Wednesday, December 11, 2013

hey there, December

-inserts scream emoticon-
I can't believe it.
It is not even early early December.
It is nearing mid-December. The year is going to be over.
I am one year older. Another year of my life has passed.
I asked Sharms what significant thing happened to her this year
(okay, she got married, its hard to top that)
and when I thought about myself...hmmmm
I got a rabbit.
Yup, that's about it.
I feel so useless, haha.

First up is a picture of the gorgeous bride :)))
I was so happy for her that day, I couldn't stop tearing.
But it is her big day so I will leave it to her to blog about it,
hopefully soon
-stares at Sharms-

Hello best partner, welcome to married life. Heh.

I am not sure what I have been doing the past few weeks
but we went for Mexican food for Sharms's hens night
and oh...tacos are yummmm.

can't wait to go back again.
Plus, need to stop having Korean food
I am eating Korean at least twice a month.
I strongly suspect the staff at the restaurant can recognise us.
Cos she kinda said 'HELLO!!' a little too happily the last time we were there.

Went to Common Man Coffee Roasters for brunch that day
(I don't know why I always end up going to places known for coffee,
when I don't even drink coffee :( )
picked the Turkish breakfast cos fried feta sounds too good to pass.
It was overall decent, a little pricey though.

then went elsewhere to sweets.
I am a sad fellow. I don't even like sweets :(
Lynn says I am easy to feed. More like cheap.

And because there is just no way to link to this picture,
here is the most awkward blog transition of all times.
There you go, Buns.

I know he is a boy but its okay.
What he can't see (literally) won't hurt him.
I am still waiting for a mini Santa hat from Mella for Christmas!

And blogging made me realise I have been lazy in dressing up this past 3 weeks.
Really, Kelly? 3 weeks and you clobber THREE outfits??! ONLY??
I know. I am ashamed of myself. :(

wearing forest with navy cos I have been strangely attracted to forest colour these days.

combing 2 of my fav patterns, stripes & daisies.
This stripes obsession really has gotta stop.
I am getting dirty looks from Sharms everytime I try to sneak a striped item from MP home.

and my new fav crop top - MIORA in white.
I actually got it in black as well cos I love love love the cutting.
And the length. And the material.
I wanna wear it all the time. With maxi skirts, flouncy skirts, hightwaisted shorts etc.

like this - MOIRA black with an upcoming striped skirt (probably launching next week!) from MP.
which is totally what I would wear.
And yes, got this skirt as well. :)))

also, another sneak of this quilted box clutch upcoming this Sunday.
the quality is really good, the insides are lined with red satin
and it comes with a detachable sling.
Love :)

have a good December peeps!
I will try to update more, promise!



Anonymous said...

how much did you get the navy striped top for? love itttt

Anonymous said...

what did you keep for yourself from the upcoming launch?

missypixie said...

anon: i got it from Zara, cant remember how much though!

anon2: kept AVA striped dress, MARNI twist top and MORGAN maxi skirt!

J said...

Hi is the maxi skirt a willow item? I cant decide which colour to get. Which colour did you keep?

Anonymous said...

pls bring in rylee again!!! i want! and what colour is the white? WAHAHAHAHA... if there's black i want ok.

muacks, bernana

missypixie said...

J: hello! sorry for the late reply, i just saw this comment :( nope its not a WILLOW item, and I got navy :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! May i know where did you get the forest green top from??

Anonymous said...

Hello! Can I check with you where did you get the pair of nude flats seen in your third set of outfit photos? Thanks! (:

missypixie said...

forest green top was from missypixie! but it is sold out :( nude flats are from Trendy Zone, Far East Plaza :)