Thursday, July 4, 2013

Crabs at Momma Kong's

I am on a crab rampage recently.
Ever since I came back from Italy
(where I overdosed on way too much pasta & pizza)
all I wanted to eat was crabs.
Chili, black pepper or my recent fav, crab beehoon.
I don't care.
Someone up there must have heard me
cos the next thing I know,
YC's ex-school mate has a crab shack (that's really what they call it)
and they were planning to visit him.
We went 2 weeks ago and it was sooooooo good,
I approached them for vouchers for our Summer Launch event goodie bag
just so you all could go try it for yourself!

Was also mad lucky to go back again with Sharms & Ber
for another round cos honestly,
good things are really meant to be shared.

First things first, the place is called Momma Kong's
and its located conveniently at Mosque Street.
Usually when I want my crab fix,
I always go to Chinese restaurants with plastic flapping sheets
and typically Chinese food,
so imagine my delight at this ambience twist,
complete with adorable (for the lack of better word) shell cracker!

the place is pretty cosy so if you are going with a large group,
its good to call to reserve ahead!

they have a really straight forward menu,
they are a crab shack and they only serve crabs (all approx 650g each),
cooked in 4 different way - steamed, black pepper, chili or with bee hoon.
There are minimal sides (such as fried veggies and this interesting concoction of topshells in a jar)
because they believe that fresh crabs should shine without the need for fanciful sides.

my rubber shell cracker!
finally someone makes a non-slip one
cos the metal ones keeps slipping
and its crazily hard to get a proper grip.

The crabs are going for $38 per crab
and if you order any 3, it would be $110
so we went ahead with 3 crabs, cooked differently
and a must-have side order of the fried buns.

Introducing, black pepper.
You can't see it here but the orange crab roe fell out of the shell
and mixed with the black pepper sauce
so when you eat it with fried buns..
its like an eggy salty spicy mixture of goodness.

The chili crab is not the usual kind that they cook with peanut chunks,
its a little sweet but the punch comes later.
Probably when you are scooping it up with bits of mantous.

and my personal fav - crab beehoon.
I only started eating this crab dish last year
and usually, one spoonful of the soup tells me how good it is.
This soup is ah-meh-zing.
Its thick, flavourful (no MSG, I checked), with little bits of roe
and when mixed with a little sambal chili,
AHHHHHHH. To die for.
I really want a bowl now :(

and my ultimate ultimate fav.. FRIED MANTOU.
This is really DA BOMB, i am not kidding you.

look how soft and fluffy it is inside..
while the outside remains crisp and crunchy.
Its fried mantou like I never seen before.

I am really sorry I launched into eating
and remembered to take one single photo mid-way.

Post-crabs, everyone is happy!
(we ordered even more mantous is definitely not enough)

haven brought my cam out for the longest time
so camwhore sesh begins.
But there was something majorly wrong with Ber that day...
she. won't. stop. giggling.
I have 15 photos of us looking like this,
me happy, she looking like she is about to spit in my face
from holding in her laughter.

There are no pics of her and Sharms cos..
it was even worst.

and I apologise,
the only photo we took that was proper
had me doing weird things.
But its okay, Sharms is used to it.

And finally,
here is the full contact info for Momma Kong's

34 Mosque Street
Singapore 059512
6225 2722
Closed on Mondays so do take note!

And they also have this monthly free flow special
that takes place on the first Sunday of each month,
between 7pm to 10pm
(next one would be 7th July!)
Its basically FREE FLOW of
1. Crabs (Black Pepper/ Chili)
2. Sides (Deep Fried Mantous (!!!), Spicy Tangy Top Shell, French Fries & more)
3. Alcohol (Beer, Wine, Nikka Whisky)
4. Drinks (all non-alcoholic ones!)

for only...$58/pax.
I am not kidding when I say they already have reservations slotted for months ahead
so if you are interested, hurry gather friends who can eat, can drink, ALOT
and call them!

If you are drooling by now,
you would love us cos...
we are giving away Momma Kong's vouchers!
Just leave a comment with your email address,
let us know your fav crab dish and
why you love it so much
and we will pick 10 lucky winners :)

much love,


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Where did you get your striped top?

missypixie said...

lynn; YES YOU DID. :))))

anon: from forever 21!

missypixie said...

will be replying the winners of this giveaway soon so hang in there!

Hannah Chia said...

Awesome!!I went Momma kong recently.And Yes,the crabs are really good!!!!