly standing in my study room now,
scaring YC with his silhouette everytime he walks past the room. HAHAHAHAHA.
Heck, sometimes he scares me even cos I keep seeing someone
out of the corner of my eyes.
The things people do for their BFF.
It's okay babe, your birthday is coming soon and I will return the favour. Heh.

At the end of the whole birthday weekend,
all I can deduce is..
I might have been gone overboard with my fangirling,
and everyone is simply indulging me
BUT...the moral is..

I really really think so. Ha.

much love,