Sunday, August 18, 2013

and we're burning one hell of a something //

i've been quite the homebody lately.

this, in a bid to save more money for my upcoming trip (three more weeks omggg) and also, i've been really enjoying being a lone ranger. case in point: went out on wednesday to run some company errands and thought i'd just be home in a bit but instead i grabbed myself a cuppa, finished a book, collected my printouts, had another tea break, did some shopping, browsed for over an hour in the bookstore, went home with three new reads and i felt Suuuuuuuper Happy.
 i mean, this loving me-time thing isn't new at all but these days i really wish i can shut out some things, some people, some noises... the house gets incredibly crowded on weekends and sometimes all i want to do is to run.

it may just be pms but whatever it is, i wish sometimes people can just leave me alone to do my own thang :/
and if i sound like im not easy to live with, its probably true. not gonna deny that, hahaha.

i've been also spending an insane amount of time researching on our road trip; my itinerary's currently 11 pages long and i've not even started on San Fran. hahaha. you see, i'm a really detailed planner and there's nothing i love more than lists - addresses, opening hours, entrance fees, car parks, check-in times, distances, drive times - you name it, i have it. 

and besides typing all these down in a massive word document (maps inclusive) i've also been mentally prepping my outfits for the trip. the boy has already given his stern warning for me to not overpack because we will be travelling everywhere with our bags in the boot the entire trip.... 
you see, im also quite the Snail. i carry everything everywhere with me, without which i feel insecure. 
on normal days my bag is filled with:

 2 wallets (one personal and one work)
1 card holder
1 key pouch
Samsung galaxy Note 
the occasional waterbottle/umbrella
2 packs of tissue
sometimes a pack of wet tissue too

so you hardly see me with a small bag because, oh well, HOW CAN I FIT THESE INTO A CLUTCH?!

that said, i've overpacked on quite a few trips lately, especially when its winter because LAYERING IS KEY, hahaha. it kinda drove the boy crazy especially when he found out i brought 3 pairs of boots on one particular trip. this was not including the pair of shoes i was already wearing on the plane. 
aiyahhh, one was knee high, one ended at the mid of my calves, and the other was an ankle-high pleather one. some more they were all of different colours whaaaaat. im sure you girls will understand? :) 

so this time, since its gonna be summer, i swear i'll be a good girl.
will be bringing tonnes of seperates so i can mix and match - think light chiffon tanks, printed shorts, summer dresses, rompers, maybe one or two cotton maxis... maybe one or two pieces of outerwear (maybe it'll get windy at night?) and two sets of footwear?! but now its kinda looking like i NEED a minimum of three pairs - track shoes, slippers and sandals.. for the different terrains? oh gosh, bless me.

here's a sneak peek of what (i think) my outfits are gonna look like in Cali!
easy breezy ftw.

*note to self: i NEED a fringe bag!

can't wait to pack! i lovvveeee packing. can't say the same about unpacking though.


on to other random happenings on instagram at @druggedreams -

the boy and i are now proud parents of our fluffy kid unicorn, whose gender remains a mystery //

have you gotten your piece of our faded floral bustier yet? //

new coat of polish for the month //

spending my friday nights in with my new reads. 
building up my future bookshelf, slowly but surely //

never too late for a new mantra //

staying in all weekend for this //

and as they say, travel is the only thing you buy that makes you rich. i told the boy i disagreed with that statement because books make you rich too, i said. 
then, being the cheenapiang that he is, he replied: 读万卷书, 不如行万里路. 

back to browsing travel sites - have a good week y'all!
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Anonymous said...

Travel is like may be you don't have to do that, whatever it is, in that way when you get home, may be you wouldn't get a chance to do that again when you get home. Travel forces you to trust strangers in a foreign land, allows you to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of mummy, daddy, and friends. Travel enables you to be comfortable on your own.


Anonymous said...

Hi! May I know where you got the black bag in the second pic from? Thanks! :)

missypixie said...

anon1: its from Givenchy! :)