Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Makeup Review : What I bought in Korea

I know I said I would do a review of the products I bought in Korea,
only to realise that actually...I didn't buy THAT many products to warrant a full scale review
so I am adding in some other stuff that I use in my makeup regime and hope it suffices, haha.

I think the first thing both me and my sister really wanted to get was the Laneige BB cushion.
I didnt take a photo of its content but here is an official one from the Laneige website.

It comes with this round application that I can'r really describe but its somewhat flat and..erm, cooling.
I don't know how this works but when I apply the BB cream using that...round applicator/sponge/pad thingamy,
it feels cool.
It is simple, basically you press the pad into the cushion, pick up the BB cream and pat/smooth it over your face.
I find that patting works better cos there is less tugging but its more time-consuming of course.
Another thing is, its probably me but I don't like how the BB cream ends up at the sides of the pad and stain my fingers.

Now, these are the foundations/base that I have.

From L to R: Chanel Perfection Lumiere, Lancome Teint Miracle, Laneige BB cushion.
(I am a MAC NC35 for reference, have combination skin and I am lucky to be blessed with pretty decent skin.
I do not have acne marks, just uneven skin tone and my cursed dark circles but i have long given up)

Personally, I find Chanel's foundation the most long-lasting of them all.
I use it on days when I have to go out after work, or for wedding dinners, special events etc.
Its pretty viscous so it works best with a foundation brush instead of fingers,
but it gives the best coverage out of all and a pretty flawless finish.
It also smells amazingly nice and I am sucker for nice scents :)

My Lancome Tient Miracle is my usual go-to foundation most days.
This is what I put on when I go work, or out for weekends, basically anywhere.
Its slightly more watery that the Chanel, but that works because blending is really easy with the fingers.
You can also dab it on and use a stippling brush if you don't like your hands on your face.
It doesn't make your skin look flawless but I like it this way because its more natural.
The coverage is decent, its scentless and you end up with a slightly dewy look.
I say slightly because its really just a little, enough to look natural, but not enough if you embrace the Korean 'dewy-bordering on oily' look.

In terms of coverage, I find the BB cushion the lightest out of the three.
It still works, especially on days when you don't want too many things on your face
and i find that the coverage gets better when you layer the cream.
BUT that also makes your face look un-naturally powdery in real life, under natural light,
so it is best when you just use a thin layer all over your face instead.
Do also bear in mind to blend well because the pad applicator doesn't work as well as brushes/fingers
and can leave some unsightly streak marks if you aren't aware.
It does have a nice scent as well (something that I am forever associating with Korea/shopping/food and family)
and gives a natural, glowy finish that I like very much.
So much so that it has replaced Lancome as my daily base because it feels lighter.
But to be honest, if you need more coverage rather than something just to even out your skin tone,
you might want to give this a miss :(

I also had the opportunity to test out Etude House's CC cream because of my over enthusiastic sister
but basically, it mimics the duty of a BB cream but probably with much lesser coverage.
The sales assistant at Etude House said this is better for people who do not need much coverage
and acts more to even out skin tone instead of concealing.
It came out shockingly white and blends into the skin (kinda like sunblock?)
and after a glow. NO KIDDING.
You literally glow and sparkle where the sun kisses your face, even after applying another layer of foundation or whatnot.
I mentioned before that I find it a little too much because I look like I am oily more than glowy
but I might have been heavy handed with it.
In any case, it works really well as a base because our makeup that day lasted all the way
(even with us walking in the heat for a few hours and over a Korean BBQ meal)
So it would work well either as a really light coverage (if you are blessed with almost perfect skin)
or as a good base underneath your foundation so you can still look glowy instead of cakey.

then I bought this cute little pot of blusher because Etude House products are always beautifully packaged
and its just so bloody cheap. Like...6000won cheap.
I always wanted a coral blush but didn't want to buy another MAC blusher because they are expensive.
This is #10 Peach Parfait under their Lovely Cookie Blusher range.
A reader commented and said that her pink blusher wasn't pigmented enough but I find this pretty good.
In fact, because I have never used a powder puff to apply blusher before,
I used a reaaaaallly little amount the first time round and I could already see the colour.
It takes about 2/3 puffs per side for full colour and it lasts me til end of the work day.
And maybe because this colour is just so easy to wear, I use it on days when I don't apply full makeup,
with just the BB cushion and 2 puffs per side, and I instantly look alive. Haha.
It is pretty, affordable and I love the colour so if you are looking to try a new blusher,
this might be a good option!

