Wednesday, July 10, 2013

i be trippin'

two weekend escapades in a month sure does a whole lotta good to the soul.

i once did an interview as a student reporter with some singaporeans who tried coming back to this country after having stayed away for a long time and one of them, who was trying her best to re-integrate, found herself taking many short trips away from the island. 
"these trips help me regain my sanity", she said. 
how true, how true.

first, to bangkok with the boy and his fam, visiting places i would usually never.

travelling light with my essentials in the land of smiles!
an anti-bacterial gel is a must, haha.

was fascinated at Chocolate Ville - a manmade themed restaurant about an hour's drive away from the city.

it totally didnt feel like thailand!

also visited some places that i never got to - 

the kitkat monster cake looks damn appetising but it was quite a let-down. 
do try the chocolate ferraro if you're there - it was damnnn goooood!

also did a short getaway with the sis to hongkong last weekend!

fresh off the plane with just a few hours of sleep -.-

sunnies to the rescue!!

then it was off to complete our list of TO-EATS. 
it was really a 买东西, 吃东西, 买东西, 吃东西 trip this time round.
needless to say my diet went out of the window, again. not too good at this, am i :(

 had this last year before it came to SG and it was so memorable, i queued a good hour at the SG outlet for it... but i didn't get the same vibes. really.
it does taste much better at its origin!

then it was off to DFS for some shopping, where i got my Best Buy of The Year, muahaha.
which explains why i am now broke. haaai. 

tsui wah for condensed milk toasts and awfully sinful (but so goood) curry pork chops.


yee shun milk company -

Yung Kee -

 小肥羊 Hot Pot!

the legendary cold noodles!! my faveeee. 
ran to the store in hope of getting another serving before i left for the airport but it wasn't open and i felt my heart break :'(

agnes b cafe -

awesome mango delights at Dessert Playground!
they don't look super appetizing i know, haha, but lookie at the mango rose!!

random shots on the public transport 'cos thats what girls do when they travel together.

they don't do this like we do though. MUAHAHAHA.

had so much funnnnn. now now, time to save up for the next trip!


aside, wanna thank all those who came down for our private launch and sale!
here are some shots if you missed it :)

special thanks to Jara Petit again for sponsoring their delightful cheesecups for the event!

noticed quite a few customers who wore missypixie apparel to the event!
super heartwarming can :')  
THANK YOU ALL!! We will make the next event bigger and better, promise!

and before i scoot off for dinner with the sisters, here's a sneak peek of the pretty cutout romper that'll launch this weekend! the material is one of the most luxe we have ever used so please wait up for it!! 

do follow me at @druggedreams on instagram for timelier updates? haha. 
micro-blogging is so much more fun and convenient to say the least ;)

have a happy week ahead y'all!



Anonymous said...

Where did you get the bag in the first picture from? And the upcoming romper is so darn pretty! <3

Annie Ngai said...

hi babe, do u mind sharing with me the location at bkk you shared? Would like to go to this nice place.. didnt know bkk got such a nice place! Thanks in advance!

missypixie said...

anon1: hi dear! the bag's from topshop, and yes the upcoming romper is super pretty heheh

annie: hi back! the place is called Chocolate Ville and you can get more details at its FB page at! you will need to take a cab over and the ride is about an hour :) you do need to make a reservation before going over tho - just PM them on FB!

Anonymous said...

Hey babe, do the upcoming rompers come in sizes? Also, how about the pinafore in the fb preview pics?

Anonymous said...

omg! the white lace bareback romper! so pretty!! launching it online? :)

penny said...

hi, the romper that was on the mannequin for your sale looks pretty!! will it be available?

Anonymous said...

Is the Mira Racerfront Tank not gonna be launched online at all?

missypixie said...

anon2: so sorry for the late reply! the romper comes in S and M and pinafore only comes in one size!

anon3/penny: yes the openback lace romper will be up for launch soon :) its mad pretty in real life!!

anon4: yes it will be - think we are launching it next weekend!