Sunday, September 8, 2013

hello, 90210.

can't sleep, won't sleep.

my sleep pattern has been horrid of late. i try to get to bed around 3am but find myself tossing and turning till 4am, then i get up frustrated, potter around the house a bit, get myself a warm drink, read in a bid to make myself sleepy, get in bed again... and the last time check almost always reads 5am. and on one day, 6am.  
anyone has a cure for this insomnia?! its driving me nuts :( 

that said, maybe it'll be set straight after my trip since i'll be terribly jetlagged... we shall see. fingers crossed.

so, besides trying to get enough shuteye these days, i've checked out the Department of Caffeine, 

caught up with my uni mates,

and finally met my littlest friend, neznez! 
here's me terrorising her and asking her to call me 'jiejie' instead of 'auntie'.

and she's wearing the purple romper i got her!! love buying baby clothes (:
randomly, whenever i see cute babies i have the urge to smell them and bury my face in their tummies.
umm i hope that's not weird?

anyhow.. been making my own meals for a while now and am finally getting the hang of it - proud to report that i can now make a quick lunch in under 20 minutes! THUMPS CHEST.

also been craving for a white-based manicure for some time now and i finally got it done, just in time for my summer trip! super in love with this set - am not the kinda girly-girl who does ribbons, diamonds and gets 3D thingies stuck on my nails - so this'll do.

dad was VERY fascinated that i had a different design on every nail. haha. 


24 more hours and i'll be on the way to the airport! 
been counting down for a while now and suddenly its time to go?! 
mega excited 'cos its the first road trip with the boy but im also kinda apprehensive.. i hope we don't die on the roads, fall off the canyon while trying to do handstands, get lost in the desert with no water, or kill each other out of exasperation cos we both don't do maps very well but still...

HELLO, 90210!

secretly hoped that i would bump into some fashion bloggers while exploring the city since most of them reside in LA but now all of them have flew out to NY for fashion week. bummer :(

in any case, i'll try to update as much as i can on my instagram at @druggedreams, so follow me if you'd like to join me on my Journey to the West (Coast)! 

p/s: missypixie's now on instagram! we'll be launching deals and previews first-hand on that platform so make sure you follow @shopmissypixie too! ;)

here's to an awesome September, all of you! x
see y'all in two weeks! 



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Anonymous said...

sharonnnnn! will you share some healthy recipes, pretty pretty please..

Anonymous said...

Sharon, can you pretty please send your itinerary to me? ( ) im gg in mid-oct ! thanks!!! xx

missypixie said...

BAMBI: pressies with me! :)

anon1: okay i sure will, soon!!

anon2: will email you in a bit! :)