Monday, July 15, 2013


I have been feeling kinda lost and a little bit down
these past few weeks so...
i can't muster up chirpy paragraphs of my life :(
sincere apologies but this is one of those
'dump-all-my-pics-before-they-get-too-old' posts
while i go work out my thoughts. hmmm.

Firstly, thanks to everyone who came down for our summer launch!
I know the air-con was wonky and I apologise for the discomfort
but I hope you got great buys and please use the vouchers!

also thanks to crazy friends who came and stayed (almost) the whole day just hangin'
I can't remember if I said this before but I find it harder to find new friends
as we get older.
Not that I am complaining about my old ones
(you know who you are and I love you all,, MUACKS)
but meeting new people that I can 'click' with and hang out is getting increasingly rare.
So am really thankful to meet this bunch of girls and even happier that we are friends :)

i haven't updated in such a long time
that this pic was taken during the haze period. Erps.
but its exactly how i would love to work a dress-down day.
A plain maxi, some prints, some colour.

have not been taking a lot of outfit shots
(more like outfit-laid-out-on-floor as you would see below)
but needed to take this cos flutter sleeves tops are the nicest when worn :)
scored a crop flutter sleeve top ala the one at ZARA,
just cheaper and slightly longer (which translates to 'easier to wear')
and I am adding it to my ever-increasing white tops collection.
i am thinking of pairing it with pencil skirts, printed pants, maxis even.

you know how sometimes you buy something,
already knowing how exactly you would wear it?
this top was one of those buys.
I already knew i wanted to wear it with white shorts and a bright bag.

i really dress according to my moods cos this outfit was created
in the midst of my huge sore throat attack 2 weeks ago.
I was really feeling cold, grey and grumpy.
but who says being sick means you gotta look like crap?

pants to work one day and I probably shocked sharms as usual, haha.
its weird that i love flouncy dresses and girly stuff so much
but somedays just wanna wear andro looking stuff.
or in my language, do a "Mella"
(Mella is my BFF who dresses super cool and is definitely on the waaaay opposite end of girly)

see what i mean about flouncy skirts?
Can't stay away from them for too long. Sighs.
Plus, I am getting old. There are limited years I can still wear such skirts.
I need to make use of them asap. :(

I usually like bright colours and prints
but somedays, dressing up is a chore.
Then I would pick an item that I haven't worn in a while,
and try to do an entire outfit around it.
In this case, it was the ZARA skirt (which is indecently short but thats another story)
so I pulled out my plain black top.
And I wanted to use my new white bag..and..
suddenly a black&white outfit is created.

I post my #ootd shots much earlier on Instagram (@passionade)
so do follow for quicker updates!

speaking of which we just launched these cheery box bags on MP
and you gotta go get them cos it is really the easiest way to spice up your outfit!
I took the cream one cos i have been lemming for a white bag forever
and I am still strangely drawn to the hot pink one
even though i just got my coral one from Zara.

Lastly..I have been making this combination for lunch
and the looks that i get from people when I tell them whats inside
is just....incredible.

soba noodles with chili tuna flakes, edamame, cherry tomato & an egg.
Is it weird???
Cos sharms thinks I am totally weird when I proudly show her my lunch.
And then to confirm, I came home and asked YC and even made it
and he took a mouthful...
and mumbled that he is cooking instant noodles instead.
Am i the only one who actually likes this?!

much love,


Anonymous said...


Is the pants in the post coming out in Missypixie?

missypixie said...

they are from cotton on :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, may i know when will your stock in the new arrivals [21st July] at the shop?

Anonymous said...

hi! is it possible to have more exciting willow designs? as it's getting a little boring to view collections after collections with those basic wears.thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, where did u get your black strap sandals in your last outfit post from? The outfit w Zara shorts and plain black tee and white bag.

missypixie said...

anon: hello! we are stocking it in on 22nd July evening :)

anon1: exciting, as in prints? Or? I am open to suggestions!

anon2: got it from charles & keith!

Anonymous said...

Would Love to see printed flare pants! Floral maxis dress! Hehehe just suggesting!

Anonymous said...

Hi girls, I tried to search for Taiwan posts but none of the pics can load? Do u think u can help me with that?

missypixie said...

hello! sorry but the links are all wrong now so we can't load them either :( perhaps you can just read the descriptions!