Saturday, January 11, 2014

cotton wool dreams

I have been rushing through the days so rapidly these past few weeks,
I am not exactly sure when one day passes on to the other.
And just like that, we find ourselves in 2014.
-forever perplexed with how fast time goes by-
And I know I am a horrible horrible blogger for updating so infrequently
but you must understand micro blogging is so much more convenient
(find me on Instagram? @passionade )
and I honestly have nothing much to say all the time.
I even have problems typing Insta captions, it is that bad.

But if you have been a very patient person
without Instagram, here are the backlog of photos from Christmas, NYE,
to the brilliant start of 2014!
New year! New resolutons! Can't wait :))

Oh yes, and meet the new addition to the family.
Last bunny I promise. Haha.
Bunny spam ahead!!!!

This is Hazel and she is absolutely tiny when she first came!
Now...erm, not so cos she has been diligently chomping on hay and pellets
and growing fast at an amazing rate.
Friends say Buns is like YC, cos he is kinda anti-social, picky about food,
doesn't like hay that much, nor being held and only eats expensive vegetables.
Hazel is like me cos...she eats. All the time.
Gee, great. Thanks.

and this is just me bulling her. Heh.

her Christmas greeting. SO ADORABLE CAN.
(plus look at that fat white belly)
I did the same thing to Buns and all he did was to scratch the hat off.
And he gave me a 'seriously dude' look after he did that. Sighs.

and here is how I tagged my friends and best thing is..
YC is the cupboard. Bwahhahahha.

and cos she is still tiny and easy to handle,
I love putting her on my lap to tickle her belly or just snuggle with her.
I am hoping she turns out to be more familiar with humans handling her,
instead of Buns, who acts like I wanna slaughter him everytime I try to pick him up.
Not kidding. The last time I did it to check his wounds (he just got neutered),
he started running frantically. On me.
The scratches, oh the scratches. :(

i also like to bunny burrito her so she feels safe
and rub noses with her.
I like it very much. I am not sure if she does though. Haha.

Okay, enough of furry bunnies and I am sorry for boring you
if you are here for other stuff.
But seeing that my life is split into work, bunnies, sleep,
that is pretty much what you get on this blog :(
Oh, and #ootds.
I have been much better this past 2 weeks with more outfit combis
so here goes!

I know you can't really see it here but its the same curved hem top in black
I posted in my previous post.
I seldom get things in 2 colours but I seriously love this top's cutting and material.
We are bringing it back again in black and white splatters so do look out for that!

Trying really hard not to fall into the black & white rut again.
It is getting harder to mix and match colours, I have lost all inspiration :(

On the last few days of 2013, bringing out my knits for the rainy days.
Changed my home scent as well so now it smells exactly like how it was
when I first moved in. Ahh, those memories.

in my CAREY grey knit cardigan that I also bought in cream but shhh, don't judge.
I like to pair cardis with flouncy dresses.
Something about the proportions makes me happy.

in the gorgeous LENE tropical midi with the same curved hem top.
I already said it was my favourite top of the moment so yup, multiple wears, all the time.

started the year fresh on a clean slate with this white on white outfit.

picked something cheerier for the mid-week lunch with my parents
in dots and primary colours.

and my latest ootd cos apparently bright and cheery can only last a while.
Going back to black/white and basics.

On the bright side...

bows make every gift perfect :)
It is tiny but I adore tiny bags.

much love,