Thursday, February 27, 2014

rock your motor

I have been flying in and out of the country 3 times
in the past two weeks and I am honestly feeling..
It is like half of February has gone by
and I am still stuck in post CNY mode.
Like I said...confused.
Bewildered. Lost. Out of sync.

That said, I loved the getaways and the freedom of doing nothing.
The days spent wandering about doing nothing much,
planning what to eat next..ahh, the pleasures of a holiday.
I have to thank YC for the impromptu Phuket trip cos he just went ahead and booked it,
probably intending it as a surprise,
but found himself telling me way in advance cos I actually had a wedding lunch to go to. Ha.
Left to my own devices, I wouldn't have anything planned for Valentine's
cos we agreed a long time ago that we have been there and done that for the flowers & dinner route.
I may not look like it but I am a horribly unromantic person.
I have bad planning skills, I can't hold in surprises
(I spent the week before Christmas begging him to ask me what present I bought,
before wailing into my pillow that I am not supposed to say)
I usually have nothing planned for the special days, birthdays, anniversaries.
He is the one who goes around booking surprise staycations and holidays
and telling me randomly, almost as an afterthought,
YC: "Eh, tomorrow we are having a staycation."
YC: "Yes."
-goes off to sleep-
We have a pretty dysfunctional relationship.
But i have been told opposites attract and I seriously think that is the case for us.

Phuket was soooo good though.
Mainly because all I did was to laze around, read a book,
dip in a mini-pool, snack on seaweed chips, eat some more,
visit random places for cheap food, watch TV and sleep.
I felt like a giant slug after 2 days of doing nothing
but I was so happy :)

started the trip with new nails.
I am usually a red or nude nails person so much so
that my manicurist knows the exact shade of red or nude I would either use.
She was stunned when I asked for nail art.
I think I made her day.

we checked in at Westin Siray Bay mainly because I think YC
is aware of my obsession with their White Tea Aloe body lotion. Haha.

we had a gigantic coconut tree in front of our balcony
and a mini pool. Mainly for me to dip my toes in when it gets too hot
reading under the sun (despite the coconut leaves)

We spent the first day doing nothing much but exploring a nearby shopping mall
and its huge-ass supermarket.
I LOVE supermarket shopping in Thailand.
There is so many things you can get and they are all so cheap
and I can't stop myself.
-inserts starry eyes emoticon-

started day 2 with breakfast.
I was feeling a tad guilty with all the snacking so I wanted greek yoghurt and fruits.
This ended up as part 3 of my breakfast, after eggs, hashbrowns and pancakes.

we then took a bus to Phuket town to explore the cafes.
Pity most of them were closed cos it was Sunday and it was really hot
so we popped into the first air-con, wifi-friendly place we saw.

we then wandered off elsewhere to have this amazingly fluffy soft banana cake with ice-cream.
I have a love/hate relationship with desserts that come with ice-cream.
I get so worried the ice-cream would melt before I finish the whole thing
that I practically shove the entire dessert into my mouth within 3 mins
then wondered if I ate anything at all.

the view of the sunset from our room.
It was gorgeous.
No photo can do it justice, really.

And being the adventurous (and ambitious) little buggers we are,
we touched down in SG, went to work,
and flew off to Taipei that very next day.
All within 24 hours.
It was a long planned trip with YC and my BFF
(I know, I know, people are mildly disturbed by our threesome holiday,
more so when I tell them we all stay in the same room but.. that is not the point)

Taiwan's convenience stores are amazing.
The drinks selection alone can make me weep with joy.
Everything just looks so damn good.

they even have roasted sweet potatoes!
I love sweet potatoes.
I love them so much, I go to every Family Mart I see
and scan around for the best looking potato to buy.

We arrived in Taipei really really early and couldn't check in,
so we whittled time away either at the hotel lobby napping,
or popping out every few hours or so to find something to eat in XMD area.

I also lost count of how many bowls of lu rou fan we had throughout the trip.

went to Shilin night market and saw this machine full of Totoro plushies,
it made me laugh.
They reminded me of Buns. Fluffy, furry and slightly dumb looking. HAHA.

had this 1000calories (or so) potato that was breaded, deep fried,
topped with ham, pineapple, corn, brocoli, tuna, bonito flakes and what-nots,
drenched with piping hot nacho cheese sauce.

