Monday, March 24, 2014

Have you Bellaboxed?

all thanks to the kind folks at Bellabox - both me and Kel got a box chock full of beauty goodies this March!

couldn't wait to rip the packaging apart to see what was inside the trove; its like a fukubukuro of sorts, no? 
that aside, am really digging the new packaging! anything polkadotted floats my boat.

first look! love how the colours pop.

and this is what was in my March box - 

imma big fan of their sleeping pack but haven't tried their White Plus range so this came at a right time! FYI when my mum saw me laying out the products for photos she came over to kaypo and asked me to give her the Laneige products -.-"
told her i will think about it. hahaha.

am also mildly excited about trying out the Paw Paw Ointment... apparently it has alot of healing properties! 
i don't mean to sound gross but the part about "soothing cracked nipples" and "calming and protecting against nappy rash" really spoke to me - think i'm going to save this tube for myself after giving birth!
to make sure it really works wonders i have tasked my mum to try it on my eczema-laden baby nephew.. hehe. sorry for using you as a guinea pig baby K but im sure its gonna soothe you! 

really quite pleased with the haul from this box and guess what?
Bellabox is giving away their March boxes to 3 lucky instagrammers! Simply head over to our account at @shopmissypixie and follow the instructions below this giveaway picture to stand a chance to win!

that said, if you're interested in a long-term subscription with Bellabox, do know that these goodies can arrive at your doorstep for just $19.95 a month! a very good deal if you'd ask me ;)
Plus, they work with a wide range of brands such as Benefit, China Glaze, Dr. G, Elizabeth Arden, Guerlain, Kiehl's and more - so you'd be guaranteed a good mix of cult, boutique, innovative and high-end brands every month! For more information, check out their website at

psssst... the Bellabox giveaway's closing this Wednesday so hurry, don't miss your chance to win!


Friday, March 14, 2014

shake it up

Popping in for a quick update before my ootds get super outdated.
Started March with more good food cos it was my dad's birthday
then attempted to go on a semi juice cleanse the following week
by replacing a meal daily with a glass of green juice instead.

I tried to make it as green as I can, approx 70% vegetables and 30% fruits
so it is at least tasty.
(randomly, I had a mouthful of pure spinach juice and it was..HORRID)
Learnt that I can't juice wheatgrass with my juicer
(all the better for the bunnies cos it became their treat)
and that green juice really isn't that bad.
I didn't monitor to see if I lost weight but I fell off the wagon a few times
(more like tumbled off, rolled a few km and lost my way back
cos I had fried chicken and K-BBQ in between. Oops)
and I felt like punching people and dreamt of ramen at night.
Doubt I am much of a diet person. :(
Will try again next time when I remove temptation (namely, YC & his Popeyes's delivery)

outfit for dad's bday dinner.
I tried to keep up with the mood and chose something bright.

then it was back to work Tuesday and I felt like something romantic.
Do you have days when you woke up and felt like dressing in a certain way?
I sometimes wake up and feel like doing a super girly outfit
and there are days when I want to man-up my outfit with loafers and blazers.

cheated as usual and used a dress as a top.
It is my favourite way to get milage out of my bodycon dresses cos I seldom wear them as it is
and I won't have to worry about them riding up or being too short :)

had a rare day to dress up in slightly formal way cos we had business meetings back to back
and I finally finally can bring my blazers out to play.
It was hot but I am known to suffer for fashion so I will deal with it.
Someone asked me about this v-neck tee I was wearing but I got it from Sportsgirl a few years back.
However, brought something really similar in for MP next week
and I think it has the right 'slouch' factor.
Look out for that!

brunch date with the girls and I realised in a group setting,
more often than not, I will always revert back to my ultra girly mode.
Took my old tulle skirt out cos it never fails to make me feel pretty :)

had yums desserts at Plain Vanilla.
I only had the Hazelnut cupcake so don't judge!
Although a bite of the Peanut Butter Brownie was pretty good too. Heh.

Coincidentally found myself in almost the same exact colour combi as the week before.
I don't really wear pastels cos of my skin colour :(
It kinda washes me out. But I find rose blush the only soft colour to be flattering on me
so perhaps that is why I only have pastel apparels in this colour.

and my latest outfit - a denim shirt to man-up my white midi.
I never realised how versatile a denim shirt is til I got my first one last year.
Always thought it was too andro and not my style but I find it surprisingly easy to match,
especially with any white bottom.
Also, shirts and midi skirts are fast becoming my new favourite combi.
You would know when you see the styling for MP's next few collections. Haha.

Speaking of which, I don't know if anyone noticed but we are tweaking MP's style a little
since post-CNY collection.
We are slightly less girly and more fashion-forwards with items pantsuits, pleather skirts,
cut-out printed dresses and more coming up.
I feel like it is a reflection of our own style because both me and Sharms have grown up
and are now attracted to a wider range of stuff and different mix of style.
Of course we still have our usual lady-like items like midi skirts and printed blousons
but do drop me a comment if you like/dislike the way we are heading
and if there are any stuff you would like to see more on our site,
accessories or shoes perhaps?

Lastly, not to be blatantly advertising
but I really really like our upcoming collection this Sunday.
The preview is up HERE

and I seldom do this but i already kept 2 colours of the LANA top
(and really tempted to keep the third one as well. UGH)

the HILARY midi skirt, which by the way, I am not going to lie,
is going to be pricey BUT I swear it is worth every penny
because the material is wonderfully good and I love the way it fits and flares.

MANDY eyelet dropwaist dress is also really pretty in real life.
I have way too many dropwaist dresses so I am going to give this a miss
but look at the hem! So cute!

an example of what I mean by my style is evolving. Ha.

Zara has an almost identical one that is retailing at $59.90
that I filed away in my KIV to buy category
so can you imagine how happy I was when I found this for MP?!
-inserts creepy grin face-

There is also a denim shirt that is more fitted so it is good
if you want to tuck it into bottoms and another pleather floral tank
that I think would look wonderful tucked into a black maxi skirt.
Sighs. Too many stuff to buy for self.
I need to try not to overdose on bottoms
cos I have been buying nothing but bottoms the past month. eeks.
Randomly, ending on an awkward note cos I ran out of stuff to blog about,
I am leaving you with two ways one can wear a printed black white midi skirt.

Don't they just look gorgeous? :)

much love,