Monday, August 26, 2013

new found love

I don't normally do beauty posts like this
but I recently found some fantastic products that I would love to share
so here goes!
(disclaimer: I have combi skin with the occasional dry patch around my cheek areas
and these products work for me, but I can't say the same for everyone
so please exercise caution if you are trying something new!)

Just about 3/4 months back,
I had a bout of bad skin attack.
My skin was flaring up in red itchy patches (weirdly enough at my brow area)
and it was tight and dry and flaking.
My eyelids & lips swelled occasionally,
and basically, I woke up every morning with a new red blotch somewhere on my face.
I have been pretty fortunate in the skincare department in the sense that
I seldom have breakouts or any major skin issues.
So this entire incident almost drove me mad.
I couldn't figure out what was wrong.
Was it my skincare routine (which I didn't change since I was 22)
or my makeup (nope, I didn't try anything new either)
my lifestyle? the food I ate? sudden eczema? allergies?
It got so bad that makeup couldn't cover the red patches,
I stopped eating some categories of food just to test which was the culprit,
i rotated my skincare regime to see if I could find out what was wrong.
In the end, I went to the doctors,
got a cream for the patches and took medicine to reduce the swelling.
I also changed my entire skincare regime,
swapped all my lotions and eyecreams to those for sensitive skin
and thankfully, thankfully,
it cleared up about a month later.
I still have no idea what was the cause of it all
but I am not about to try to find out.
Anyway, before I digress to 6 paragraphs later,
here are some products that I discovered post-skincare overhaul
that I totally swear by now.

L to R: Bioderma Makeup Remover//NUXE RĂªve de Miel Lip Balm//SkinFood Black Sugar Scrub Foam

I was previously using makeup remover sheets for the longest time
cos they really do the job quick and it was so convenient.
Then I ran out of them during my breakout period and the replacement ones my mum got from Taiwan
were slightly different (and making my skin worst)
so I went to Guardian hoping to buy some gel or milk makeup remover when I chanced upon this.
I read about it quite sometime back on various beauty blogs
and it was one of those items I wanted to get when I was in Paris last year
but I was skeptical about it cos it just looked like plain water
and I had no idea if it could remove eyeliner effectively.
So I got a small bottle to try and judging by the amount left in it,
you can tell that I absolutely love it.
I use it liberally with a cotton pad to remove my makeup
and it does take longer than the sheets but it works fine.
It is scentless, removes everything and the best part is,
i feel SO clean when I am done.
My skin does not feel tight or oily,
nor do I have disgusting residue stuck to my lashes
(which was what happened the last time i used a milk makeup remover, eeks)
In fact, you do not even need to double cleanse after using this
because it acts as a face cleanser as well but..I still do. Haha.
You can get this at most Guardian outlets and if you are worried,
there is this ultra small bottle they sell that you can try out first :)

Another thing that irks me is that I am super dependent on lip balms.
I use to buy 4 sticks of Vaseline at one go just to scatter them around,
1 in my travel bag, 1 in my daily bag, 1 at my makeup table, 1 in office.
And i still lose them every few weeks or so but...that is not the point.
The point is, I used to have dry lips, sometimes they flake really badly
and itch at the same time so I look like I am suffering from allergies
and only lip balm make them look better.
Then I went to Italy. And it was cold. And my Vaseline wasn't working well.
So I checked out their pharmacies
(digressing, i LOVE checking out other countries' pharmacies,
they sell so many interesting stuff there I wanna buy them all back)
and picked up this lip balm cos I have heard of NUXE
and..I was just desperate.
It is the BEST lip balm ever.
You know how it is with Vaseline? You apply it in the morning,
and again 2 hours later, once more time after lunch,
blah blah blah, probably 10 times a day?
I apply this just once in the morning...and I don't get dry lips anymore the whole day.
I am not kidding.
Granted the appearance isn't that lovely (it is this rich yellow paste)
but it smells like honey and it works damn well.
I use it as a base for my lip tints
(i can't use lipsticks, I think i might be allergic to them)
and sometimes as extra protection when I sleep in aircon
and it totally solved all my flaky lips issue.
I am not sure if it retails in SG but ION has a shop that sells NUXE products
so you can try looking for it there!

Lastly, my facial therapist has been nagging me to exfoliate my face
when I am at home more often cos she has this thing about dead skincells.
So I was looking for a good yet gentle face scrub
that won't leave my skin feeling raw and dry.
I do have the Clarasonic but the constant battery charging is pissing me off.
So I did a random google search and hit upon this blog review that raved about
Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub Foam
and I thought, okay, I like the sound of black sugar.
The thing is retailing in SG for $36SGD.
And I was wondering if I could get a more reputable brand for that amount of money
when friends went to Korea and they helped me get it for..SGD$10.
-does a happy dance-
It smells wonderful and is this thick gritty paste
that upon scrubbing, dissolves into a smooth rich cream.
I can't really describe it. You have to try it to know it.
And after rinsing it off, my skin feel much smoother,
but yet it is still soft and you don't feel like you have stripped it of a layer.
This is also THE product that ignited my faith in Korean beauty offerings.