Paid a visit to Jiufen and Pingxi the next day
for some tourist-y things to do.

with BFF Mella of 15 years and counting.
We survived each other for so long!

bamboo scribbles at Pingxi station.
Randomly, I glanced around and the first one I saw was dedicated to Super Junior.
I told Mella and she gave me a half suspicious look as if I wrote it.
I swear it wasn't me.
If it was me, it would have been solely dedicated to Donghae.

wrote our wishes on mega sky lanterns

and sent them up to the sky.

caught this beautiful sight on our plane ride back and I think,
I can't wait to go on another trip :)

Lastly, no blog post is complete without my slew of #ootds
so let the fun begin!

we celebrated V-day a bit earlier with date night,
in a LBD and some red lippie.
dress (missypixie)

and had dress down Friday with flamingo shorts!
top (h&m) // shorts (mango)

bundled up in layers for cold weather
inner shirt & embellished knit (topshop)

always wanted a bright red coat.
coat (aforarcade) // striped dress (missypixie) // shoes (charles&keith)

made my crop top cold weather-friendly by layering it over another dress
striped crop top (zara) // basic black dress (topshop) // boots (taiwan)

the weather got much better just as we were leaving. Bugger.
inner shirt (topshop) // tartan dropwaist dress (missypixie)

and my most recent outfit - was feeling ultra glam that day cos it was YC's 30th.
off-shoulder top (missypixie) // printed splatter skirt (zara)

Apologies if you have already seen most of my photos on Instagram (@passionade)
but I really do update more frequently there!
Now off to perform bunnymama duties
(ie, rubbing bunny cheeks and saying stuff like, "oh you pretty little girl!"
Basically, sounding like a complete idiot.)
have a good weekend peeps!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

hey, baby.


its been more than two months since i've blogged, but you must excuse me.

in between the nausea and the fatigue, the responsibilities as a wife, a daughter, a sister, a sister-in-law, have consumed me whole. now, a mother-to-be. 
yes, a bun's in the oven. my oven, to be precise. heh.

my life seems to have taken a 180 degree change, and truth be told it is indeed disorienting. i find myself strongly clinging on to some parts of my previous lifestyle - taking time out for dates, diving into my single bed for cat naps over the weekend at my old abode, meeting the folks as often as i can, reconnecting with friends, and above all, making sure i have pockets of time alone to regain my sanity. 

im sure this will all change again once the little tot is out but that's gonna be another story altogether.

so CNY came and went, and i spent most of my time winning money at blackjack and in-between, and then losing it all and more at various mahjong sessions, sheesh. whoever said pregnant people have baby luck obviously hasn't met me :(

some obligatory CNY pics! 

goodies that kel and i made to give out to friends and family - took us an entire day to rush these cookies out and the next day saw us totally worn with sore backs, achy shoulders, and painful soles.

first lo-hei with the fam; also the most stylist yusheng i've ever come across.

and yes, i've been eating my way through my pregnancy.
some days i feel terribly guilty about it but on other days... i really dont give a flying fuck.

(yupppp, i should probably cuss lesser from now on...)

been having a horribly sweet tooth lately also, sigh.
thank you to the hubs for indulging in me and sharing the calories, hahaha.

if you've been following me on @druggedreams you'll realise i've stopped doing #ootds, save for what i wore to swim last weekend.

'cos well... im telling you it ain't easy being a stylish preggo. 

i can't fit into any of my bottoms anymore - and maternity bottoms are so, so, ugly. and the cuttings suck.
 i've resorted to wearing trapeze dresses all the time and anything that's jersey cotton so it stretches across my bump, and my inflated ass. plus, maternity dresses cost a bomb and i just can't bring myself to blow moolah on those 'cos i probably will chuck them aside after i give birth so... what for?  
been rotating my clothes on a weekly basis its boring me to tears but what to do.. all i think about now is how to save as much money as i can for the little kiddo. the other day i spent all of three hours at the mothercare sale buying nothing that was mine. 
see how motherhood changes you?

and yup, i haven't been taking selfies nor been in many photos because i feel like a whale. 
i probably also look like one.
the weight gain is UNCONTROLLABLE. im eating as per usual but the numbers on the scale - they keep jumping. at my last appointment my gynae asked "how many slices of kueh lapis did you eat huh?!" when she saw my weight report. Not Funny :( 

in any case, here's just hoping baby will be healthy and that i won't be too... overweight.

hello, you!

and if you don't already know... here's us on last Sunday's Life!

small feature but nonetheless, thankful for media exposure as always.
we'll also be speaking at an entrepreneurial dialogue back at our alma mater (WKWSCI) next month - kinda excited to be back in school and seeing how much it has changed since! 

can't wait for more doors to open this year as we push ourselves to develop and bring MP to greater heights.
stay with us, won't you?


