Thursday, November 21, 2013

be strong

It is starting to get old how I would apologise everytime I start a blog post
for disappearing for too long and neglecting this blog,
so now that's out of the way, let's move on, shall we?
Finally went to see the doctor yesterday for this nagging pain in my knee
since I fell down in office 3 weeks ago.
(slipped on a random envelope, but don't ask.
Offices are generally hazardous places for me)
Turns out that I probably strained my ligament and it would take 2 months to get better.
Then received another bad news that I can't do anything about
except to pray for things to get better.
Be strong babe.

Celebrated a few November babies birthdays this month
and it is funny how birthday celebrations have toned down to
just a good dinner and really good company.
I envy those people who can plan a Running Man themed race,
complete with nametags for ripping.
I call that the power of youth.
We did step out of our comfort zone and tried playing one of those escape room games,
where basically you are given an hour to enter a locked room with your friends,
gather clues, solve puzzles and break out of the room within the time limit.
It may sound stupid but we all loved it.
It is also a good testament that only good friends can do this
because honestly, everyone was shouting at everyone else but no one really minds. Haha.
In case you were curious, I went to Xcape at Purvis Street
and we all can't wait to go back to try the other rooms :)
It is advisable to go in a bigger group though because they have minimum group size per room
and if you have just 4 pax, they might throw you with another group.
That might be very awkward because then you have to be nice and polite,
and no one wins this being nice and polite. Haha.

Birthday presents also got weirder with this alpaca for alpacabecca (what a mouthful)

Meet Jessica Alpa(ca), as named by Sharms.
We have no group shot of us that day because in every single photo,
Jessica managed to look better than all of us put together. Sighs.

I also haven't been really dressing up because the weather is too hot for November
and we were busy doing manual labour at the OC booth
(which was a great success! thank you if you ever dropped by!)
and it is tough to look pretty when you have to lug stocks about.

bought this pretty printed dress cos I thought it would be perfect for lazy days.
I just checked my wardrobe and i realised almost all my dresses/rompers are printed,
my tops are mostly striped and I have tons of white shirts.
I like to think I am consistent.

I would say this is a very 'me' outfit cos its super girly
and it has all the stuff that I like.
Organza poufy skirt, ticked.
Eyelet corset, ticked.
Nude pumps, ticked.

Occasionally, I like to pretend I am something different.
I don't know if a tux white vest and manly loafers are enough, but I like to think they are.

finally hunted down my nude Mary-Janes!
Paired my denim shirt with another of my many skater skirts
because I don't think denim means you can't make it look girly.

bought a structured box top recently in black because I am one of those strange people
who do not have a lot of black clothes.
It is just begging to be paired with some bold colours and cobalt blue is always good.

and my very girly outfit of a lace romper, floral blazer and mary-janes.
I dress according to themes.
It makes dressing up less boring :)
I usually post outfit shots on my Instagram (@passionade)
(plus one or two surprise bunny pics)
and you can follow MP's official insta at @shopmissypixie for updates too!

I have my eyes set on this full midi skirt in forest and a split sleeve chiffon top
from this Sunday's collection that are gorgeous in real life.

the full preview is on our Facebook page so hop over to see the other designs!

much love,

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

it's my party and i'll cry if i want to;

sorry i've been out of action for quite a bit!
it has been a really crazy month tying up all loose ends for my upcoming wedding (its finally happening in two weeks, gulps) -  and it doesn't help that im feeling some kinda social media fatigue.. i don't browse instagram like i used to (heck, just look at my pathetic updates and you'll know), i only log into facebook for work, and i just. dont. feel. like. blogging.
somehow there's so much more living to be done and i feel like i don't have to tell the whole world about it? 
well, im sure if there's a Worst Blogger or Worst Instagrammer prize for online store owners i'll probably be in the running for it :(

that said, been doing massive pinning for the Big Day! 

finally decided on mismatched glass jars and flowers for the table settings; 

a rustic kinda bouquet for the day;

a full lace gown with a super long train (god forbid i trip and fall on my face);

a romantic hairstyle;

and a dessert table of sorts.

sidenote:  i could have been the one to discover pinterest!!  i used to have a scrapbook in my teens where i would cut out quotes, images or things i'd like from newspapers and magazines and stick it all over. damnnn why couldn't i have been more far-sighted.

i've never wanted a traditional ballroom kinda wedding. helps that my parents are not insisting on it, and that the other half is mighty cool about it. had wanted to go with a garden outdoorsy wedding at the Hort Park or Botanic Gardens but alas they were all fully booked for the date. boohoo. had to settle for one of my favourite Italian establishments instead - and since they were just a restaurant, i had to do all the other nitty-gritty by myself... which drove me quite crazy.

the past weekend had me meeting florists, the solemniser, the restaurant co-ordinator, heading to different parts of singapore to source for decor for my dessert table, looking for suitable edible favours, packaging, printing invites, sticker labels... the endless list. proud to report that i think 70% of these are finally settled..!

in the meantime, do bear with me as i disappear for another while.
i promise to reappear when the other 30% are done!

in other news...

its the last 3 days of our pop-up store at Orchard Central Atrium and we're slashing prices left, right, centre!

do head down and grab these steals before they're gone! 

til then, i'll try to tweet/instagram more, i promise.