Wednesday, December 18, 2013

love will keep us alive.

its been a whirlwind of a month for me.

not with just the wedding that passed, but also with a family crisis that has now left me stranded as a guardian of a ten-year-old kiddo. i've been stuck at home for quite some time now (not that i mind very much) but i find myself trying to be as responsible as i can for her. bringing her to the library, making sure she gets food, prepping her for school in two weeks' time and the likes. i feel like i've already eased into motherhood - albeit unwillingly - and i can't agree more when the hubs says we are getting more than enough practice to be parents. d'oh. which explains my lack of material to post on the blog as well as on other social platforms. 
what the hell can i talk about when im spending most of my time doing household chores, cooking lunches, dinners, running errands and easing into my new life?! 
you'd understand, don't you? 

i can't carry the weight of the world on my shoulders for too long so please, will you be strong and get well soon? 

crisis aside, people have been asking me.. "how's married life?"
to be honest, its been awesome.
i don't know why but it seems like the honeymoon period all over again. the hubs has been more loving/caring than ever - making sure im settling well in his home, doing my laundry, scheduling us-time when the kiddo is not around; the other night i fell asleep before taking the fruits out of the fridge and he woke me up at 2am to tell me he made us a fruit salad. how could i not drag my ass outta bed to eat it? :')

cheesy as it sounds - we may not have gotten married in the best of conditions, in the best of times, but i think as long as we have each other, we'll do just fine, aye?


i don't have my official wedding pics yet 'cos its peak season and they need about two months to process all pics so i'll probably only get it like after CNY -.-
anyhow, here are some taken by family and friends!

before "marching in" to the restaurant! 

my face to my sis that says "why the f are you taking photos of me when you are supposed to be handling the dessert table?!" hahaha. 

and yes, i did the embarrassing thing of choking on my vows.
the thing about writing your own vow is that.. some of the words hit way too close to home. i had rehearsed it the night before and found it hard to hold back the tears but i thought i was just being emo.. but i was wrong :( 
i think i cried a total of 3 times that day - once during my vows, once when my sister gave a speech, and once when my dad spoke. what a wuss. 

my favourite group hug shots with the T5 peeps :)

and then we had our own mini shoot back at the hotel, hehe.

the lovely bouquet that bernana tied for me with leftover flowers from the table settings!

and here's a screencap of me from kai's camera - 

can't wait for the official picturessssss! 


in other news.. i somehow can't feel the xmas spirit in the air this year. perhaps the year-end parties will take my mind off some troubles? can't wait for the slew of catch-ups to happen.

have a jolly good x'mas break y'all! 


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