Lastly, one of my fav makeup discovery this year... lip tints.
I think I might be allergic to lipstick because it gives me itchy and flaky lips
and after trying it over and over again, from drugstore to cosmetic brands...
the problem still lies with me.
Then I got to sample Etude House lip tints by chance
and amazingly, I didn't react badly to it.
So I bought the full size bottle, fell in love with it, went to Korea, bought it in all other colours
and this is my lip tint love story. :)

I know they have a lot of different lip tints but I use the Cherry Lip Tint range.
It only comes in 4 colours and I have OR201, PK001, PK202.
I started with PK202 and it is this bright pink colour, reminiscent of cherryade staining your lips when you were young?
It is a little more bold than usual, and if you don't like bright colours, it won't work for you.
I got PK001 in Korea and its this lovely natural shade of sweet pink that is wonderful for daily wear.
You can barely see it but it is there.
OR201 makes me a little confused. I wanted a orange lipstain but this ends up in between.
If I apply a single layer of OR201 and PK001, I can barely tell the difference between these two.
But if I add on another layer, PK001 turns out obviously pink while OR201 settles into something more reddish-orange. conclude, if you want an alternative shade for daily wear and you loathe pink, OR201 is perfect.
The tricky thing with lip tints is..a little goes a long long way so my advice is to use a thin layer first,
wait for it to dry (thats when the colour starts showing) before adding on the intensity.
I usually only use one layer because I will touch up during the day.
I won't say it is not long lasting cos the base colour stays on your lips but the top layer will fade as you eat, drink, lick your lips etc.
and then you have the base colour in the middle but the edges are all faded so if you do not touch up, you will end up having...uneven coloured lips.
(or a very natural gradient lip look if you are going for that)
But I like that is not creamy so it looks natural, the slightly matt finish
(always use over a lip balm because it can be drying)
and best of all, its really affordable (SG sells it at below $10 per bottle)

I also stocked up on CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner in Kill Black

this little gem was introduced to me by Sharms
after I find my usual liquid eyeliner smudging more than usual.
There is a Pen Liner and a Brush Liner version of this.
I took Pen because for poor single eye-lided girls like me,
my eyeliner has to be drawn pretty thick for it to be seen when I open my eyes
and the Pen Liner has a thicker nib so its easier for me.
The Brush Liner on the other hand, has a thinner brush so its good if you just want a thin line
and more control over your winged tips or something.
It doesn't fade during the day (but as a note, I do not have oily lids)
although it does somehow smudge to the outer corners of my lower eye lids after sometime
and I still can't figure out why.

And this rounds up my super lengthy post about my Korea makeup haul.
Which makes me a little happy to reminisce cos..
YC is away on biz trip and no one is bringing me out to play :(
I am down with another bout sore throat and I swear,
I don't fall sick so easily so why is this happening twice this year already?!
And...I really miss my Korean porridge. Sighs.

much love,


ashley said...


Just read this blog post and wanted to ask you abit more about the bb cushion. I use the bb cushion too but what REALLLLYYY annoys me is that it feels kinda oily.. and it seems to transfer v easily. I always see lots of beige on my phone after a phonecall. Am wondering if you experience the same thing as well. I wish to have that glowy look but it seems like i always have to set the bb cushion with powder aft application.. and thus no more glowy look :( siann. hahaha

missypixie said...

ashley: hello! hmm, i dont have that problem but I use a really thin layer actually so maybe thats why? I also dont use a powder to set it after application, hence it remains nice and glowy!

missypixie said...

ashley: hello! hmm, i dont have that problem but I use a really thin layer actually so maybe thats why? I also dont use a powder to set it after application, hence it remains nice and glowy!