Saturday, April 26, 2014

countdown: 38.

i can't even remember the last time i blogged and what i blogged about.

life's been stale - not in a bad way, of course. but the third trimester has sapped most of my energy away and  i don't really have the mood nor the strength to do much anymore. it doesn't help that we have been so busy the past few weeks with new projects and whatnots.. the last stretch should be a time of rest but i find myself unable to do so. 
even Sleep is difficult, now that the bump is sinking lower and the little human inside can't stop stretching in the wee hours of the night - my womb probably doesn't have enough space for him now and most of the time i feel like a balloon on the verge of exploding. aside, i also feel like crying when i see the newly-formed stretch marks below my bellybutton, just when i was so smug about not having any. sigh. i'll call these my battle scars and show it to my boy every now and then to let him know what horrible things i went through for him! 

that said, im trying to make the best out of my last month of pregnancy - i go out, meet people, shop for self, for baby, but give me a maximum of one hour of walking and im spent :( 
i walk so slowly now that i think people who are behind me and can't see im preggers will probably curse and swear at my pace but they forget - im not walking; im waddling. 

38 more days to EDD and im... hanging in there. my hospital bag's supposed to be packed and baby's laundry is supposed to be all done by now but i really, really feel like doing nothing but lying like a beached whale today so i'll leave those chores for the next weekend.

everyone's asking if im excited but truth is my emotions are really mixed. i guess im keen to see what he looks like but i cannot deny that im a lil freaking out about the birth process. plus it doesnt help that some friends share it was the "most painful X hours of my life". gah! no more horror stories please - i think i'd prefer to find out myself. i pray everyday that the delivery will be smooth and that i won't be pooping on the delivery table... crossing my fingers my prayers get answered? 

am also slowly adjusting to being more of a homebody (not that its difficult though) since i think that's what my life will be in the next few months at least. no more late night movies, supper runs, long and leisurely brunches, sleeping in til noon - Goodbye, wild and carefree days of going anywhere and everywhere.
but the hubs seems so keen on the little one that it kinda makes these sacrifices seem worth it - grand plans to bring him swimming on a regular basis, road trips with baby in tow, a training bike purchase (well, almost) - when he talks about it i swear i can picture him as a dad. which makes me happy but also freaks me out a bit at the same time, i dont know why haha. 

here's the lil blob's name written in the sand dunes of Dubai by his dad :) 

and while he was in Dubai, i had a mini babymoon at Bintan earlier in the month with the sis!
we swam, had smoothies by the pool bar, baked in the sun, went back to our room for cat naps, lounged by the beach bar with books in tow, then went back to vegetating in front of the TV after the sun set on us.
day two, rinse and repeat. and it was good while it lasted, heh.

by the end of the 3d2n stay we both decided it was Enough. city girls are we!



for those who work in and around Raffles Place, rejoice! 
We'll be stocked at a new multi-label boutique at Raffles Xchange, come May!

there will be a one day opening special on 3 May so save the date for now, won't you?
details will be up on our Facebook / Instagram / Mailing list so do check back real soon!

in the meantime, this weekend's preview's already up on our FB fan page here so please do me a favour and "Like" it because this sad pregnant woman spent a long time doing up the web banner! :(
(yes im trying to win sympathy votes here and no im not ashamed about it)


gonna get ready for dinner with the folks now... and will prolly spend my night with Olivia Pope again.
super addicted to the show that i've stopped watching all my other dramas! muahaha.

okay bye for now and have a good weekend ahead y'all!


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