Monday, October 28, 2013

it has been a while

Oh it has been a long while since we blogged :(
I don't know what i have been busy with this October
but it sure feels like a really short month.
Before I know it, I am looking at CNY designs
and planning for year end collections.
Where did all the days go?
Is this what happens when you get older? You question why time flies by so fast?

Looking forward, MP will be having a pop-up booth at Orchard Central
for the next 2 weeks and there will be discounts off current stocks at the booth,
plus voucher giveaways and prizes to be won!
Details coming up soon :)

I haven't been out much cos YC was away on biz trip early Oct
so me, being lazy, have been cooped up at home with the bunny.
It got so bad that at one point, I believed I was chatting to Buns
and showing him photos on my phone, then I came to my senses
and messaged YC to say
"I just showed Buns a photo.
It wasn't really a surprise that YC didn't reply me.

But he came back bearing gifts and all is forgiven.

although I find it very ironic that he went US
but bought me kitkats from Narita Airport as a present instead. Haha.

tried a few new food places recently.

sashimi salad for brunch at Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar
not our usual fare but this was so fresh and light.

went to New Ubin at Sin Ming for the beef.
It was pretty decent but kinda pricey.
$60 for fried rice & the beef set (its the one below)

and my whole backlog of outfits for this month. eeeps.

in MP's top, shorts, clutch.
I am soooo mp-ified, its not even funny.

then I put together this super happy outfit cos it was bright and sunny,
only to watch the weather grow dark and had to switch my suede shoes for something else. :(

i think this was one of the last bright outfits I wore this month
cos I went into this black&white phase again.

like this.

and this.

or this.
Running out of colour inspiration to mix and match an outfit
so relying on safe black and white combis with the occasional change in prints or texture.

that said, finally wore out some of my new buys.

i recently developed new love for mini drop-waist dresses.
I think they are really adorable and a refreshing change from the usual skater dresses.

wearing a top i got from Korea with my booties
and trying to pretend that I am back in Seoul.

had this conversation with Sharms that day about how we no longer wear maxis
and I feel the need to pull them out of storage.
Maxi skirts have this incredible way to make one feel pretty. No kidding.

and to end off abruptly,
this is my latest fav photo of my bunny.

its really rare cos he hates to be picked up
(hence the 'humrph' look)
but just look at this long fluffy tail!!!!

and last but not least,

please enjoy his nice furry butt.

much love,


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the black top matched with the monochromed skirt? Is it an old missypixie piece? (:

Anonymous said...

bunny is too cute!!! and dont you feel pissed when your other half dont reply to your message? hahaha

Anonymous said...

I love your 3rd, 4th and 5th outfit! Will they be coming up on missypixie anytime soon? ): please manufacture something like those!

missypixie said...

anon: yup! you got it right, an old MP piece :)

anon2: haha, bunny says thanks! hmmm, nope. Mostly cos I send loads of random things to him all the time and he has this auto-filter system inbuilt from years of training. HAHA.

anon3: thank you! except i am not sure how you count which as the 3rd, 4th & 5th? the ones on the floor? if your 3rd is the one with the red skirt, the skirt was from missypixie eons ago. :) so is the skirt from the 4th outfit and the top from the 5th! So you have to look out for the good buys!

Lyna Arlyna said...

where did u get the drop waist dress (love both the cut and print), look tre chic! why not launch something similar in ur own shop?

Anonymous said...

May I know where did you buy the drop waist strips dress? TIA!

missypixie said...

Lynn & Anon: i got it from BKK but the entire stocks at the shop were all slightly defective and I could only find one that was still okay so instead of selling it, I bought it for myself :)

Anonymous said...

HI! may I know where you bought the silver pointed flats?

Anonymous said...

hi Kelly! i saw that the floral midi skirt was all sold out le boo :( please bring in more printed/solid midi skirts? ^^


missypixie said...

gen: we are bringing it back but in limited pieces so look out for it ok? :)

anon: got it from Zara!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh your bunny's cheeks!!! SO ADORABLE. I might be imagining it but I think I can see long eyelashes too haha <3