That said, I hope the above products can solve some of the beauty woes
you have been experiencing cos they sure did for me,
and I have been nagging friends & family around me to try them out.

Now moving on..
here is a series of bunneh spam.

baby bunneh is about 2.5 months old and..he loves his supplements.

he spends a lot of his afternoon flopping around the cage
and sleeping just like that.
when I say flop, i mean he goes to his preferred corner,
and just drop down on his side suddenly with a 'plop'.
The first few times he did it, I thought he fainted.

i LOVE it when he sleeps on his side so i can laugh at his white fluffy belly.

his ears go into all sorts of weird positions when he sleeps
and this is what I call his in-built eye mask :)

he doesn't mind being stroked but he doesn't like to be carried,
nor the vacuum cleaner, nor the mop, or air planes flying by.
Oh, he lies to sleep near my thighs.
I think he treats it as a shelter. :(

I have been spending countless of hours sitting in front of his cage,
keeping him company and giving him head rubs on request.
The things you do for a bunny..sighs.

Had a random baking urge sometime the week before
and made cupcakes & tartlets.
Note to self: looks can be deceiving. HAHA.

And also because of the arrival of bunneh plus my sourcing trip,
I have not had much chance to go out to play :(
Some fuss-free outfits for lazy days.

SABINE top (missypixie)//wine shorts (F21)//clear clutch (gifted)//jelly broughs (BKK)

grey boy tee (zara)//VALDA skirt (missypixie)//shoes (zara)

swapped the neon yellow sash of FREDA dress (missypixie) for my own red belt
cos I think the combi of blue and red still rocks my socks :)

TANDRA romper (missypixie)//shoes (Charles&Keith)
I am on the lookout for printed rompers these days cos they are so easy to wear
on days you don't wanna wear a dress but still wanna look good.

I am leaving for Korea sometime in Sept so would really appreciate it
if anyone could leave a comment on food/things/places I MUST try there
or any info that could help!

much love,


Anonymous said...

If you are heading to Busan, go to Tapjeongdae! You won't regret it! Beautiful cliffs and scenery! :)

In Seoul, try MIES container @ gangnam! Do head early to queue! :) They have really good pasta salad, and a pan of cheese and fries! Yumz!

Anonymous said...

hi! i'm planning a trip to bangkok in a couple of weeks and just wondering, have you been to bo bae market? how does it compare to other shopping places like pratunam?

Anonymous said...

1) Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken
A must eat!! Long queues start forming at 10am everyday.

2) Migabon Porridge
Yummy porridge perfect for breakfast and conveniently located at Myeongdong.

3) Eat Rest Money Leave Tteokbokki
Awesome spicy rice cakes with toppings which you can choose.

Enjoy yourselves in Korea! May you meet Donghae haha =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
Has the winners for MPSummerLaunch been announced yet? Many thanks and have an enjoyable trip to Korea:)

Stephie said...

Go to The Flying Pan White in Garuso gil, they serve the best hot chocolate. :) Also, Doota and the other malls in Dongdaemun are open til 4 am. :)

Anonymous said...

any upcoming willow basics?

missypixie said...

thank you so much for the recommendations! Unfortunately i will be only going to Seoul but I hope I get to try everything you girls suggested!

(pssst, i would REALLY REALLY love to meet Donghae too. MUAHAHAHAHHA)

missypixie said...

anon: Hhmmm, nope, I have never been to bo bae! Haha, i don't even know it existed :(

anon1: yup! We have already contacted all winners via Instagram :)

anon2: I think we have the topshop chiffon camisole in making, some slouchy knit cardis..dont think I have any other basics! What would you like!

Anonymous said...

Hi babes! Any workwear designs coming up?

Anonymous said...

is kristy maxi the same maxi as the one launched back in livejournal?

FENGLIN S said...

maybe maxi dress/ basic top with sleeve which ends ard the elbow/ chiffon yoke top? :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Kelly! I think mp's new model look like you.. Especially her side view! Both of you are gorgeous! Hehehe

missypixie said...

anon: yup! In sept/oct!

anon: yes, its the same one, but without the golden belt :)

Fenglin: hmm I like chiffon yoke top idea! Will consider!

anon: she does?! Haha! She is prettier but thank you all the same! :)