Monday, February 10, 2014

and it all comes riding in

Oh hello blog, haven't seen you in a while.
Truth is..I was just being lazy. :(
(I do update more on Instagram though,
so follow me at @passionade if you are on it!)
Totally enjoyed this week-long post CNY break doing nothing much,
but catching up on lost hobbies like reading,
spending time with family and dispensing bunny head rubs when requested.
I used to hate not doing anything because I would feel guilty at all the time wasting away.
Must be one of those age thing.
You enjoy free time doing nothing now because it is just so precious.

But...we will be back in full operations tomorrow
and I am all geared up and ready to go!
Have been collating new designs for 2014, making plans,
hopefully trying out new ideas..can't wait :)

On another hand, have been feeling real guilty about the feasting I have done
this entire CNY week.
There was some unexplainable need to go to everyone's house
and try their pineapple tarts (and the bak kwa too, while I am at it)
and no one seems to serve plain iced water but tons of Fanta Orange
and it is CNY, which would be incomplete without Fanta Orange!
So safe to say, I am sure I gained some kgs,
I am just not sure where they went and I don't really want to know :(
Planning to eat better (hopefully, lesser) this week
because I am scooting off for another short getaway soon
and how can one not eat when it is Taiwan I am going to?
Oh dear.

Besides the usual CNY outfits,
I have been getting romper-happy with our new collections

Two very different rompers but both as easy to wear :)

and other pre-CNY outfits for brunch, dinner gatherings and such

in an oldie but goodie striped box top from MP a long time back
and my trusty white shorts. Randomly, this clutch makes me happy with its shade of bright yellow.

the pros of spring cleaning - finding even more old tops that I haven worn in about..a year? Heh.
and I honestly need to bring this bag around more to lower its cost per use. :(

lastly, in FELICE coral tucked into my fav polkadot shorts.
I have obviously just been to the library and stoked to find a book by a really funny author.

and then, it was Chinese New Year!
It is one of my favourite holidays of the year because of all the food,
the gatherings, non-stop legitimate gambling.. ah bliss :)

Decided to let both bunnies meet on the first day of CNY.
If you have one bunny and intend to get another, do read up on it!
I used to think that I just need to buy one and bring it home
and ta daaaaa, they would be friends.
Turns out that it is an intricate process that involves dating, introductions,
loads of poop droppings to mark territories... haha.
I didn't introduce them straight away when I got Hazel because Buns was not neutered yet
and I don't want any accidents (!!!)
but we housed them about 1.5m apart and allowed them to sniff each other
when they were out for their runs respectively so they probably got used to each others' scents.
After Buns's neutering surgery, I had to wait another month for him to be completely healed
before letting them meet face to face finally!

I am fortunate that they didn't fight nor hate each other at first sight.
In fact, they had a nice run before Buns settled down for a rest
and Hazel that cheeky bugger went to squeeze beside him despite the lack of space.
It was terribly amusing because there we have Buns, fat and lumpy and not budging,
and Hazel trying her best to slide him away just to fit beside him and the wall.

this is how they looked like from the front.
I don't even think Hazel can see anything but Buns's fur. Haha.

so this was what I wore for the first day.
It is the TRISHA dress from MP but I altered it shorter so I can move around easier :)
Proudly posing with missypixie red packets and feeling sad that I can no longer get them. Sighs.

Day 2 in PIPER WINE - my very first little red dress.

Day 4 - in my new Topshop pleated shorts :)
Went to celebrate the arrival of Feb with Korean BBQ and realised..
crop tops are not good for Korean BBQs. Heh.

and this was just last weekend, in mini red florals & flyaway hair.

Lastly, took a shot with my sister during CNY
and scared myself with how alike we look.
It is...freaky.
I don't know if it is cos she looks deceptively younger here,
or that I look old.

much love,